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Attracting Abundance: Tuning Into The Essence Of Abundance

Frequently when people attempt to manifest money, they enter into the strenuous habit of running after money or attempting to force abundance to come to them. You can boost your abundance level in this way, but this is really going about it the difficult way!

Pretend that prosperity is very much like river of living energy that flows effortlessly through every area of your life. Any time you need more abundance you can merely attune to this flow, and every time you come into alignment with the essence of it, it automatically comes right to you. Most of the time, an exercise like this will automatically manifest abundance from places you didn’t envision and probably wouldn’t have considered. Much easier than seeking money all the time, right?

Below is a good exercise for attuning to the essence of abundance:

– Calmness is vital

First, it’s VITAL to be very relaxed if you want to attract money effortlessly. The more relaxed and happy you feel, the more aligned with the essence of money you will be. Sit regularly and take slow, deep breaths. Release any negative thoughts and feelings, and imagine that you are releasing all physical tension too.

– See the flow

After you have calmed yourself completely, close your eyes and imagine that you can feel a river of abundance energy moving through all segments of your life. You can see it as a subtle flow of energy, or even like a river of electric energy that crackles with power and strength.

– Try to feel it

As you focus on this current of prosperity, imagine that you can feel the essence of it. What does it feel like? Energy, peace, love, contentment, joy? Feel free to apply your own definitions to it, but they should be positive in nature. If you have difficulty coming up with descriptions for the feelings, imagine how it feels to have endless amounts of abundance, and then consider how you would describe those feelings.

– Abundance is energy

As you focus on this river of abundance, pretend that you can see money and other forms of abundance moving through it – tons of money. Hundreds and thousands of dollars, flowing through your life, fully accessible to you.

– Absorb the very essence of the abundance

Imagine ABSORBING the essence of the money as it flows through you. Imagine that you are becoming wealthier as you focus on this money, just because you are acknowledging it and tuning into it. This money, and much more, is your divine right. No one is holding it back from you. You have every right to claim it and allow it into your life in real, physical equivalent!

By the time you finish this exercise, you should be feeling very uplifted, clear, and abundant. That will make you more magnetic to money, so don’t be surprised if money comes to you in unexpected ways within the next few days.

Be aware, if you have developed a lot of blockages related to abundance, it could take a bit longer and you might have to do the above exercise for several days before you see any progress. Keep up with it and before long you should see some real movement happening physically.

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What Is The Real Secret To Attracting Abundance?

Most of us know what we desire out of life, yet so few of us seem to actually get it. Instead of having the expensive cars, fabulous mansions, dream jobs, and perfect families we want, we seem to be constantly struggling, trying, and failing. The problem is not that we do not have the skills or abilities that separate winners from everyone else – we just do not know the secrets of attracting abundance.

What does it mean when we say ‘attracting abundance’? It means that you attract what you want and need into your life for your subconscious and conscious mind. In short, you let the universe know that you are worth your dreams, and you’re worth having them come true. Once we know this for ourselves and once we realize the power of the universe, this abundance can’t help but come to us. We will truly be blessed beyond measure.

Thoughts have power, and reflect our needs and desires, self-esteem, everything; they directly influence what we attract into our lives. If you’re self-loathing and don’t believe in your own abilities, how easy do you think attracting abundance will be? However, if you think positively and learn to be confident, your life can overflow with abundance.

What is it about attracting abundance that some people seem to get and others don’t? In fact, no one is special and everyone can do this. It can work well for you, no matter who you are, as long as you harness your thoughts and ask the universe for guidance. Figure out why you want the things you want, and use meditation and self-reflection to help discover just exactly what that is.

To start attracting abundance, use note cards or a journal to record your daily thoughts. When you catch yourself making negative thoughts, write them down on a note card. Look at what you have written and write down a positive response. For example, writing ‘I hate my job.’ does not help you focus on your goal of getting a better paying job.

You could replace this negative draining thought by writing down ‘I deserve to work in a position I love.’ You can also choose to make the statement more detailed if desired. Using the note card to write down the specific field you are interested in, the ideal salary, and the exact position. Constantly look at these note cards and mentally picture yourself getting what you want.

Make a box that you can keep your goals in, and put note cards with those goals written on them, pictures that support those positive goals, and anything else in that box that will support your desires. For example, brochures from travel agencies to places you want to go to, pictures of houses you want to own, and so on.

Fantasizing is an important step involved in attracting abundance. When we daydream, sleep and meditate we let our imagination and creativity off a leash. Since our relaxed minds are more open, we can fantasize without any negative thoughts interrupting. To take advantage of this, try to fall asleep while focusing on what you desire from the universe.

One of the easiest ways to meditate is to do so in front of the picture that shows what you want to get, or in front of something that represents the goals you want to achieve. Within this mirror every day and say something positive about yourself that you really mean, so that you can increase your confidence.

One thing you should know is that the universe tends to act very quickly. You shouldn’t be surprised if, once you believe attracting abundance is truly possible, that it comes very quickly. You’ll see obstacles and stumbling blocks simply disappear.

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