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Health Resort and Fitness Centres:

Camp Eden is very different from any other health retreat or resort and why their guests experience amazing discoveries in mind, body and soul is The Eden Program. The Eden Program is the foundation of everything they do. Your lifestyle change for the better is the purpose and The Eden Program is built to help you achieve it.

Camp Eden Health Resort was created to restore your natural energy, re-discover balance and harmony, enhance your inner beauty and achieve a sense of well being.

It allows you the seclusion from the outside world; the freedom to roam, reflect; contemplate and be in the spirit with what is around you. A chance to reconnect with yourself, surrender your old perceptions and see yourself with fresh eyes.

Health Retreat Activities & Acupuncture Health:

Camp Eden Health Resort specialized in weight management packages; stress management therapy; detoxify; personal development retreats, spa beauty therapy, Spa Aromatherapy Massages, Natural Healing Therapy, Labyrinth health resort Center, Acupuncture Health, Holistic Health Retreat and Weight Loss Retreats.

When you stay at Camp Eden Health Resort all the planning is done for you – your personal consultation will customize your program allowing you to personally plan your preferred levels of participation and relaxation during each day of your stay.

Our daily program offers holistic, educational and self development choices.  The program is designed to start your day with energy and vitality gradually, progressing through the day, having fun and learning more about you along the way.  Having experienced NeuroArobics and had fun with SocialSpa-ing™ the evening is for winding down and preparing to take on another new day.

“ACU” means needle. “PUNCTURE” denotes the action of pricking our body with the needle. By this medical device we can increase immunity and prevent diseases. At the same time, we can also cure the existing diseases.

Acupuncture has been used for centuries as an effective treatment for a wide range of ailments; from headaches and back injuries to depression, lack of energy and recovery from major trauma, stress or sporting injury.

Health Resort Major Key Services:

Health Resort – Health Retreats – Spa Beauty treatments – Healthy lifestyle
Weight management packages – Stress Management Therapy- Detoxification treatment, Personal Development Retreats – Holistic Body Therapies –  Massage & Spa Beauty Treatments – NeuroArobics – Natural beauty spa centre – Sauna steam bath – Health resort and fitness center – Labyrinth health Center – Acupuncture health – Personal Development retreats.

5 star Luxury Accommodation – Rejuvenation Holiday Packages – Holistic health retreat – Health Retreat Center – Relaxing holiday destination – spa Aromatherapy Currumbin Valley – Meditation programs – Weight Loss Retreats- Personal Development resort – Natural healing therapy – Tranquil surroundings -Eucalypt Flooded Gum – Veiny Lace Flower – Yoga Practices – Environment Services – Sauna Steam Bath, Funa Services – Sub tropical Rainforest & Labyrinth health resort.

Health Resort & Day Spa locations:

Camp Eden: Australia’s leading holistic health resort, Camp Eden offers the ‘Real Spirit’ program, along with Health Resort & Fitness; acupuncture Health and spa Beauty Treatments.

We can be reached by air, rail and road. You can plan accordingly and visit us:


camp eden

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Anger Management: How Anger Effects The Body

Anger affects our body in countless ways. Feelings of anger come out when we feel stressed, betrayed, or hurt.  Anger causes our bodies to become tense and twists our stomach in knots. When we feel this way, the world seems to fall around us and we feel as if our best friend has died. Lonesomeness creeps in and often we feel like the world is an illusion and everyone is out of his or her wits.

There are times we want to scurry and take cover and there are times we simply want to find the person that caused our pain and beat them to a bloody pulp. We know we cannot do this since it is criminal and it does not relieve our troubles. Rather when we blow up and displace our anger on someone else.  When this occurs, we are only adding heartache to heartache.

Sometimes it’s hard to see that there is a rational solution to our problems, and when we burn our last bridge, and no one is there to support us, where do we turn then? How do we find our way out?

If you feel like there is nothing left in the universe for you and that, you have run out of answers to the many questions then you are not alone. One effective way to look at your position is to know that someone else is suffering more than you are.

Convincing your mind to remain optimistic can help when times are tough. When you have been betrayed, robbed, manipulated, lied to, hurt and you feel that the person is getting away with mistreating you, remember, the bad guys always pay a higher consequence than what they induce on the victim. It may take some time, but in the end they will get what’s coming to them.

