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Award for a Leadership Development Program

Why do organizations come together every year at the 2005
Excellence Fair held by the Professional Association for
Computer Training?

It is because something worked well for an organization and
valuable information needs to be shared. This year at the 2005
Excellence Fair it was Cargill, the international food provider
(located in over 59 countries), that was recognized for their
Transition into Leadership curriculum that helps employees
transition into leadership roles.

So, what is it about Cargill’s leadership curriculum that has
led to such great success? It began when Cargill recognized that
great team members also make great leaders. But, the insights,
skills, and vision needed to be an effective leader must be
developed, practiced, and learned over time.

As such, the focus of Cargill’s leadership development program
is to provide new and aspiring leaders with the skills required
to confront the challenges and opportunities that a leadership
role entails. In the program, aspiring and new leaders learn how
to guide, empower, and assist the efforts of others towards
greater success. These newly developed leaders are instructed on
how to lead people, make a difference in their work, and fulfill
leadership expectations. So how is this leadership development
program different from all of the others? This program provides
new leaders with the key tools for leading effectively, while at
the same time making the program specific to the development
needs of each attendee. Most programs on the market do not focus
on the transformation process aspiring leaders must go through
to maximize their effectiveness.

The Transition into Leadership curriculum was designed to:

 Introduce the best ideas and practices in leadership

 Identify the significant differences between leadership
and management

 Determine the participants own leadership strengths and
areas for improvement

 Develop and practice sound leadership skills and

 Learn “best practices” through close affiliation with
other Cargill leaders

 Communicate effectively and reinforce, mission, goals,
and vision

 Take accountability for business results and team
member development

 Embrace change and challenge the comfort zone of team

Cargill’s leadership development program places great
importance on their employees and know that they are the key
part of a successful future. As a result they seek the best
programs in order to create development opportunities for their
employees and leaders around the world.

Cargill selected CMOE to partner with them in the development
and implementation of the Transition into Leadership program. At
the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness we have
been helping Cargill to create, develop and implement their
Transition into Leadership program and fulfill a variety of
training needs.

The past 27 years CMOE has been instrumental in designing
leadership development programs for multinational organizations.
We help our clients improve the leaders of today and help create
the leaders of tomorrow.