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Various Astral Projection Techniques

Here are seven techniques of astral projection available to help people who want to try and use astral projection. People being as individual as they are means what works for some may not work for others. Some people have had difficulties with different methods. Because the method requires you to relax or it doesn’t work. If you can’t relax then you will have difficulty with astral projection.

Relaxation must be total, complete. It’s essential for any of the seven techniques of astral projection to be successful. The inability to relax is caused by fear. It’s common among those just learning these techniques. The fears are the result of false beliefs that maybe harm, or even death could come to the person who is trying astral project. To help alleviate those fears the Canterbury Institute conducted and researched a study. The Canterbury Institute is well know for their studies of the occult.

The study was performed on two thousand individuals, all of these people were involved in doing astral projection. The institute discovered was that no person was harmed following astral projection techniques. What is more interesting is that they did follow up on the people for the last 3 years. Not one have had any problems.

Now all concerns and fears can be put aside to rest. Lets take a look at seven of the techniques of astral projection that are pretty easy. These techniques have been successful for quite a few people, many in fact. One that is known is the Monroe and consist of seven steps of astral projection or the seven techniques of astral projections:-

* You must relax your body and your mind. There are numerous relaxation techniques that you can use. A simple one is just deep breathing, slowly and calmly. Deep inhales and deep exhales. Relaxing all the muscles in the body one at a time by tensing them and then releasing them, starting at the toes and working your way up the body.

* Enter into the hynagogic state. This is simply the where your mind and body are bordering going to sleep. You don’t want to go to sleep. You can use the gazing method to do this. Focus on an object as you lay in bed, and keep staring at it until your eyes close and you are still able to see the object.

* You see the object, your eyes are closed and now you need to move to a deeper state of relaxation. Look around, with your eyes closed and try to see other images in the room. The possibility is that you may see different and varied light patterns. The room may be clothed in a purple light, ignore it. But once you have seen the purple light, you will know you have entered a deeper state of relaxation. Completely relaxed, the awareness of your physical body will no longer be there and an important technique of astral projection, according to the Monroe.

* According to Monroe, this step is the most vital. You will need to enter the state of Vibration. Many people that have been practicing astral projection techniques for awhile note that they feel these vibrations early on in the projection. It is believed by them that this is the feeling you experience when the astral body begins to leave the physical body. Do not be alarmed, just feel the vibrations.

* Control the vibration state. To accomplish this concentrate on the vibrations and succeed in getting them to move through the body. You do this using your mind, your desire is for your whole body to have the vibrations, like waves rolling over you. It will take practice for you to encourage these waves to start as you want. Once you can do this step you are ready to exit your body.

* The key component to astral projection and astral travel is to have control, that your mind is the one in power. To help strengthen this control Monroe recommends at this point you practice a “partial separation.” Keeping your mind focused on the idea of leaving the physical body, first let a hand or a foot go of the astral body. Stretch them to an object that is near you, such as the wall, the floor or another familiar object, then push your hand or foot through that object. Once you do that, return your foot or hand back to the physical body, slow down the vibrations and end the session. Stay laying down until your body has returned to a fully awake state.

* This is the step where you will leave the body. Again following all of the previous steps, only this time instead of releasing just a hand or foot from the physical body you are going to move completely into your astral body. This requires a simple adjustment to step six. Instead of focusing on releasing one appendage, you are going to focus on releasing the astral body, by thinking about how light it feels, how weightless you are, how you are as light as feathers blowing in the breeze. The astral body should be moving out of the physical body, you feel as though you are floating, or flying.

There are other methods that you can try, such as the Rope Technique, the Gazing Method, and the Anchor Technique. Spend sometime trying different techniques to see which will work best for you. There is an astral projection technique for everyone.

However, be aware that astral projection is not for everyone and using the techniques described in this article require a lot of practice.

Fortunately there is a shortcut! With recent developments in sound technology, there are a lot of audio tools around which can help you. These new techniques use special sound frequencies known as Binaural beats, which synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain, putting you instantly into the meditative state, needed for astral projection.

