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Boost Your Self-Esteem with Affirmations

Low self esteem is usually a result of self-depreciation: the negative messages you constantly feed yourself, over and over again.These messages may have originated from your parents, your siblings, school-yard bullies, or even your ex-partners. But no matter where they came from, it’s your own dear sweet head replaying these negative messages, the negative thoughts, over and over and over again.

By repeating these negative messages time and time again, they are absorbed by the subconscious. So, it makes sense that feeding your mind more positive messages can make a powerful difference!

Remember, first and foremost, YOU and ONLY you decide what thoughts to dwell on. Sure, thoughts come and go. And yes, they do go too. Just have a “back door” open, thank them for visiting, and see them on their merry way out again.

What stops most people is the uncertainty of what to say, and how to word affirmations for optimal effectiveness.  Below you’ll find some simple tips to help you write effective affirmations for improving your self-esteem.

1)    Present tense.  First, it’s helpful to word affirmations in present tense, not future.  You wouldn’t want to say, “I will learn to love myself” because that makes it sound like you’ll get around to it “someday.”  Instead you could say, “I choose to love myself.”  The wording of that affirmation does two things:  it empowers you with the addition of the words “choose to,” and it puts the timeframe in the present moment.

2)    Believable.  At the same time, your affirmations should be believable to you.  If you tried to say, “I am a wonderful person with a lot to offer the world,” you may not really believe that, so your subconscious mind might reject it.  Instead, try to focus on a process rather than an end result in your affirmations.  Say something like, “I am embrace my uniqueness and share it confidently with others.”

3)    Use the right tone.  When you recite affirmations, you can do so aloud (preferred) or just mentally (only if you must), but you should focus heavily on the TONE you use.  Rather than saying the words without emotion like you were reading a newspaper – really inject an element of love and tenderness into them.  Your subconscious mind picks up on the emotional aspect of what you’re saying more than the actual words.  Imagine the difference between saying the words, “I really love myself” with a tone of love and compassion, or sarcasm.  Which do you think would have a greater impact on your subconscious mind?

4)   Ownership. Make sure the affirmation is about YOU. You canNOT make an affirmation that involves another person’s initiative. As much as I’d love to, the affirmation “My daughter will clean her room every day before she goes to bed at night” will FAIL, because it is NOT in my control.

5)    Repetition.  Once you’ve got some affirmations formed to work on your self-esteem, try saying them several times a day.  Remember, your subconscious mind is constantly playing back old, negative messages – so you want to counteract those as much as possible.  Keep reciting your more positive thoughts on a regular basis – especially when you become aware that you’re thinking negatively about yourself.

6)    Give it time. Finally, remember that it will take time to change those old, negative messages in your mind to something more positive.  It may take a few weeks or even months before you’ll notice an obvious difference in how you feel, and you may be tempted to think it isn’t working.  Keep with it, and you will begin to see a difference eventually!  Most likely it will be a gradual change.  Little by little you’ll start feeling more positive, and notice that you’re feeling a bit happier and lighter.  That’s your signal that it’s working!

To your ultimate success my friend!

Britt Santowski, author of chickrag, the blog for women entrepreneurs, and founder of I’m Allowed.com, the Can-Do entrepreneur’s resource.

Britt Santowski, author of http://www.chickrag.com, the blog for women entrepreneurs, and founder of http://www.imallowed.com, the Can-Do entrepreneur’s resource.

Boost Self Esteem now!

If you are working to correct or boost self esteem, hypnosis may do miracles

pride is a simple thing to lose, and a hard thing to gain. It comes from taking a look at yourself and the way you relate to the world in the correct way. It’s also a programmed perspective which is formed by the experiences you’ve had in your life, the affirmation or feedback you have received from outside sources, and the attitude you have adopted in reaction to this. Someone afflicted with low self-image may fail to identify the nice things that life presents to them. They might also be unable to recognise their own achievements and the good qualities that they possess. This article discusses the way in which self-hypnosis may be employed to correct negative patterns of thought which can enfeeble a person’s self-image.

the important thing that self-hypnosis can help to reach is to get rid of negative programming from the past- the judgements of others that might have been very vicious or unfair, but whose views and negative conclusions about yourself you may have accepted uncritically in the past. Other folks’s viewpoints should be listened to, but a standard mistake that people with low self image make is to accept negative statements from others at face price, without challenging them or examining them to determine if they are fair. If one does not have the foundation of inner confidence, it can be all too easy to simply accept anything negative as correct. Conversely, it can be easy to overlook positive things folks have announced. It all depends on your outlook- if you’re accepting the feedback, but not hearing the positive things, then you really aren’t getting a balanced picture of things.

