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Why I Consider Low Self-esteem as the Backbone of Downfall

Self-esteem is essential for the positive approaches towards the ways and means of facing the problems. Self-esteem is a road for smooth approaches towards the ways of seeing at things. Self-esteem develops a confidence in an individual; it helps him to stop worrying about the problems and helps the individual to face it with laudable courage. An individual becomes aware of his/her responsibilities and he sets goals and tries his best to achieve his/her objectives laid…

What is low self-esteem?

Cultivating negativity or arising of negative thoughts leads to low self-esteem. Low self-esteem may arise of constant tensions, workloads, enmity etc. low self-esteem results in loosing confidence. One cannot face the problems as efficiently as he/she is used to. Low self-esteem results in unhappiness, loosing of motivation, loosing of self-confidence. It also affects the routine as well as the relations of an individual. The person starts loosing interest in things happening around he/she prefer to be lonely as not option to mix up in the group.

How frequently does Low self-esteem may occur?

Low self-esteem occurs very frequently. It is very difficult to predict as when it will occur. However, mostly it occurs in stressed out conditions.

What does a person experience during Low self-esteem?

An individual experiences the following things during Low self-esteem: –

1. An individual gets hurt very easily even a single remark is passed against him/her.

2. He/she feels very shy to go in public.

3. An individual is unable to share his thoughts as well as feelings with others.

4. He/she prefer to be alone.

5. An individual gets irritated on very small things.

6. He/she tends to dislike of what they are and blame their selves

7. The individual tires to avoid new experiences.

8. He/she may develop sick feelings towards others

9. He/she is most of the times depressed.

10. The person gets sacred of fears very easily.

11. The individual may even feel of harming them selves.

12. The individual is very afraid that the might be ditched if he/she is in a relationship

13. The person feels as if he/she is a big looser

14. The individual is scared of handling things and is very sacred to give any interviews or exams.

Therefore, it is very essential that one should not posses a low self-esteem. It is very important to have a strong and a positive self-esteem.

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