If you have been mistreated, rather than addressing your anger in a negative way, try applying your intellect and assets to more constructive things and let God enforce law against the person that committed the offense against you.
If you are purely battling with common troubles then remember to take it one day at a time. Try to see some humor in your circumstances. Laughter is always a good cue for relieving anger.

When you feel your stomach in knots, try to focus on something positive or do chores. Anytime we burn energy, we are burning emotions that are the root of anger.

If you enjoy writing, sit down and write an article, book,  story, or a simple journal. Jot down your feelings, how you view the world, and the inhabitants  in the world. Try to find a way write some humor in, so that you can laugh when  you read what you wrote.

If you body is tense go for a hike and enjoy the  beautiful scenery that God supplied us. Remember when you are  walking that something good comes from evil. This may not seem logical, but if you think about your many tribulations and how you dealt with them, you will see a string of good fortunes that came your way.

We can all make more of a situation than what really exists and we all need to stay strong to endure the sport of life. If you feel that you are centered out for punishment, then think of the  men in war, the kids in broken homes, or the wives that are tormented by their own partners.

Now think about your condition again. Are you homeless? Do you have a place to live? Do you have food in your refriderator? Do you have your bills paid? If this is true then can you really complain?
Anytime we become angered, our body is negatively affected and this inflicts hurt to our wellbeing. Is anything worth destroying your self- being, including your body and mentality?

If you are angry, think before you do something, because impulsive behavior leads to troubles that are more convoluted. When you  feel like the world is caving in on you, pick up your torture stake and march another mile.
We all deal with rejection in life, but anger does not have to consume you.  You must stay in charge at all times using the ethics prescribed in this editorial.

Michelle Green is a leader in the personal development industry. She offers free self help audio books every month to visitors to her self-improvement blog

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Stress Management 101: Learn to Take Care of Your Mind and Body

People who work more than others tend to be more stressed. Stress which can be attributed to the riggers of work can affect both your productivity and efficiency. This is why all the workaholics who read this should undertake stress management to avoid compromising their careers.

You don’t have be be anywhere special, you can do some stress management wherever and whenever you want. You could do it at your office desk, in the comfort of your home or even while your walking down the street. The main idea is to relax your mind so that you’re ready for the next task. Here are some tips that will surely be of help to you:

Tip # 1: Understand The Cause Of Your Stress

If you don’t know what is causing the stress you will never conquer it.The first tip you should apply is to work out what is causing the stress. If it is an assignment you are working on, your boss, or a work mate then take some time to determine what it is about them that caused the stress. It is wise to make a list so you keep track of them. Once you have determined what is causing the stress, you can then work at getting rid of it.

Tip #2: Cope Mentally with Your Stress

When you are under mountains of stress, the mind is the first to show to signs. If left unchecked, it will affect both your physical and mental state. It is key that you learn how to calm your mind when under stress. You must also learn to focus your thoughts on what is causing the anxiety and learn to relax when you need to.

If it’s your first time doing some stress management, it may take some time and effort for it to start working. But there are some techniques which will simplify the process. You can start by listening to your favourite music and singing along with the lyrics or humming the tune to divert your attention away from your problems.

Tip # 3: Learn To Relax Your Mind

Probably the best stress management technique is relaxing. Having a clear and focused mind can help in dealing with the stress before it does damage. You can relax by doing some meditation, or simpling getting some fresh air. Going for a walk in a forest or along a river can be very helpful.

If you are having trouble starting, there are plenty of self help books at your local book store or you could find some free ebooks that will guide you through the stress management process.

Tip #4: Make This A Daily Habit

Integrate your stress management techniques with your daily lifestyle if you want to be good at it for your self-improvement project. Doing it just because you got stressed with work is not a good way to practice stress management. You need to keep practicing your chosen method or technique until you can do it instantaneously. Learn to relax every single time when you’re at work and you will surely see that no amount of bickering with your boss or noise from your workmates will stress you out.

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Your Body Image, Your Self-Esteem

I had just spent an hour with my trainer Rusty lifting weights, run 35 minutes on the treadmill, taken my Dalmatian Lucy for a vigorous 40-minute walk, and then driven to the YMCA for an hour-long stretch class. Exhausted, I had to ask why exercise was ruling my life.

