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Cat Behavioral Problems: Solve Them Quickly and Easily

It is important to try and solve cat behavioral problems as quickly as possible. This is because the more a certain behavior is repeated, the harder it is to try and break the cycle of bad behavior.

Solving cat behavioral problems is one of the most frustrating and stressful situations you can be in. While at times it seems that you are alone, realize that there is a lot of help available to you from lots of different sources like website, books, and articles.

Most people make the mistake of just wanting the solution and not seeking out the original cause of the behavior problem. This results in people trying a wide range of things that do not work because they are not correctly identifying the issue or they are listening to people who are not cat behavioral experts.

For example, a cat may stop using the litter box for a number of different reasons. Maybe the litter box has been recently moved, the box is not clean enough, or maybe there is a change in the household routine. This and a lot more reasons exist for a cat to stop using the litter box, and they each require a specific and different solution.

This is just one example of how important it is to identify the cause of the problem. Take some time right now to think about any recent changes in the house that might be affecting your cat. Many times the solution is much easier than you think.

To start your analysis of the problem you can break down cat problems into two general categories, litter box issues, and feline aggression issues. These are two broad categories, but almost all problems should fit into these two categories.

For there you can break down the problem even further in the categories, until you think you have arrived at the cause of the problem.

Also, it is important to take your cat for regular vet checkups. If you do have a behavior problem with your cat it is always important to rule out a possible medical cause.

Hyperthyroidism and kidney problems are just two examples of how a medical problem can cause a change in the behavior of a cat. This is why it is important to have a physical exam done on your cat and possibly some blood work.

Another medical cause of behavior problems is urinary tract infections. Cats who have these infections may stop using the litter box all together and may start to urinate on beds and carpets.

Remember, you are not alone in dealing with this stressful situation. There are lots of websites, books, and articles out there that can provide you with the information that you need.

Take the time to try and understand what exactly caused this cat behavioral problem and then only use time tested and proven solutions from cat experts who know what they are talking about. Only by truly taking this time can you then solve the problem more quickly and easily.

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