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BB Cream: The Most Effective Blemish Balm

For a little while now, beauty aficionados particularly Asians are going gaga over BB cream also known as blemish balm.

And for those, who are still out of the loop, BB cream is the latest addition in the beauty arena. It was first regarded as a treatment balm for patients who underwent laser skin surgery. Excellent outcomes then led to the impressive popularity of BB Cream as big companies saw its potential and made it as an addition to their collection of beauty products thus, having it available to the general public. Beauty brands in Korea have since manufactured BB cream and had it more suitable for Asian skin.

The real big thing about BB creams is that apart from being a skincare product, it is a therapeutic cream as well combined with make-up. Unlike a regular foundation, BB creams have (although not all) whitening and anti-aging properties. Aside from these, BB creams are also said to even out skin tone and lighten blemish scars.

Beauty connoisseurs celebrate for this new marvel as they get to spare some dough with BB creams working as a moisturiser, foundation, sun block, and make-up at the same time. Some skincare products could actually be get rif off. However, it is important that you shouldn’t do away with your daily skin care regime.

BB creams don’t single out a particular skin type. Whatever type of skin you have, BB creams should be ok, even those suffering with acne as they carry active ingredients to finish off those skin problems.

People troubled with dark under eye circles, irritating eye bags, red spots or acnes can find satisfaction with BB creams as they also act as good concealer.

These and more are the very reasons why BB creams gained so much popularity in Asia and even across its borders.

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