I feel better when I exercise, I rationalized. Taking a deep breath, I delved deeper and as I did, I began to see that my obsession with exercise was rooted more in vanity than any health benefits I hoped to receive. I had to admit that the primary reason I work out is to look good. The way I view my body determines in good part my self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the sum total of how much we like and approve of our self-concept; Webster’s Dictionary defines it simply as “self-respect.” In America these days, how much we respect ourselves may hinge in large part on how we look. Some psychologists claim most people’s body image is so bad that having a bad body image is “normal.” According to the American Psychological Association, 30 to 40 percent of Americans are somewhat unhappy with their appearance, and another 45 percent may experience anxiety or depression because they dislike their appearance.

In an era of gender equality, Americans’ obsession with body image is almost equally divided among the sexes. One body-image study found that 55 percent of all women were dissatisfied with their physiques, followed closely by men at 45 percent.

So how can we feel better about our bodies and bolster our sagging self-esteem? I went to the Internet for answers and my research yielded these five suggestions.

ONE: Quit dissecting your body. People generally look at some small part of the body they don’t like and stake everything on it. Instead of fixating on a flaw, take several steps back, squint your eyes and peer through your lashes. Look at yourself the way the world does, through a soft focus. The world sees the whole you, not just one feature. Love the whole you.

Some makeup artists tell their clients not to look at themselves too closely in the mirror. They explain that no one else views us as critically as we view ourselves. No one stares at the blemish on our cheek or the line in our forehead like we do. Instead, they admire the big picture; they admire all of us—mind, body and spirit.

TWO: Focus on presence, not perfection. Do you remember those girls and guys in high school who were popular but not pretty? Chances are they had presence. Presence is far more attractive to both sexes than physical beauty. After all, physical beauty is relative.

THREE: Accentuate the positive. You can probably name those aspects of yourself that you dislike, but can you name those features about yourself you admire? Maybe you have shiny, healthy hair, or clear, supple skin. Whatever your favorite features are, play them up. Get a manicure or give your hair a deep conditioning treatment. Dress up your self-esteem by taking care of your appearance. Wear clothes that fit and make you feel good about your body.

Speak lovingly and positively to yourself and fight negative mind talk by complimenting yourself. Look for the good and praise it.

FOUR: Befriend your body. Instead of torturing your body by dieting and exercise, pamper it. Get a massage, take a hot bath, go dancing, and indulge in your favorite foods from time to time (it will help prevent binging). Get into your body and enjoy it for the wonderful machine it is.

FIVE: Focus on who you are, not how you look. Acknowledge the whole you and not just your body. What are your talents, gifts and dreams? Think of all the lives you have touched. Create a feel-good box. Find a box or basket (I have a file) and every time someone gives you a compliment write it down on a piece of paper and drop it in. My file includes notes of appreciation as well as gift cards. And when I am feeling blue, I revisit it.

As I thought more about my body image, I came to realize that for the most part I like my body. Looking around me, most people I know don’t look like the models on the covers of Vogue and Men’s Health. They are real people like me. I have been working out not for me, but for an ideal that I can never, and really don’t want to, meet.

Like most things in life, I have come to realize that the motivation for working out is as important as the act itself. I want to work out for me, because of the way it makes me feel, not to gain other people’s admiration. Learning to do things for ourselves may be the surest way to bolster our self-esteem.

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Bill Bartmann Discussion About Body Image and Self Esteem

Body Image and Women

Women are the most critical of their bodies, often having the opinion that they are too fat, short or ugly. While it is ideal to be height/weight proportionate, being different is not the end of the world. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are a good start toward improving one’s body image and physical health.

There’s good news, ladies; some men prefer more, some less; others just like it when you feel good about yourself, in spite of your “defects.” Focus on your good points and people will like you; their attention will not be drawn to your “defects.”

Men and their Body Image

Men tend to worry about being tall and strong. The worst “defect” for a man to have is to be short or small boned. Men believe the myth of the “tall, dark and handsome” or the “knight in shining armor.” A man’s self esteem will be very low if he thinks hi is too short or too thin. Like women, they can become obsessed with feelings of inferiority.