You can us quality astral projection technique recordings to induce a totally relaxed hypnotic state. These recordings reinforce to the subconscious mind it’s okay to astral project your body from your physical body.

Astral projection is a real life changing happening for everyone that attempts it and by utilizing these techniques anyone who wants to can experience it.

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Why Everyone Should Know How To Astral Project

Everyone is born with the ability to astral project. Most people are not even aware that they are traveling. What you want to learn is to astral project consciously you want to control where you send your astral body and remember what it does.

Assuming you already know what your astral body is and what the astral plane is, let’s learn a few different techniques that will help you astral project. When you astral project, you experience something extremely personal. Because of this, it is very important that you learn which techniques work best for you.

The first one is fairly easy for most people. You want to do this when you are in bed and just about ready to go to sleep. This technique involves five simple steps.

*The first thing you want to do is get completely relaxed. You can’t astral project unless you achieve a deep level of relaxation. Lie down in bed, and begin with your toes. Tense them up for a few moments, then consciously relax every muscle. Do the same thing to every muscle, working your way up your body until you finish with your head and face. This may feel unfamiliar at first, but you will soon get used to this method of relaxation. Your body may feel rather heavy. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

*The next step is to take slow, deep breaths. You may want to try a meditation technique where you breathe in slowly and deeply, paying attention to the way it feels as the air comes into your lungs and moves through your body. Exhale slowly and completely, again paying attention to how it feels for the air to leave your body. Imagine all the tension leaving your body with each exhale. It is very important not to fall asleep. If you feel yourself drifting, focus on your forehead, right in the center.

*For step three, evaluate how your body feels. Is it heavy? Imagine your body is a lump of clay that does not move easily. Now, think of your astral body it feels so light. It is weightless floating free. Close your eyes and envision your astral self. It feels so light it could float easily like bubbles or feathers carried by a breeze. The contrast is the physical body feels very heavy, while the astral body feels light as a feather.

*This is the point when many people who prefer this astral projection technique say that they can see the dark room through their closed eyelids. They describe the room as being full of purple light. If you achieve this step, focus on the ceiling light.

*For the fifth step of this method, imagine that you are pulling the light on the ceiling toward you. This action may make you feel like you’re floating. Remember to stay conscious! The floating feeling should continue, and if you look down, you may see your physical body asleep on the bed below.

Wow you just had a successful astral projection session! Now you can begin astral traveling. If this method did not work well for you, try out the next one.

This technique is known as the gazing method. You can do this technique when you are going to bed as well. All you need is something to focus on, this can be a picture in your room, the moon outside the window, a crystal, whatever you prefer.

Once you’ve chosen your object, lie down and get comfortable. Turn your attention to the object. As you keep staring at it, your eyelids should begin to feel heavy. No matter what, keep staring at the object. While your eyes will tend to close eventually, you should still be able to see the object. While you continue to stare, you may feel the urge to sit or stand up. When you do get up, don’t be surprised if you see your physical form peacefully asleep.

If these techniques don’t work for you the first couple of times, don’t get discouraged. Try them again. If they still don’t work, there are other methods to try. It is imperative that you don’t get frustrated. This will only cause anxiety and make it more difficult to relax completely so you can achieve a successful astral projection.

It is important that you realize that tools and techniques aren’t really holding you back. The main obstacle to successful astral traveling is your own subconscious mind. You may need to give your subconscious mind reassurances that it is okay for your astral body to separate from your physical body for a while. Affirmations are an excellent way to send this message. Once your subconscious mind accepts this message, astral projecting will be a piece of cake!

There are a few short cuts that can help you learn to astral project very quickly. They can speed up the process of getting into a relaxed state of mind, making it much easier to have a successful astral session.

Firstly hypnosis can really help to get you into a fully relaxed state. A quality guided hypnosis session will also explain the steps of how to astral project as you are experiencing it, rather than you worrying about what you should be doing!

There have also been recent developments in sound technology with something called ‘binaural beats’ where different sound frequencies are played in each ear. This very quickly puts you into the deeply relaxed meditative state required for successful astral projection.

