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Goal Setting – 3 Attributes Of An Effective Goal

Now, psychologists backing this theory affirm that individuals are motivated to attain goals. This goal setting theory claims that individuals act in a certain way because they concentrate on reaching goals, which they have unknowingly or knowingly, fixed for themselves. This goal setting theory says individuals labor towards goals that include the following.
Three Attributes Of Goals
a. Clear
Individuals should be aware of what they require to achieve goals. Whether you choose between coffee and water or it is a decision regarding career options, individuals act to attain a goal since they are aware of it. This implies that individuals should be conscious of what they require prior to deciding on the necessary steps to take to arrive at the goal.
b. Challenging
Goals established by individuals should be challenging enough for them to give their best. Tedium is man’s least preferred sentiment. Individuals facing challenging goals tend to put in increased efforts to attain the objective. There is an increased feeling of satisfaction, when individuals challenge themselves to perform a certain task.
c. Achievable
Challenges excite people. On the other hand, they should be conscious of the fact that a fixed goal is an attainable task. Individuals, in their subconscious minds can differentiate between self-delusion and a goal.
Feedback is an important element of Goal Setting Theory. This theory says individuals require feedback so as to persist in following a definite goal. Individuals must be able to identify the development made towards reaching that goal. Regardless of the source of feedback, whether from themselves or others, individuals should be aware of the progress.
Goal Setting Theory involves two kinds of goals:
a. Directional
Where this kind of a goal is concerned, individuals put in an attempt to achieve a definite goal not knowing the key steps required for attaining the goal. Directional goals are very inspiring because they seem to be easily reachable. It involves establishing a goal and then modifying our actions to get to the goal.
b. Accuracy goal
Now, this kind of goal requires a person to establish a goal and then exploring all the possible avenues that he needs to take to realize that goal. People fixing this kind of a goal soon recognize that they have very slight prospects of actually making to the proposed goal thereby charting different courses to advance them closer to the goal. Accuracy goal is typified by prudent preparation. Nevertheless, it is known that it is not possible for us to map out our futures precisely and a departure from the original plan is normal. Goal Setting Theory says that individuals who lay down precise goals usually attempt to reduce variation as any unintentional variation is considered a misuse of funds.
Goal setting theory enables individuals to comprehend just how to achieve things they desire in life. This theory states every individual lays down goals. It simply means that it is the kind of goal, which is fixed that ascertains the achievement of a person.

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