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Bad Credit Loans After Bankruptcy Are Obtainable

Although a lot of the major banks will not issue bad credit personal loans after bankruptcy there are indeed a number of companies that have entered this market and are now actively supplying people with these loans on a regular basis.

You see these companies rely on the fact that no individual after filing bankruptcy can do so again until seven years have passed and sometimes even longer.

So these companies are willing to do business with these people simply because they have a legal way to recover their investment in the future should things go bottom-up.

Even though many of the larger boys in this industry are simply not interested in this market these other generally smaller companies are taking the market very seriously.

At the time of writing to my knowledge there are no laws in place to stop people from taking on these loans, even though people are required to go to counseling lessons they are not actually forced to follow-up on everything they are told.

This means that there should be nothing to stop someone from searching out financial support in the source of a loan once they have discharged their bankruptcy.

The fact that bankruptcy can cause people so many difficulties, let alone embarrassment sometimes, pushes them to some drastic measures in an effort to get back on their feet. In some cases picking up one of these loans could be perceived as a drastic measure.

Even with the new laws there are those who continue to pile on debt and file for bankruptcy every seven years or as soon as the law permits.

No Laws Govern Who Applies For Bad Credit Loans

There are a number of laws in place that govern who can give bad credit personal loans after bankruptcy as well as the amount of interest charged with these loans. However no such laws exist to govern who can apply for these loans.

Many folks take out these loans despite the well-known fact that they come with very high rates, even folks who have been through multiple bankruptcies in the past still very often take them out.

It is the norm for lenders in this industry not to require collateral for the loan. The truth of the matter is that because of the legal recourse available which can include Wade garnishment, even when the loan goes into default the lender stands to make a profit.

Normally a court will make sure that a repayment is granted for whatever the loan amounts to including any additional costs involved with the collection should it default.

Despite the high rates and possible risks if you are still interested in one of these loans it is highly recommended that you consult your lawyer as this is a very serious matter and not one to be taken lightly.

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Pacer The Online Federal Filing Bankruptcy Database And Others

When do you think about a bankruptcy database? The one that is used by the federal courts is known as PACER which can be accessed through the Internet only after paying a fee for such access. This database is especially important to attorneys since they need it to file their client’s bankruptcy cases online.

You see quite often when courts find themselves overrun with a lot of bankruptcy filings to process they will allow attorneys dealing with their clients bankruptcies to make use of online means in order to complete their clients bankruptcy filing.

However, this bankruptcy database is not accessible directly to debtors who must thus engage an attorney if they want to find information through this means.

Nevertheless the public can make use of the bankruptcy databases that other companies have assembled. The general public can use these databases to help with their bankruptcy filings and to do research on businesses and more.

Search According To Different Parameters

If you are looking to use these kinds of bankruptcy databases, you can enter certain parameters for your search which can include according to region which will throw up information according to county, state, city and even three first digits of zip codes.

In addition, you may want to locate information according to date such as filing dates, discharge date, dismissal date and even date of first meeting of which a 341 meeting is a good example.

Searching by the type of bankruptcy i.e. chapter-, Chapter 11 or chapter 7 may also be beneficial to you, you could also try out a combination of these to see if that gave you more relevant data.

Just for those who are unclear on this, Chapter 11 is only businesses and you will find that chapter 7 is mostly for businesses too where as chapter- on the other hand is only really for individuals.

In some cases you may even come across a bankruptcy database that provides information such as the amount of assets and or liabilities that the person or entity in question has.

You can also expect to find house addresses, apartment numbers, PO boxes etc. You should also be able to filter through this information.

Thus, as you can see, each different bankruptcy database has a lot of information that it contains and which can be accessed entirely or according to specific needs and it will prove to be very helpful under different situations.

The facts on Bankruptcy Filings Database originated out of this article linked to here.