Remember that being able to astral project is not as difficult as most people believe it is. It is a natural ability that you were born with, and all of these tools and techniques just help you to fine tune an ability which is already there!

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Astral Projection – A Simple Explanation

Astral projection is something that you already have some awareness of. No doubt you’ve heard the phrase used in conversation, in a movie or TV program or seen it in a book or magazine. What you might not know is that you can astral project; anyone can, in fact. Youve already done so, though you might not remember it.

In order to determine if you have had an astral projection experience or to begin learning to astral project it is important to understand what astral projection is. Simply put astral projection is when your spirit body leaves your physical body. This is something that happens naturally at night when you are asleep, but it is possible for you to do it consciously and control the journey of your spirit body.

You can journey to any desired location when you astral project. You may even have done this as a child as you went to bed, as you grew into adulthood you just forgot how. No time or distance restrictions apply when astral projecting, which makes it possible to travel virtually anywhere. The astral body is what does the traveling when the person’s physical body is sound asleep.

You may be asking at this point what is meant by the astral body? The meaning of the term astral body is the body’s invisible duplicate, also called the ethereal body. It is where all of our wishes and feelings are stored in our body. I bet you are wondering how the astral body can leave and then also return to the physical body? There is this silver cord that connects the physical body with the astral body.

This cord keeps your two beings connected from the moment you’re born until your last breath. As long as you live, your astral body will always come back to your physical form after its travels.

Another question that is often asked is where the astral body travels to when a person engages in astral projection. The astral body moves along the astral plane. This is, as the astral body is a duplicate for the physical, a duplicate of the physical world. There are a number of ways that it can be described. In some descriptions, it is described as a set of vibrations, which penetrate physical reality but are at a wavelength that separates it from the physical world. It can also be described as a secondary reality or another dimension. What is agreed upon with the descriptions is that there are multiple levels to the astral plane.

Are there any risks to astral projection? Yes and no. Your physical body is at no risk and nothing can keep your astral body from returning, but there are some dangers. However, the risk is pretty minimal. Just keep a level head and know where youre going beforehand.

Astral projection while you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be somewhat risky. When youre not in total control of yourself, your astral body is limited to the lowest and most hazardous levels of the astral plane. If you’re not careful, there is a danger of psychological harm.

This is why it is so important that you know exactly what you are doing and where you are planning to go. The goal you are trying to achieve is not just astral projecting, but conscious astral projection where you are aware of what is going on.

There are a number of ways to get prepared to do astral projection prior to starting it. Several professionals can be found to assist you in learning various techniques so that you get to the point where you have better control so that you have a gratifying experience, but on this note people usually rather be in their own house while doing astral projection.

There are several books on this subject and you can locate other aids to help you online. One type of aid is that of hypnosis recordings that are created for astral projections to get you into the desired state of mind. This helps you get totally relaxed along with taking you through that various levels. This is often the preferred method over a professional approach, because you can replay the recording as much as you need to get your subconscious mind to get the message about when it is alright to begin to astral project and leave your physical body.

Sound technology can also be helpful. There is a technology known as binaural beats, which plays a variety of frequencies in each ear. These frequencies are slightly different and as a result relax the body quickly. This places the mind into a deep meditation making it easier to astral project.

You can expect the first few attempts to not be as successful as you would like them to be. Astral projection takes some practice to perfect it and get the results you want. Remember that you have the ability already, all of us have the ability to do astral projection, we have just over time forgotten the method and just need to tune our own natural ability to do it.

Do you still not totally believe this is for real? Well have you ever had dreams that you were flying or had the sensation of falling? The flying was your astral body actually traveling through the various astral planes. The sensation of falling is the astral body coming back to the physical body after it traveling around. Astral projection really exists! Take time to tune your natural abilities and you will see that anyone has the abilities to perform this and reap the benefits from it.

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Try These Simple Astral Projection Techniques

Fortunately for those who want to learn how to astral project, there are a number of techniques which can help. Of course, even though one technique may work for someone, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for everyone, because after all, we are all unique individuals. Interestingly enough, the vast majority of people who experience difficulty with some of the techniques, do so simply because there are unable to relax sufficiently.

