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Realistic Goal Setting – Setting Attainable Goals

In operating a particular multinational organization or a small business, realistic goal setting is very crucial in order for it to be successful. Setting business goals does not have to be a difficult and complicated process. With these few simple guidelines, it is very possible to set attainable short term and long term goals that will surely benefit everyone concerned.

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It would be very ideal to write down any thoughts about what you want to achieve with regards to the company no matter how far fetched it may seem. Writing down your goal offers you the chance to review, revise, and rework the goals that come to mind as you get deeper into the thinking process. Make sure that you create specific goals, since generalities will not bring about much in the way of thinking. You have to define what type of success you desire to attain, like a specific amount of monthly revenue or a specific number of units sold each quarter.

Your goals should be measurable. It will be a lot easier to identify if you are making progress. So for example, you are in a sales business, and your goal is to make fifteen sales a month, then it will be very easy for you to do all the means possible in order for you to be able to track your progress towards meeting that sales goal.

Realistic goal setting entails the assurance that your goals are reachable within your resources and abilities. Attainable goals would mean that you will be able to make quick adjustments in cases of problems and unexpected occurrences.

Identify your short term goals and make it move you towards achieving your long term goal. Short term goals are definitely important since it serve as stepping stones to achieving long term goals. Set time frame for each goals.

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