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5 Deadly Techniques to Manage Anger – How to Effectively Control Yourself From Anxiety Attack?

Anger itself is not a problem – it is actually how well you manage it. Naturally, anger is a feeling of displeasure or animosity. Anger is an unpleasant emotion and naturally responded to perceive threats. In fact, the occurrence of anger will generate a problem only when you can not handle it in a proper and healthy way.

What is involved with anger?

There are some related components that build up your anxiety and tear down your emotion. So, starting with learning and understanding the particular factors that generate the anger are a good start for the successful anger management:

Emotion: This factor involves feelings such as sorrow, unhappiness, disappointment, dissatisfaction, frustration, etc. Thinking: The way you think can cause or worsen anger. It also can help you deal with it in a healthy way. An emotional response is to acknowledge that it is OK to be frustrated. Keep concerning on its solutions instead of focusing only on what is wrong with it. Body: Anger can result physical symptoms, such as muscle tension, increased heart rate and increased blood pressure.

In fact, emotional outburst and explosion can destroy the relationship between you and surrounded people such as family, friends, co-workers or even completed strangers. It is very important to learn and understand some anger management skills. Anger management techniques are a proven way to help you change the way you express your anger.

Technique #1 : Finding someone you trust

When you are in bad mood and started to be angry, do not shut the door and stay only with yourself. You need to be relaxed! Speak it out positively by consulting someone that you can feel free and trust to talk with. Sharing your worries with another person can slow down the worries and pull away all bad imagination in the proper perspective.

Technique #2 : Laughing at it

Having a good laughter is the best natural treatment method. Laughter can ease your burdens and draw you away from nonsense stories. Be in the company of amusing friends or spoil yourself with activities that can bring laughter into your life.

Technique #3 : Exercising

At anytime when you find out yourself is in the anxiety mode, distract it by getting some exercises. Physical activity can provide an outlet for your extreme and explosive emotions. Go out for a short walk or a soft run. Probably, swimming, lifting weights or shooting baskets can take you out from the emotional fluctuation as well.

Technique #4 : Muscle Relaxing

Muscle relaxation is one of the useful exercises for reducing anxiety. Start first relieving tension step with scalp, following with face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, legs, and feet. Then let’s relax all these muscle groups for a while. Following with the tensing phase, hold the tension for several seconds, then slowly release the tension. From this step, you can feel “draining” of the anxiety out of your body. Repeat all the steps from top to toe as many times as you want or do it anytime when you are in the anxiety mode.

Technique #5 : Proper Breathing

Understanding and learning relaxation skill can also assist you to manage your emotion when you nearly explode in anger. Practice deep-breathing exercises, create in your mind a relaxing scene, or repeat a calming word or phrase to yourself, such as “Take it easy.” Other efficient ways to deal with the anger is to listen to the music, write a story, paint a picture and do yoga.

Additionally, reading a book is one of the practical ways of treating the personal anxiety, because there are a number of helpful books regarding anger management. Some of them focus on particular situations, such as the management of anger in teens, in men or in couples. Many of them are workbooks with teaching methods on the exercises that improve your concrete Skills of Anger Management.

There are plenty methods that you can learn and take to apply with your life. Don’t just destroy your beautiful life with only stupid Anxiety Attack. Let Find Out how to deal with the anxiety perfectly now!

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