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Kaizen Blitz for Industrial Crm

According to manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler in a recent issue of Industrial Focus magazine, “Manufacturers all face a similar challenge: a complex sale that often requires a team selling approach. In every industrial organization one finds internal representatives, outside representatives, managers, technical specialist, distributors, and customer service professionals. Often this team manages several product lines with thousands of specific items and interacts with numerous influencers who affect the sale. During the lengthy sales process the team does their best to manage this complex environment, producing notes, sales call reports, quote logs, memos, faxes, e-mails, and customer service reports, however the information is almost always fragmented. There is rarely one central database of customer information that can be accessed and shared among the people who need it to efficiently do their jobs. As a result, acting less like a team, these people act independently when conducting business and are far less effective. “

According to Larry Caretsky, President of Commence (www.commence.com/mfg), an industrial customer relationship management (CRM) firm, “CEO’s of these companies often share how their new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system provides them all the information they need, but fail to recognize that ERP systems provide information after the sale, not before or during the sales process. ERP systems provide no value for improving the efficiency of how to sell and service customers. This is one reason that forecast reports are always inaccurate.”

Industrial senior executives avoid addressing a customer-centric approach including the misconception that an accounting system provides the information needed; they provide only post sale information. The pre-sales process and information drives the sale.

Manufacturers do not resist funding back-end ERP systems; however the front-end CRM solutions often make a substantial impact on reducing new customer acquisition cost and improving sales efficiency by first addressing data capture, data consolidation, and data sharing.

Commence offers industrial companies complete “Freedom of Choice” to select the solutions and platform that best meets the business requirements of manufacturers and distributors. The comprehensive CRM Industrial application suite is available for use on premise or on-demand as a hosted service. Industrial leaders often build departmental CRM solutions with the award winning Commence Industrial CRM Framework. These choices are why so many industrial companies choose Commence as the solution for managing customer relationships. All Commence Industrial solutions support mobile or wireless connectivity and integration to back-office accounting and ERP systems.

Commence Corporation
Larry Caretsky

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The Kaizen Blitz and Lean Manufacturing

The Kaizen BlitzKaizen Event is a powerful tool in the lean manufacturing process. The blitz enables quick results to occur and often is one of the first things companies do to begin their process.
The Kaizen Blitz is a decisive, quick attack on a particular area or process in order to improve it. Kaizen means, in general terms, continuous improvement, and the blitz is a great way to get people’s attention and make something happen quickly. It also means that there is little time for resistance to form, or opposition to a new program to develop.
The advantages of a Kaizen Event
Immediate results. This is very helpful so that workers can see something positive happening. Since there is no time for them to object, their potential resistance is overcome by the nature of the blitz.
Good tool to use in the beginning. The dramatic and quick results help to shift the company paradigm.
When the company has put up posters, or informed the workforce of the coming program, the blitz is a good way to positively reinforce the good aspects of the new program.
Shows that this is a well thought out, integrated program that gets results.
The disadvantages of the Kaizen Blitz
The training is shallow. Because it is a blitz, there is simply no time to talk or train.
It does not allow the full overview of the lean manufacturing program to be understood. Since it is a one-time event, it may be seen as a disconnected part of a program.
The overall program might suffer as a result. People tend to like immediate results and can develop pockets of efficiency, while the entire operation is a wreck.
The blitz is no substitute for an overall strategy. There may be a tendency to see the blitz as the entire program, rather than the event that it is.
What kinds of Kaizen Blitz’s are there?
The blitz, or event, can be used for various aspects of the lean manufacturing process. This would include 5S implementation, work cell implementation, and setup reduction.
It is advisable to start out small in order to learn the process. Over time, a 5S blitz will yield dramatic results in almost any work area, including the office. A plastic injection molding company is a prime candidate for lean manufacturing, and a kaizen blitz does wonders in such a workplace.
It is a lot like the 15 minute clean up drills we sometimes have at home. Especially with children or teenagers, a lot can get done in a short amount of time by using the blitz idea. Yet, you can see at home as well, that this does not really instill good habits of putting things away or picking up after yourself.
The Kaizen blitz is a powerful aspect of the lean manufacturing process. It should be used in the beginning to obtain dramatic results in order to break down resistance to the overall program.
The blitz should be seen as a part of the whole. It is not the end, but just a tool to get results and it should be used as such.

Randy Hough has a website: http://whatisleanmanufacturing.com that is dedicated to helping companies improve their overall productivity.