It’s imperative to become privy to the interpretation your subconscious is putting onto events- you may realize that you are being overly suspicious about yourself. This will often happen to folks who are perfectionist, or who’ve been encouraged to aim at goals they can’t probably attain.

Another thing that is significant for anyone suffering from low self image to accept is to have a real and truthful knowledge of the chance that you may be a good, praiseworthy person. So many folks get so involved in self-criticism, that they never stop to recognize the things that they do well.

How can self-hypnosis help to deal with these negative patterns of behaviour?

Well, the first thing is to be aware of the problems that hold you back. When you have a understanding of yourself, hypnosis is the ideal auto through which to implant alternative recommendations, known as confirmations, into your mind , and to grasp the power you have in the hypnotic state to decide to reject these negative patterns and replace them with positive ones.

This is not a process that happens overnite, or straight away from the 1st time you sit down and listens to a self-hypnosis tape- it’s got to be internalised, and habituated into yourself. What you are aiming for, through self-hypnosis, is to form an alternative pattern, one that helps you to make a more balanced picture of events, and to repeat these confirmations till your normal mental condition is corrected. Having a good level of boost self esteem doesn’t suggest becoming arrogant or self-important, it just means being ok with the assumption that you’re a person with good qualities, and with flaws which you can recognize and accept, without them devaluing the rest. Self-hypnosis presents the ideal neutral space within which to address these issues and correct them.


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Want to Boost Self Esteem? Try a Binaural Beats MP3

Are you feeling down on yourself and need a way to boost self esteem? There is a “digital drug” called binaural beats mp3s that can give you an upsurge in self esteem fairly quickly and easily.

Rebuilding self esteem requires that we dispose of the years of accumulated negative thoughts and beliefs that are embedded in the subconscious mind. The subconscious dictates everything that we believe about ourselves, how we relate to others, and how we deal with life’s crisis situations. It has been estimated that the subconscious controls nearly 90% of everything that we think and do. Most of the time we are not even aware that this is happening.

Attempts at positive affirmations while the mind is in the conscious state will have a slightly beneficial but temporary effect. You have to open the door to the subconscious so that you can go in and clean out everything that is detrimental, gloomy, and pessimistic. When this is accomplished, you can now install confident, forceful, and constructive beliefs and convictions. This will get you started on the path to boost self esteem.

So where is the key to the door to the subconscious? The key is through mind control and meditation.

During our normal daily activities the brain is humming along in a high frequency range called beta. This is the conscious state of high alertness, clarity, and problem-solving. The subconscious can only be accessed when brainwave activity is in the lower frequency ranges of theta and alpha.

If you are really good at meditation you might find it easy to do this. But if you’re like the rest of us who don’t have the time to learn how and to practice to meditate effectively, then we could use some help.

That help is in the form of binaural beats mp3s. Binaural beats downloads are designed to help coax the brainwave activity into those lower ranges of alpha and theta. All you need is a quiet place and a set of headphones. The only thing you have to do is relax and focus. The binaural recordings will also help quiet the “mind chatter” that is forever rattling around in our brains.

Binaural beats mp3s are a modern day application to the centuries old process of meditation. If you’re looking to boost self esteem, this could easily be the best way to get it done quickly.

Go to this site and try a free sample binaural beats mp3 to see how you can use binaural beats and meditation to start boosting your self-esteem. It’s easy to do and you will be pleasantly surprised at the progress you will make if you stick to a regular daily schedule of meditation.

There are a wide variety of binaural beats downloads available and you can try all of them to find the ones that work best for you.

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How To Boost Confidence And Self Esteem

I got an email from a girl who didn’t feel like “girl friend material” since all the men she met just wanted sex, and nothing else. Another guy I coached told me he had given up on love, since nobody he wrote to on the dating sites replied. But why should they, he asked? “I’m too short and I’m not earning enough money.” His self confidence was weak.

There are so many people whose self esteem is lower than the winter temperature in Sweden. They walk around thinking they will never find love, because they are just toooo this and that (boring, fat, evil, stupid, ugly…).

