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Becoming A Powerful Problem Solver

Becoming a great problem solver can help you in many areas of your life. From business to personal and it can also aid in stress relief. When you understand and know how to solve problems confidently, you will instantly feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Accepting challenges and handling difficult situations well will be a breeze with a few easy steps.

A great problem solver will stay calm no matter what the situation. And staying calm doesn`t just mean looking calm, but panicking on the inside. It means feeling calm and acting calm. You`re not acting calm to look cool in front of coworkers either, you staying calm to remain focused on the task and the problem.

Many people panic in front of a problem. And in the panic that they feel, along come a group of other feelings; feelings of being overwhelmed, stress, uncertainty, uneasiness and so on. When you feel stressed, you can`t possibly think straight, let alone solve a problem. To keep calm, you need to feel confident that one way or another…you can solve this problem. You need to feel assured that to every puzzle, there is a fixable solution.

Being a problem solver also entails looking at the big picture. There are often many solutions to a problem and finding them out simply involves a little brain storming. Usually with a calm state of mind, finding the solutions to problems is easy.

The key is to break the problem down from every angle and start separating all of its core issues. So for example, a huge crisis happens at work and there is a time issue. To wrap your head around it, you need to break down the tasks needed to get done. The first thing you can ask yourself is who can help on the project and what are they best at. In this situation you can delegate the jobs out to finish the task. If however it`s just you, then delegate the tasks to yourself, beginning with the one that will take the longest time to deliver.

Problem solving also involves realistic time frames and goals. When you`re solving a problem and you need to break down tasks and assign them out, you also need to keep in mind what is realistic. Set yourself up for success and plan things out accordingly. If you don`t think that you can finish a problem over the weekend then don`t plan on it, or think about other ways you can make it happen. For example hiring extra people to help or pulling a few all nighters.

Becoming a problem solver also involves strongly feeling that there is a solution to every problem. Even if a problem seems so big and unattainable, you still need to believe that there is a solution. Feeling confident in yourself will ensure that your head stays calm and focused, plus it sets you up with a positive attitude. A problem solver will always have a positive attitude that the problem will get solved one way or another. Keeping upbeat will keep yourself motivated and the others around you.

Once you begin practicing these problem solving strategies, you will feel better about making decisions and confident in the ones you do make. You will instantly begin to see yourself as a leader and someone who can take charge and make things happen.

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Having The Right Attitude & Start Becoming A Problem Solve

Do you really want to make money online?

Do you want to develop a business which can make money for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week almost automatically?

Of course you do!

Why else wouldn’t you be reading this ebook right now.

Many others have created full-time incomes while only working part-time online. It is within your grasp. Plus, many of them, including myself have started with little or no money!

The down side to this is, many of you will need a change of attitude before you will be able to reach your goals.

Even with the right information and the right foundation, many people have still failed in their online ventures just because they did not develop the right attitude. Your attitude is essential when achieving success and your dreams. Which brings me to an old statement “Your Attitude determines your Altitude,” pretty much says it all!

If your psychological mindset is poor, than your outlook in general will always be poor. The negativity will show in everything you do. No matter what you are doing, your results will be poor and your business will do poor.

Having a positive mentality about yourself and about your business is a part of having the right attitude, but that is not what I want to focus on in this section. I want to focus on your reasons and vision for your business.

If your vision for your business is to just make enough money for a little extra income or to just produce a full-time income for yourself. You are severely limiting yourself to the real possibilites. If this is you, you need a change of attitude. Don’t limit yourself! On the Internet, “The only limitation is your imagination”!

The most successful people in business are the ones who look for problems and develop solutions to cure their problems. They have a vision which is bigger than just to make a little money. They have a vision to solve problems for others.

You need to learn about powerful internet marketing strategies to expose your product to hungry visitors and learn how to write killer sales copy. Yes, that is what you need to know how, if you want to produce sales. You need to ask yourself a few questions.

What is it that I’m selling?

Are you selling just another product?

Are you selling a solution to people’s problems?

Are you just in business to make a little money or do you honestly care about helping other people with their problems?

Now you are probably wondering where a good place to search for problems is. Well there are many places to do your research such as forums, discussion boards, newsgroups, and even eBay.

When you get to these places to do your research, here are just a handful of some of todays problems to give you an idea:

People are frustrated with the amount of traffic on their web site!
People are frustrated with the amount of time they spend with their family or friends!
People are frustrated with learning how to submit to the Search Engines!
People are frustrated with learning how to use certain software!
People are frustrated with not being able to produce affiliate sales!
People are frustrated with not being able to produce sales!
People are frustrated with weight loss!
People are frustrated with health problems!

Look for these types of problems and frustrations and develop or find products which have the answers. In other words, don’t just try to think of new ways to make money. Think of ways to solve more problems for more people! Once you’ve learned the marketing side of the equation, the money will start coming in.

The best part about it is that all you have to do is change your attitude and start being a problem solver. What problems are still out there in your specific market? What problems do people have when they order from your competition? What can you do to make your product or service a better answer to people’s needs?

When you ask yourself these types of questions you are often taking the first step to success. Once you have recognized the problem and developed the right attitude, you can start looking for or creating the solution. You have the question, it’s time to develop the answers.


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Becoming Aware of your Feelings is a Good Self Esteem Booster

There are various things which boost your self esteem. You should have to become aware of your thoughts and feelings. It is necessary to explore your negative emotions, like anger frustration, Annoyance, blame, jealousy, envy, impatience, and hostility.

It is very necessary to say good bye to ‘no’, even if you don’t believe that you do have power to cancel negative thoughts. Try to say loudly “STOP”. You will realize after some time yes negative thoughts are diminishing.

Always used to keep yourself busy with positive thoughts. Try to visualize and replace the negative thoughts with affirmations. You will not even get time to think about negative things.

Affirmation is the best way to boost your self esteem, it is an short statement which is stated in present tense, which describes how you are at present moment. Note down affirmation and paste them on bathroom mirror, when every morning you brush your teeth used to say them loudly.

Engage in doing good things, do something good for other without telling anybody. Take out list which games you love and use to play them whenever you got time.

Give yourself a compliment at least once a day, that could be any thing “l really enjoy playing cricket” or “I love my beauty” compliment could be of nay kind but just it has to boost your self esteem. If you practice daily your self esteem definitely going to boosts.

One very interesting thing take picture with your friends while enjoying any moments, sort out very lovely picture in which you are enjoying the moment. Keep these pictures with you; look at these pictures whenever from you feel down.

You have to do daily exercise for only increasing bloodstream. It will make your mood positive and more congenial you will be with other people.

Find out something in your body which you dislike. Work on that and try to overcome it. As you overcome that you will realize self image and you will teach you to appreciate more.

Wear good looking cloths, it will definitely boost your self esteem while facing others.

Make out list of things about yourself which you appreciate, like “I have good hair”, “I have beautiful eye” used to keep this list in your packet whenever you feel low, just take out this list and read it for yourself.

Make a plan to go out with your colleague, a day in fresh air is sure to give an energy boost and it will make you feel good about yourself.

Do something good for others, helping someone like who has lost his/her way by giving him/her proper direction, it will make you feel good rest of the day.

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