The good news for these men is that not all women like the big, buff, musclemen. Some women prefer a shorter man who has a strong personality or one who expresses self-confidence and of course, sensitivity.

Body Image with Adolescents

Teens and pre-teens worry a lot about their bodies, even as they are still developing. They are constantly comparing themselves to their TV, music, or magazine idols. Adolescents can fall into the “low-self-esteem” trap if they believe that they are not worthy if they don’t resemble these above-average looking stars.

In extreme cases, teens are in danger of developing behavior problems, eating disorders, social problems and severe depression. It is important that everyone have a good self-image; half of which is your body-image.

Improve Body Image

Think about the following points; improve where necessary:

Focus on the good points: long legs, nice hair, eye color, skin tone; come on! Everyone has something…find it and focus on it.
Start and maintain good eating habits; not necessarily a “crash diet” or some kind of strict menu plan; just common sense
Start an exercise program; simple cardio at first, and then begin adding other forms, like weight training or pilates exercise.
Walking is good – choose parking spots that are further away when you go places, take the stairs instead of the elevator or take regular walks outside.
Avoid unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking in excess
Use good posture; sit up straight, stand straight and appear happy and confident.

Bill Bartmann has experienced the rewards of being a billionaire and the devastation of financial meltdown. He has had his moments of feeling down and even depressed; but he has also bounced back. Visit http://www.billionaireu.com to learn more.

Article No. 3.

Tips from Bill Bartmann on Mental Health and Success

Bill Bartmann has written many articles about self-esteem, self-image and self confidence. He has recommended that everyone exercise regularly and eat right to feel good and look good; therefore, improving self image.

Your mental health is also crucial; it is your guide to happiness and success. Mental health is another very important factor in building your self esteem and increasing your self confidence. Developing your personal mental health and inner strength should be a high priority.

Like your body, your brain also needs to be fed. Your personal mental health comes from good thoughts and intentions; evil thoughts and intentions lead to sicknesses of the mind. One may think they have gained satisfaction from doing something mean to “get even” with someone who has done them wrong, but they are ultimately hurting themselves even more. True happiness is only possible if you choose to be a good person, helping others, forgiving others and ignoring those who have bad intentions.

Negative thoughts are poison to the mind and brain. When you poison your mind and brain with negative thoughts of your self or bad intentions toward others, your physical health will also suffer. Taking care of your mental and physical health is important to your success.

Tips for Improving and Maintaining Your Mental Health

Laughter is the best medicine – smile and laugh more; act happy and others around you will be happy
Learn from failure – don’t be so hard on yourself
Take time for yourself – succeeding takes hard work, but you also need to do things you like to do; too much work and no play is not good for mental health
Walking outside is not only good exercise, it also feeds your brain with fresh air while allowing your mind to relax and enjoy a nice day
Dream about possibilities – what will your life look like when you have reached your goals?
Believe in yourself – think of your past accomplishments and how they have brought you closer to your goals
Welcome challenges – Face your challenges head-on; don’t waste time fretting or blaming others for things that go wrong; focus on how to overcome and conquer
Surround yourself by other people who are happy and confident; avoid hanging out with negative people
Try to see the good in everything – if there is no good, walk away

We are meant to be healthy and negative thinking and evil intentions will only make us suffer. Being positive and caring for others will bring you happiness; happiness will lead to success. Competition in the business world can be healthy and stimulating, but do not compete with the intention to crush your opponent. It is better to encourage others and help them to succeed. This will definitely increase your self-confidence and improve your self-image.

This article was written by Bill Bartmann, a self-made Billionaire who has had his share of ups and downs. Bill Bartmann’s Billionaire Business Systems has helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach their goals by showing them how to strengthen their business even during times of economic uncertainty. Bring out the Billionaire in you; visit http://www.billionaireu.com/

Bill Bartmann is a self-made billionaire who went from homeless at the age of 14 to becoming a billionaire, going bankrupt, then bouncing back to

do it again! Bill has had his self-doubts and even bouts of depression; he wouldn’t be human

otherwise. However, when self-esteem is strong and you’re clear about your values, then you can

bounce back from the lows; each time, you bounce back just a little bit higher.