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Building Your Self Esteem – Believe In Yourself First

It is often said that the best competition you can is with yourself. That is outdoing your own performance and learning from your own good & bad deeds. This also helps you focus better on yourself, and lets you develop at a steady pace. It surely ensures that you never look up at yourself as a loser that can be very harmful for any individual.

But this practice becomes negative as well. As the experts also say that world’s worst criticism is the self criticism. When you are harsh on yourself and are looking yourself as a loser, you start taking all the meaningful & meaningless criticisms of the world also on your self very seriously. As a result you manage to destroy all that you had. You become you own greatest enemy.

You must realize it before it gets too late! Focus on building your self esteem yourself.

Here are some tips to build your self esteem effectively:

1. To begin with, think positive. An optimistic person is he who is able to see the silver lining in the clouds of problems. We must understand that there is no person on this earth who has no problems absolutely, and those who are probably have never tried to accomplish any meaningful deed! You have problems because you are trying and the fact that you are trying makes you a winner automatically! So do not linger on to that problem. Turn to he positive thins around you and you shall automatically get a break to think about the solutions.

2. Being optimistic does not imply that you have to become unrealistic. There are sad moments that you have to tackle with a happy mode and there are tough times where you have to be courageous. Do not restrict the though with in yourself. Look for the points where the other find optimism and you might find some relaxation for yourself as well.

3. Try helping the others, as this is another effective means of building your self esteem. In order to help people you need not be excessively rich or influential. Remember help here does not mean charity in the times when you yourself need some. Try sharing some happy moments, some emotions, some valuable time with the others that can uplift their lives.

4. Use your special talent to help the world and find pleasure for yourself. G\For instance, in case you like teaching, volunteer at some community school that helps the under privileged; in case you have a soothing throat, join your church choir. Remember, kindness that you serve, always comes back to you when you need it the most.

5. Be kind to your self as well. Right form the childhood we are trained to reach higher & higher and hence we all have big dreams. Do not forsake your dreams but achieve them one by one by setting some realistic goals for yourself. In case you are lagging behind your time table, instead of pestering your self all the more, think about the tactics by which you can get back on the track.

6. You must not give up trying. Believe in your self! It’s your dream and your soul prepared you top charge ahead; then even if people are there to help you, you really can’t bank on them! Rather, meet your targets as much as you can all by yourself!

Tell yourself that as I have seen the bad part of me, now that will come will be the good & yet if it is bad, I shall work further to improvise on it! That is self esteem!

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