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5 Strategies to Help Children to Become Successful Word Problem Solvers

Your son or daughter has word problems for science homework. How do you help your children become successful word problem solvers? Help your child by developing a process that he can apply to a variety of problems. Recognize that effectively completing word problems requires a series of logical steps. The first strategy is to understand the language content of the problem. The second is recognizing that a science word problem is an application of algebra. Third, the values described in the problem are interconnected. Fourth, determine the appropriate algebraic equation for the problem. Finally, document the entire problem solving process.

 1. Successfully completing science word problems requires good reading comprehension skills. Word problem solvers cannot effectively complete the word problem without understanding the problem itself. What information in the problem is important to solving an equation? What information can be discarded? Distance, time and speed are important quantities that would be listed in a problem about a car’s speed. The color of the car would have no impact in solving the problem.

2. Word problems in science are applications of algebraic expressions, or equations. Good word problem solvers distinguish between the givens in the problem and the value which is to be calculated. The givens always include both numbers and units. The value to be calculated only has a unit. The unit describes the measurement involved.

3. Successful science word problem solvers see how the mathematical expressions in the statements are interconnected to each other. How would such a problem solver complete this example?
Sam drives her green car at 40 kilometers per hour. How far will she travel in 2 hours?
A good strategy to use is to first look for numbers combined with science-related terminology describing measurements, or what is given, or known, in the problem. Speed can be measured in kilometers per hour. Time can be measured in hours. The phrases, 40 kilometers per hour and 2 hours, are given, or are the known quantities, in the example. The speed and the time are interconnected. Speed is a ratio of distance and time. The word problem will also include a value without a number, or the unknown. The phrases “How many” or “How much” or “What is” are good clues to this value. The unknown quantity is distance, distinguished by the phrase, “how far”.
The color of her car, green, is irrelevant to solving the problem.

4. Successful problem solvers determine the appropriate algebraic expression, or equation, for the problem. The appropriate equation to use for the example is: distance equals speed multiplied by time, or mathematically, d = speed * t. Now the problem is mathematical in nature. By substituting 40 kilometers per hour for speed and 2 hours for time, the problem solver gets an answer of 80 kilometers. Note that the answer includes both a number and a unit. Sometimes the equation needs to be rewritten by applying algebraic rules, so the unknown quantity is on one side of the equals sign all by itself.

5. Successful problem solvers document their thinking process by writing out each step that he uses to solve the problem. The example above is rather basic, which most students can discover without writing out their work. Science word problems are also applications of science content. With more challenging science content, the corresponding word problems may, at first, seem too difficult. Breaking down the problem into simpler steps, which includes writing out the mathematical work, often helps create success. By writing down each given, unknown, equation, mathematical step, and answer, more challenging science word problems are less difficult. By first applying the problem solving process to basic problems, the successful problem solver will soon develop a method to apply to more difficult science word problems.

You can help your children develop a successful process that they can use to solve science word problems and become effective word problem solvers. First, understand the problem’s language content. Second, recognize that science word problems are applications of algebra. Third, the quantities used in problems are interconnected. Fourth, decide upon the appropriate algebraic equation to solve each problem. Finally, document the problem solving process.

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Tips to Become a Successful Speaker on Professional Development

If we have to become a successful inspirational speaker on professional development, then we must see to that we have some information that has value, the information we convey must motivate others so that other’s benefit from your message. No one is a born a inspirational speaker, it is only some who are lucky to be gifted with this quality can become. Your speech must encourage and revitalize every individual to reach out to success and not holdback anyone from reaching their goal.

If you want to become a successful inspiration speaker make sure that you choose a special niche. Everyone has a zeal for something, this may be due from our experiences or books that we might have read or something other which might have been interesting to us. Every one of us can talk about different topics, but it is better to start off with the major one on which you want to share with others. Deliver your message in such a way that your inspiration must lead the individual to the crest of success. Once you follow these points by putting all your efforts it is greatly going to help you in becoming an inspirational speaker on professional development.

The next way that you can be successful in the area of public speaking on professional development is to make sure that you properly prepare. We have all heard that preparation is like a key. This holds especially true when it comes to sharing powerful, motivational speeches to people. Create an outline of all of your ideas, and then from there, turn them into a motivational message that is geared towards the professional development of the individuals that you will be speaking with. Preparation will not only assist you in delivering the best of the best to your audience, but it also plays a vital role when it comes to establishing yourself as an expert and will build your confidence levels.

To become an inspirational speaker on professional development you must consider few things. The points mentioned in this article are just a few suggestive information. It is in your hands to build positive attitudes and self esteem and inspire others to deal with adversity and become a successful inspirational speaker.

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How to Become a Successful Inspirational Speaker on Professional Development

Have you always dreamed of being a successful inspirational speaker on professional development? There are a large number of people who have had this dream and succeeded at it. Individuals like John C. Maxwell, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, and Jim Rohn are all motivational speakers on professional development.

These individuals, and others in the industry, engage in a number of activities like authoring books, holding conventions, and similar events in order to share their insight as a leader and expert in the field of professional development. If they can do it, so can you! Here, I will share some secrets on how to be a successful inspirational speaker on professional development.

When we make the realization that we want to be an inspirational speaker for professional development, it is generally based on the fact that we have some information that we would like to share with others. If you are to be a successful speaker, it is absolutely vital to ensure that your speech has value.

This is to say that when you deliver the message to others, will they benefit from it? Not just anyone can become a motivational speaker. It takes a special person that has a special message to deliver. If your message lacks quality, then it is sure that professional development will be hindered in the lives of those who hear your message.

The next step to ensuring success as an inspirational speaker is to make certain that you have a special niche. Every single one of us has a passion for something. That passion is generally fueled by the experiences that we have had, people we have met, books we have read, seminars that we have attended, things we have heard, and things that we have seen.