The bottom line is; irrespective of which astral projection techniques you choose to use, absolute relaxation is crucial. Unfortunately, many people who are new to astral projection have difficulty relaxing mainly because of unfounded fears. For the most part, these fears are a result of false rumors, claiming that it’s possible for one to be harmed while astral projecting. Luckily, the Canterbury Institute conducted thorough research regarding this, in an attempt to put an end to such misconceptions.

With 2,000 participants, all of whom participated in astral projection, the Canterbury institute determined that not even one person suffered any harm. Furthermore, all participants were then monitored for a period of three years and during this time none of them came forward with any complaints or reports of problems.

Now that we’ve nipped the fear issue in the bud, let’s take a look at a few of the astral projection techniques, all of which have helped a great number of people in the past. The good news is; all these techniques are also relatively easy. The first technique which we’ll discuss is known as the Monroe Technique and it consists of seven main steps:

* Relaxing mind and body. The simplest way to achieve this is by practicing deep breathing, in addition to relaxing all the muscles of the body one at a time. You can do this by tensing and then the releasing them, starting with your toes and then working your way up through the rest of your body.

* Reaching a hypnotic state. Essentially you need to reach a point where your mind and body is just on the verge of going to sleep, although of course you don’t want to actually fall asleep. This can be achieved by using the gazing method. Simply lie on your bed and begin staring at something until such time that your eyes close and yet you’re still able to see the object.

* Once you reach a stage where you can still see the object even though your eyes are closed, you then need to deepen the state you’re in. In order to do this, you should keep your eyes closed and start looking around, taking note of all the things you can see. During this stage it is not uncommon to see various light patterns and a purple glow. However, one shouldn’t pay too much attention to this but instead, one should stay focused until such time that the light disappears. Once you no longer see the light you will have moved into a deeper state of relaxation. By this stage you mind and body is so relaxed that you will more than likely no longer be aware of your physical body.

* This next step which revolves around a state of vibration is extremely important according to Monroe. Also, most people who are involved with the actual projection to indicate that these vibrations become noticeable in the early stages of projection. In fact, it is said that these vibrations signal the time when your astral body begins to separate from your physical body. This is a perfectly normal phenomenon and as such, there is no reason for concern.

* Controlling the state of vibration. In order to do this one needs to focus on the vibrations and attempt to move them through your body. In other words you should aim to feel these vibrations throughout your body. When you reach this stage it should feel almost as if there are waves washing over you, but it is important that you continue practicing until such time that you can bring this on at will. When you reach a point where you can bring on these waves whenever you wish, then you’re at a stage when you’re ready to leave your physical body.

* It is undeniable that the key to successful astral projection and astral travel lies in having control, in that it’s your mind which has the power. In fact, Monroe actually recommends that you practice partial separation in order to strengthen your level control. While maintaining focus on the concept of leaving your physical body, one should first only allow a hand or foot to separate. When you can do this you should go ahead and attempt to stretch them towards an object nearby, whether you choose the wall, the ceiling, or even a random item in the room. If you manage to do this successfully then you should allow your hand or foot to return to your physical body. Now go ahead and begin slowing down the vibrations in order to bring your session to an end.

* This last step is where you actually get to leave your physical body. Once again, you can follow all the previous steps but now, rather than only allowing a hand or foot to leave from the physical body, you’re going to allow complete separation. In order to do this, you need to focus on just how weightless your body really is. In fact you can even try to imagine that your body is made up of feathers which are being blown around by the wind. At this point, your astral body should be starting to leave your physical body and this will become apparent as you begin to feel as though you are floating.

Other methods and techniques include the Anchor Technique, the Gazing Method, and the Rope Technique. Ultimately, one should be willing to try the various techniques in order to establish which one works best for you, because you can be rest assured that everyone can find a technique which works for them.

What you do need to bear in mind however, is that not everyone can astral project immediately simply by using one of the techniques mentioned above, because after all, it does take practice.

