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Brain Beating Confidence and Self Esteem Tips #1

These ‘Brain Beating Confidence and Self Esteem Tips’ set out to help you discover how your internal self programming works and what affects it. This then allows you to set the program so that whatever it is you want to achieve becomes more of a probability and less of a dream. Every action starts with a thought. Let’s see what you are thinking.

Tip One : Record your thoughts (No – not ALL of them)

First, acknowledge that there is a little voice inside your head that controls everything that you say or do and therefore everything that you achieve. It’s this little voice we need to control. Before we start to make changes let’s listen to what it’s saying first, then we’ll know what we need to change, if anything.

Listening to what your inner voice is telling you is a lot easier said than done. You’ll find that as soon as you concentrate on what instructions are coming to you, the dialogue will straight away change to whatever you want to hear. It’s O.K. I’m on the right path you then think.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Try this exercise and see if it your results change.
You will need a pen, a notebook and a timer. You will need to do this exercise many times and compare the results over a period of time so use a notebook dedicated solely for this exercise. Most of us now have a mobile phone. You could use the countdown timer in that, or a kitchen timer, or even an alarm clock.

Set the time to go off in at least half an hour from now. An hour or more would be better. Far enough into the future so that you have forgotten about it by the time it goes off. As soon as it goes off try to write down exactly what you were thinking about as it erupted. This may take some practice as the alarm may startle you and ruin your thoughts. Vibration alarms on phones are best to prevent this happening.

What this does is to enable you to record what you were thinking without you concentrating on a definite idea you thought you should be thinking about. Try doing this exercise only two or three times a day.  Vary the times of day so that you will be doing different activities. Over a period of a week or so you will get a reasonable idea of what you are regularly thinking about.

Now, here’s the key, are your thoughts mostly positive or negative? Are they about what you are doing, what you were doing or what you’d like to do? Most crucially, are they in line for you to achieve what you want to achieve in life?

For the record, when my alarm went off I often used to be thinking about what I was reading or doing at the present time. Unfortunately, as soon as the alarm went off I immediately started thinking about what I SHOULD be doing. This means I was often NOT doing what I needed to do to follow my dream. Do your results show you are following your dream?

Later in this Brain Beating Tips series I’ll tell you what causes your thoughts and what you can do to change. Meanwhile, have you looked at how you can start to make changes in yourself?

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Author: Tony Microft — Twenty years experience in personal development

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