While we all could probably talk on a variety of topics, it is essential to start off with one main topic that you want to share your message on. If you put all your efforts into doing this right from the start, you are more than likely going to be a successful inspirational speaker on professional development.

The next way that you can be successful in the area of public speaking on professional development is to make sure that you properly prepare. We have all heard that preparation is like a key. This holds especially true when it comes to sharing powerful, motivational speeches to people.

Create an outline of all of your ideas, and then from there, turn them into a motivational message that is geared towards the professional development of the individuals that you will be speaking with. Preparation will not only assist you in delivering the best of the best to your audience, but it also plays a vital role when it comes to establishing yourself as an expert and will build your confidence levels.

If you want to be an inspirational speaker on professional development, there are many things that should be kept in mind. The items mentioned in this article are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your own professional development.

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Three Easy Ways To Become More Creative With Your Problem Solving

Have you ever wondered why it is that you always get stuck and experience problems that stop you moving forward in life at a certain point? If your answer is yes, you are already way ahead of the crowd. Why? Because most people do not even realise that they are experiencing the same problems at certain points in their lives over and over again.

It is the nature of human performance that we keep running patterns. Patterns of thinking, patterns of behaviour, patterns for coping, patterns for learning, patterns for dealing with our friends, spouse, parents. Patterns are everywhere. The trick is recognising them and assessing them correctly.

Sounds pretty simple, maybe even obvious, doesn’t it? The real problem though is that most patterns come in different guises. They are well camouflaged, wrapped in extensive packaging, making it more difficult for us to notice them. Unless you find a way of clearly identifying these patterns, whenever they occur, you will not be able to make constructive changes. Therefore the first step is finding a way to identify your behaviour patterns. You can do this easily by learning self awareness.

The simplest way to observe your actions is by employing a technique that allows you to step back from yourself. To my mind this is best done by elevating your energy levels, which will make you feel good about yourself, no matter what is going on in your life at the moment.

Out of the many energy therapies out there EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique is one of the best for this purpose. EFT belongs to the group of energy therapies. It is powerful and very quick and easy to learn. Using a combination of needle free acupuncture and mind focus EFT relaxes you by putting you in an alpha state of mind. This state of mind makes you more open to suggestions, it is also a state, which allows subconscious behaviours to surface.

This is precisely what we are after. Once you are cognitive about a particular pattern you are running and know exactly when it kicks in, you will automatically see all the times you have been running it in the past. These aha moments are like kaleidoscopes unfolding. Now you can do something positive to help yourself in the future. Again, awareness is key, but since you know what to look for you are able to recognize the beginning of a pattern much easier.

How do you stop these old behaviours unfolding though? EFT again is your tool. The moment you recognise an old pattern unfolding you use the EFT modality focusing on the changes you now wish to make.

When we work with EFT, opening the energy channels by tapping on a small number of meridian points on body and face whilst we focus on an issue that we wish to resolve, we also build new neural pathways. The is a very fast process. One round, as we call it, takes about a minute to complete.I usually recommend to do at least three rounds. You can use this technique as often as you like throughout your day.

Use EFT at least three times throughout their day and you will get noticeable shifts in behaviour very quickly. Sometimes these shifts can be almost instantaneous, particularly when you realise with total clarity how your own repetitive behaviour has done you more harm then good.

EFT is a great mood enhancer and calmer. It goes without saying that you are more willing to embrace change and enhance your mental acuity and creativity when you are in a good frame of mind. We all can get into this state temporarily. The key to eradicating any problem successfully is maintaining an unattached, upbeat mind set. This is precisely what you can achieve with regular use of Emotional Freedom Technique. Please check out the many ways how you can help yourself with EFT. It really can enrich your life.

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Self Esteem Builders Should Become a Natural Part of your Family’s Life

Many parents like to help their children develop self esteem. It is an overwhelming task for youngster while without special needs its challenge for child. There are some important task which has to keep in mind while thinking about self esteem. Self esteem is dynamic; it varies from person to person. Parents nothing can do more than helping children. Parents input plays crucial role after some age, which become confidence part of equation. Here are few steps which will help in building self esteem.

Always be generous with hugs and kisses

Take babe picture and everyone wants to see how they looked as a baby. Many parents avoid taking pictures of their child, as they grow.

Be a sympathetic listener and where your child is coming from.

Always use honest, open communication at all times. Lids come to know which things you are hiding from them.

Please do not compare your child with other children, try to be happy with the accomplishments.

Please become aware of your own attitudes of people’s appearances and their limitations. Those parents who make positive comments about other people send the message that physical perfection is important.

Here are some self esteem builders and they will become a natural part of your family’s life.

1) Used to spend some time with your child, even if too short but spend sometime without interruptions. Engage yourself with her in reading every night before bed or taking daily stroll around the block.

2) Encourage Independence. It is a good thing for toddler to gain independence from parents. It encourages you to do simple things for her self like putting on her socks, pressing the correct elevator button. It has to keep in mind at all times a toddlers curiosity can place her at risk.

3) Feed her with regular reinforcement because she is always striving for independence. When she listens to you, praise her. Please be specific to her because she should know which behavior she should repeat.

4) Feeling which comes from internal side, make them to express their feelings. This is good way to build positive self esteem among her because it shows that her emotions are normal.

5) Please don’t compare your child with others. Most of parents think telling their kids you are better than peers she has, it totally damage her self esteem. Focus on such things in which your child looks unique.

6) Make them find out answer for any problem they face first. Don’t try to run too fast give time to your child to grasp things that will help in building self esteem.

7) Every hug and kiss converts into love and affection which shower with those.

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