From time to time we all get those feelings, but the question is why you throw a pitty party for them? Don’t say “I have low self esteem” and then look down on the ground and feel sorry for your self. Why not try to change instead?

You can feel better, get confidence and self esteem in an instant! You can take control of your emotions and get great self esteem and a happier love life. On www.boostconfidenceselfesteem.blogspot.com you find more tips, but this is one way to do it:

Buy a note book (a “good book”) that is small enough to carry with you.
Now start writing down everything that is good in life. Make it a mixture of big and small things. For example: great coffee, lady smiled at me, I managed to run 8 k without stopping, found jeans that looks hot on me, a friend invited me to dinner, I got a kiss on rsvp, my boss is in a nice mood… etcetera.
Also write good things about yourself, like “I look good in this dress” or “I made my friends laugh today”. It should be achievements that you are proud of.
If you have personal goals like “I want to be friendlier”, then reward yourself when you are improving. “Today I smiled and looked the clerk at my local shop in the eyes”.
Force yourself to write at least five things every day. It could be the same things as the day before; there is no harm in repeating, as long as you write something!

Compliment yourself, pat your back and be your best friend. This will make you less dependent on others appreciation, and you will be aware of your assets. You will feel stronger and more focused on what you actually have in your life. Enjoy the happy moments and be proud of you.

 So what is the first thing you will write in your book? More info: www.coaching2love.com

My name is Carolin Dahlman and I am a love coach and author, helping you find love or fix your relationship. I guide you to know yourself better, set and reach goals, find motivation, get a great attitude and be happy. I am your personal trainer in love life. I coach people all over the world through Skype; contact me if you want guidance!

I advice on: love, singles, dating, personal development, life, happiness, marriage, relationships and so on. Visit www.coaching2love.com for more info. Blog: http://carolindahlman.blogspot.com

Also sign up for my LOVE LETTER info@coaching2love.com

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How The Right Self Esteem Activities Can Boost Your Chances Of Success

Practically almost every endeavor we take up is dependent on our self confidence. With zero self confidence, we may never get anything done because we are simply not motivated to accomplish the task we set for ourselves. When we lack self confidence it does not necessarily mean that we lack the desire to achieve, it simply means we repeatedly question ourselves, particularly with the words, “What if I fail?”

This is not an uncommon phenomenon. In fact, one out of three people question themselves even when making every day decisions. We are naturally self conscious, and we are averse to failure, but it comes as a surprise to me when people lament about their lack of success. Most people’s lack of success comes not from trying, but instead, the complete opposite. Most people do not even bother to try after questioning their own abilities, choosing instead to play it safe.

So how can anyone blame anyone else for their lack of achievement?

When we do not feel good about ourselves it is definitely harder for us to believe in our own power to succeed. While a considerable number of people realize that self confidence is a contributive factor to success, many do not quite understand the ways to boost their self confidence to an optimum level for success.

There are a great many number of ways that one can bring about the best in themselves and boost their self esteem. The first thing anyone should have to begin with is a positive self esteem. Having a positive self esteem enables a person to go further and gives them the ability to work harder, as they would have the strong belief that success is within their grasp, and they simply need to push through to seize success.

The key to ensuring the effectiveness of self esteem activities lies in time management. We are given 24 hours each day, and how we spend those 24 hours is crucial to our successes or failures. Spend the time with unproductive endeavors and we would eventually feel as though nothing worthwhile has been accomplished.

This would of course cause us to feel miserable, compared to when we actually spend time performing meaningful activities such as charity work or personal development. Such activities liberate us and brings us great satisfaction to us as an individual, as a sentient being. Discovering that we can make the lives of others better through our deeds empowers us and encourages us to do better. Feeling good in turn puts us in the positive mindset that we need to be in, in order for us to achieve success.

Another thing that helps us boost our self esteem is the ability to prioritize and organize our life in an orderly manner. Knowing what others demand from you and having the ability to complete the tasks you are given will give you a sense of achievement. Being organized helps you complete your given tasks in a timely manner, and so you should always try to prioritize and keep up a good sense of organizational skills.

Click Here to grab your FREE “Unleashing Your Inner Confidence In 5 Easy Steps” Report. Achieve success in life with these proven and tested techniques to allow yourself to be more confident in anything you do.

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