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Personal Psychic Development and How to Attain it

The idea of psychic powers is one that’s been in our world for untold millennia. Many people wish to undertake their own psychic development in order to have the abilities that most associate with the word. However, the actual abilities and their nature are far from what we’ve grown to think of them. Our modern world has belittled these abilities that every human has and has made them out to be nothing more than cheap magical tricks.

The first thing to keep in mind when learning about your own psychic development is that what we see isn’t everything. Too often, we humans think we are all that there is in the cosmos and that we are the ultimate authority.

To awaken your latent psychic abilities is the first step and to understanding you are but a very tiny piece of a much larger picture puzzle. To believe that one can command all unseen powers of the universe is arrogant, foolish and all to often a dangerous idea.

The first thing that comes to your mind, as you think of psychic powers, might be the telephone psychic, people who deal with the deceased, get rich quick schemes and all too often cheap magic tricks. This is the modern worlds vision of a psychic. This version of what a psychic is gives the legitimate psychic a bad reputation. Legitimate claims by an individual have been scoffed at and they have been given names like religious nuts, put into the cultist category and persecuted by major religions of the world.

A idea, which is completely false, is that psychic development is bad or even evil. Every human has these latent abilities of psychic power and the ability to develop them. But before you can think about developing these personal psychic powers, you must have unwavering faith in yourself and the flexibility of your mind to achieve these powers.

Psychic abilities are not mystical or even magical. They go beyond our world, as we know it, and often labeled as magic tricks. The development of psychic abilities requires only that you accept unscientific and unorthodox things as being true. Accepting that the mind is much more powerful than you’ve been led believe is the first step in the process.

When you look back in history many empires, religions, and groups had special people that they labeled as mystics and prophets. These were people who had unusual abilities and could see and do things that are considered completely absurd in our modern day world. These ranged from seeing the future, healing wounds, summoning and working with beings of pure energy, and sometimes working with the dead.

While this last part sounds a bit creepy, it actually has a legitimate purpose. Sometimes when people die, they have ties to this world, ties to loved ones, or unresolved issues that eat away at them. This keeps them from moving on from this world and can cause them a great deal of pain and misery. Psychics who work in this area try to help these unfortunate souls solve their problems and move on to the next world.

Keeping in mind that this isn’t some current fad or trend or something cool. Using these abilities to work with peoples souls requires a great deal of responsibility. This ability is not for your own entertainment and not to be taken lightly. If you feel you can accept this responsibility, then there are some things you need to know to begin the process of learning.

When you first begin your psychic development, it will seem as if nothing is working. This is completely normal; it takes time to break down the barriers that modern society has enforced on us. These range from religious morality, concepts of good and evil, and fear of what’s different.

You can begin to tear down these barriers by meditating every day and looking inside yourself. The meditation ritual is up to you, whatever relaxes you and opens you to the universe.

This is your personal journey, remember that. What works for someone else doesn’t necessarily work for you. You will need patience and persistence during the learning process.

Once you have opened your mind and have accepted certain truths and ideas, you will experience other related things of the psychic development process. OBE’s, lucid dreams and other such related interesting events will be some of your experiences. Remember, you and the universe are connected. It will guide you – respect it.

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