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6 Pack Abs – the Different Theories

Fitness experts have long discovered the potency of cardiovascular exercises in burning calories and eliminating fat from the body. Only by melting away enough body fat can stubborn body fat be trimmed off the midsection to expose the contours of the abdominal muscles- the much sought-after 6 pack.

Though there’s little contest about the effectiveness of combining resistance training and aerobic exercises for developing a lean, shredded midsection, there is some debate as to which type of cardio exercises to do. Building muscle raises the metabolism and cardio exercise burn calories from body fat.

Cardiovascular exercises can be done at low intensity and high intensity. The latter is more popular as a method of losing fat and getting 6 pack abs because first, it’s easier to do. The physical effort in doing low-intensity cardio exercises can actually be done by novice exercisers and people that are extremely overweight.

Low intensity cardio exercises have also been discovered to burn caloric energy from fat stores as opposed to high intensity cardiovascular workouts that keep the heart at 90% of the maximum. The latter burns more calories obviously, but some of it comes from glycogen already.

The stored form of carbohydrates in muscle tissue is known as glycogen and it is needed in proper muscle formation. In losing weight and getting 6 pack abs, it is important to maintain as much muscle as possible because it helps keep the body’s metabolism high.

On the other hand, high intensity exercises burn loads of calories even if done for just 10-20 minutes. This means considerably less time can be spent in the gym and proponents say the lost glycogen can just be replaced anyway by eating carbo-rich food after working out.

High intensity folks also say hard cardio exercise causes muscle development because it works the whole body hard. In addition, intense workouts kick-up the body’s metabolic rate hours after leaving the gym. The more calories spent throughout the day, more fat loss and faster 6 pack abs.

Another disadvantage of low-intensity exercises is it takes 10 minutes before the heart rate goes high enough to be able to start burning calories. It’s clear that choosing between the two cardio ‘schools of thought’ depends on how much time a person can allot to exercising each day to get 6 pack abs and how developed his cardiovascular system is.

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