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A Few Steps To Raising Your Credit Score Starting From Zero

Your credit is the keys to the financial world and represents you wherever you go. Once you have blemished your credit report, there are some crucial steps you must take in order to get re-established. It doesn’t matter what situation was responsible for damaging your credit, the fact is repairing your bad credit is important to regain worthiness with the financial institutions.

The first step to raising your credit score is getting a copy of your free triple score report. Once you have copy of your report, it is important to examine your report thoroughly for mistakes. You should never assume that you report is accurate. You will be surprised at the amount of mistakes on your report. Some of the most common errors may include: reporting late payments erroneously, listing the same negative account multiple times, and reporting a family member’s account on your bureau. The best way to deal with mistakes on your report is to consult with a credit attorney.

Step number two in re-establishing your credit rating includes adding some good accounts to your 3 credit bureau report. It doesn’t matter how many negative items are removed, your score will not improve unless you re-establish some positive relationships with creditors.

A secured mastercard or visa is one way to add a positive item on your credit report. A secured credit card works the same way as any other credit card except for the fact that your limit will equal the amount of a security deposit. In many instances some banks offer a 25% or $100 increase on top of your initial credit card limit. Secure credit cards also report to all three credit agencies without disclosing the fact that your card is secured.

The third step to increasing your credit rating is having a spouse or close family member with a positive credit rating add you on as a co-borrower. This technique although very effective is a little risky because if your sponsor stops paying their account on time, it will also affect your credit rating. There have also been rumors that the credit bureaus may stop reporting co-borrowers but for now it is still effective.

The last step should be the first step and it is also the one that involves the most discipline. Paying your bills on time is the single most important aspect in deciding your credit worthiness with creditors. You current status is the deciding factor on whether creditors give you a second chance or disregard all your hard work.

The credit bureaus will also continuously raise your credit score a few points for every month of timely payments. If you can afford to continuously make 2 years of on time payments, you will have succeeded in improving your worthiness with the financial institutions.

In summary, to take control of your financial future, you must first take baby steps. These steps include getting a copy of your report, removing bad accounts, adding good credit history and paying your bills in a timely manner. You may also want to consider step #5; getting identity protection to protect your good credit score.

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