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Astral Projection Methods for the First Timer

The specific methods of astral projection vary, but one thing always stays the same. No matter what astral projection methods you use, the first step is always getting focused and relaxed. You have to have a quiet mind and a mind set that will let you reach beyond your physical boundaries. Once you do this you are ready to explore the endless universe.

Focused relaxation is not easy. One must simultaneously relax every muscle and still every thought all while maintaining the presence of mind to stay conscious. The most common reason an astral projection attempt fails, in fact, is because the candidate does not maintain his or who focus through the relaxation phase of the process, and thus, simply falls asleep.

Begin to get into that relaxed state by dressing in clothes that are comfortable. Sit in a chair instead of laying down. Laying down doesn’t work well for beginners because it can often make you too likely to fall asleep instead of just getting relaxed.

Once seated comfortably, imagine that tension is a fabric bandage that has been wrapped over every inch of the body — much like a mummy – that tightly constricts even the smallest of toes. Next, imagine those small toes being unwrapped. Warm blood flow returns, as does the feeling of cool air to the skin’s surface. Imagine the same process for each individual toe until all ten toes have been “freed.”

Now the balls of your feet through the arches and heels, up to the ankles are unwrapping. Keep moving up the body, unwrapping each body part until you everything is free up to the top of your head.

You should be in total relaxation, but still clear minded. You are ready to try one of the methods of astral projection.

A main astral projection method is referred to as the rope method. Before you start the relaxation phase you will tack a rope to the ceiling above you. It should be easy to touch with your eyes closed. This helps you with visualization.

Once this is accomplished, an individual will have an easier time “finding” the rope with his or her astral fingertips, which will float through the physical skin in pursuit of the rope once an individual is sufficiently relaxed. This process of finding the rope may be difficult at first, but with time and patience it will happen. Stay focused.

Find the rope and picture your astral body leaving your physical body and climbing the rope. Your astral body doesn’t weight anything so give no consideration to weight. Stay focused on climbing and moving up the rope. You may become a bit dizzy, but try not to focus on that as it could mess up the projection.

Climb on up the rope until your astral body is free. You should not focus on any of the feelings you may have. You may feel dizzy or tingling or warm. All these things are just a art of the process and completely normal when it comes to astral projection.

Variations of the rope method include the lift method, in which one visualizes him or herself pulling upward from the physical body and hovering above it; the roll out method, in which an individual envisions him or herself rolling to either side of the physical body (works best when lying down), as well as the fixed and moving anchor method.

The fixed method and anchor method involved picturing an object. In the fixed method you are pulling your astral body to the object and in the anchor method the object is pulling your astral body to it. Once you are free your astral body can then roam and explore.

It’s important to know that as with any new endeavor, it takes time and practice to learn this process, so it’s important to remain positive if one’s first attempts at astral projection do not succeed. An unsuccessful attempt may be due to a variety of causes such as too much stimuli in the room, insufficient relaxation, or just the opposite, too much exhaustion in the body to control at a particular time.

If you are really dedicated then your astral projection methods should come easier sooner. You should find it easy to figure out any issues you have and master the techniques. Eventually, you will find it easy to step out of your physical body and explore the universe.

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