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Self Esteem Building Exercises – Expose The Beautiful You

Sometimes we feel pathetic about ourselves owing to several reasons. The causes can be many inexplicable or some explained ones. Some these reasons could be as follows:

1. Heartbreaks are a common cause to the loss of self esteem in out modern lifestyles.

2. Other reason that plays a major role in the loss or our self esteem is a demotion or failure on the work front, especially for those who are mad about their profession.

3. The workaholics when they get fired often become a subject to low self esteem.

4. The teenagers devoting their entire time & energy to ultimately win that so dreamt of slot in varsity, must work hard on building their self esteem, else they might have to leave the team some day.

5. Though self esteem for all of us is together anchored by many factors, a few of which are mentioned above, focusing the entire thing on one single factor out of these might become very dangerous for the individual.

In order or build a high level of self esteem the one must have for all of us is a positive attitude towards all endeavors of life.

In case you are one among those undergoing the problem of low self esteem, or you happen to know some one suffering with this problem, here are some exercises that would help face the issues in a better way:

1. The Mirror

Lets initiate with your ‘self.’ Often people hate or fear what they see in the mirror, so they throw things at the mirror to break it. Or they simply shut it if they can. They also try to break the mirror by throwing it away in full force in some cases.

So, to begin with make sure you love what you see in the mirror. For this you can follow one or all of the tips given below:

a. Take some time off for your self, that is visit a parlor or a gym.
b. Dress up in the best clothe you want.
c. Develop a natural fondness for yourself.
d. Look at your self in the mirror every morning and tell your self aloud – “I love myself.”
e. Remember this is not because you some type of narcissistic or something like that, it is because you must respect yourself – especially that unique ‘you’ who has everything to conquer the world around under all circumstances.

2. Have some time for Your Style of Entertainment

a. You must chalk time for some mental & emotional relaxation.
b. For this you can have at least one day off with your friends every week.
c. For this sort of outing it is not necessary to have loads of people with you.
d. Just gather some really close friends to celebrate all your ‘high & happy moments’ of the week.
e. Remember, that ‘snap cup’ from the flick ‘Legally Blonde’ – Try planning weekly sessions like that.
f. It must be done every week, as it keeps you h\going on when you have something exciting to look up to every 7 days.
g. These sessions not help you build your self esteem & become more balanced emotionally, they also help you make a stronger bond with the friends & the other relatives.
h. In these sessions, the friends must p[raise each other to help each other feel good, but remember, you must not over do that as that could make them over confident unnecessarily.

While these are just two types of exercises that can help you gain high self esteem, the experts in the field have also drafted several others to help the individuals in any & all ways.

Remember these exercises can only be helpful when one actually wants to make an attempt to help them selves. Another key requirement for the success of these tips is that the group around you should be supportive & understanding.

The challenge in the task is not when things are going an, it is to initiate the task and then to maintain the positive changes that happen during the course.

And alas, once you are able to help yourself, you must come forward to help the others suffering with the similar problems in their individuality.

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