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Must-Read Leadership Book

In any field of endeavor, success is the result of good leadership.  The subject of leadership is as old as civilization itself.  A successful television executive even said once that, “The rise and fall of civilizations throughout history reflect and are influenced by the availability of enlightened, effective leadership.  These days of financial crisis, companies and businesses and even civil society organizations need strong leadership in order to survive this worldwide ordeal.  People who are in the positions of leadership—managers, business owners, supervisors, directors, and the like—should strengthen their skills and take seriously their given responsibilities and authority. They must see the need for vision in these times of crisis and skillful planning for details to come up with solutions to a myriad of problems.

One important advice of management experts is never stop learning and developing leadership skills and practices.  From chief executive officers to department supervisors, has to be thorough, even in learning new concepts and systems.  They do not have to enroll in expensive management courses, but by just reading and studying the right books on leadership, and applying its principles, can already spell a difference.  Management experts encourage regular employees who want to be considered for higher positions in the company or are thinking of career shifts should invest on good books.

One of the must-read books busy business people, motivated employees, and young professionals could start reading is John Maxwell”€™s Maximize Your Day: 365 Days of Insight to Develop the Leader Within You.  Maxwell is one of the most influential leadership experts in the international scene today and he has already authored several books on leadership.  In this particular book, he presents to the leader and aspiring leaders a nugget of principle each day, for a whole year.  It only takes a 10-minute timeout in a busy leader”€™s day to pause for awhile and get fresh insights about leadership.  Interesting topics tackle the many aspects of being a leader: building people skills, establishing a vision for the company, motivating employees the right way, and developing discipline, among others.

These precepts are culled from three of Maxwell’s bestselling books: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Developing the Leader Within You, and The 21 Indisputable Qualities of a Leader.