For those who don’t necessarily have the luxury of time, modern sound technology has provided us with a rather impressive shortcut. This shortcut makes use of different sound frequencies known as binaural beats, in order to induce a meditative state of mind which is ideal for those wanting to practice astral projection. Essentially, when these beats are played into each ear, it results in the two hemispheres of the brain becoming synchronized, and a meditative state follows almost instantaneously.

One can also opt for hypnosis recordings which have been designed to assist those interested in astral projection. These aim to reassure ones subconscious mind that it’s perfectly acceptable for one to leave ones physical body.

Irrespective of what anyone may have told you in the past, astral projection is without a doubt a life changing experience, and the good news is, anyone can do it simply by using the techniques mentioned in this article.

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What Is An Out of Body Experience?

For countless centuries, an untold number of men and women have experienced a condition during which their spiritual selves are separated from their physical bodies, allowing them to then travel through different time and space dimensions. This remarkable phenomenon is known as the out of body experience, often abbreviated as OBE.

Characteristic of this experience are feelings of weightlessness and freedom from all physical limitations, as well as being able to see one’s physical body from a multi-dimensional outside point of view.

Those who report having out of body experiences usually do so immediately after going through a traumatic event (either physical, mental, emotional, or a combination of the three), an interaction with drugs, or after intentionally-inducing one through meditation and then a series of specific sequential steps.

Out of body experiences are not dreams; these experiences are conscious states of awareness that unfold in real time and often are very vivid. Dreams are merely manifestations created by the subconscious mind and may or may not seem real to the person experiencing them. People who have had out of body experiences often report that they have heightened senses as well as other levels of awareness in addition to the physical senses they normally possess.

Individuals who report their out of body experiences also say that their spirits or souls seem to take on another form, a form that is in addition to, and separate from, their physical bodies. This separate spirit, sometimes called the astral body, is then free to travel to different dimensions of space and time, and free even to encounter the spirits of deceased loved ones inhabiting the other side.

For this reason it’s easy to see why many individuals actively pursue the out of body experience, whether in search of answers to the unknown questions of the world such as ‘what happens after we die’ or ‘how big is the universe?’ or simply to reconnect with a friend of a relative with whom one has business yet unfinished.

It’s important to also note out of body experiences happen to people from all walks of life, all cultures, and all ages. Some are hesitant to say that they’ve had an out of body experience for fear of religious repercussions, but evidence of such experiences has been documented in religious scriptures throughout history, from various ancient Native American oral traditions to the Christian Bible.

Although most people who actively try to have an out of body experience are new age thinkers, the practice actually is an ancient way to strive for personal enlightenment and betterment.

It is somewhat surprising to learn just how frequently people report having out of body experiences: approximately one out of every 15 individuals experiences some type of OBE. People have out of body experiences under almost any circumstances, from something as relaxing as sleeping to being in the middle of stressful or violent situations such as accidents or imminent accidents. The explanation for this wide range of situations is simply that people are different and respond differently under various circumstances.

Many people report a feeling of vibration, or the physical body suddenly feeling very heavy, during an out of body experience. Many believe that these feelings are signals that the spiritual self is separating from the physical body, after which the spirit or astral body is free to travel in the astral plane.

Some people who are not familiar with the concept of the out of body experience fear that if their spiritual self separates from their physical body, it may not be able to re-unite. Experts suggest, however, that a permanent link exists between the spiritual and physical selves, and that this is particularly the case with people who are sufficiently self-aware to induce the state on purpose. Because it is not believed that the spirit can somehow become trapped outside the physical body, there is very little reason to fear having an out of body experience.

An OBE is more common than one might think. Out of body experiences have been a part of mankind’s life across a wide array of cultures for hundreds of years. Out of body experiences have long been thought of as being a means to increase self-understanding and to achieve greater enlightenment for the universe surrounding us.

If only we can calm our minds long enough to give our inner selves the freedom they strive for, we can enjoy opportunities for increased personal insight and advances in technology that otherwise lie beyond our physical consciousness. Through study and practice, anyone can begin to unlock his or her personal potential by starting down the path that leads to spiritual awakening. The path is before us, we have only to take the first step.

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