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Becoming Aware of your Feelings is a Good Self Esteem Booster

There are various things which boost your self esteem. You should have to become aware of your thoughts and feelings. It is necessary to explore your negative emotions, like anger frustration, Annoyance, blame, jealousy, envy, impatience, and hostility.

It is very necessary to say good bye to ‘no’, even if you don’t believe that you do have power to cancel negative thoughts. Try to say loudly “STOP”. You will realize after some time yes negative thoughts are diminishing.

Always used to keep yourself busy with positive thoughts. Try to visualize and replace the negative thoughts with affirmations. You will not even get time to think about negative things.

Affirmation is the best way to boost your self esteem, it is an short statement which is stated in present tense, which describes how you are at present moment. Note down affirmation and paste them on bathroom mirror, when every morning you brush your teeth used to say them loudly.

Engage in doing good things, do something good for other without telling anybody. Take out list which games you love and use to play them whenever you got time.

Give yourself a compliment at least once a day, that could be any thing “l really enjoy playing cricket” or “I love my beauty” compliment could be of nay kind but just it has to boost your self esteem. If you practice daily your self esteem definitely going to boosts.

One very interesting thing take picture with your friends while enjoying any moments, sort out very lovely picture in which you are enjoying the moment. Keep these pictures with you; look at these pictures whenever from you feel down.

You have to do daily exercise for only increasing bloodstream. It will make your mood positive and more congenial you will be with other people.

Find out something in your body which you dislike. Work on that and try to overcome it. As you overcome that you will realize self image and you will teach you to appreciate more.

Wear good looking cloths, it will definitely boost your self esteem while facing others.

Make out list of things about yourself which you appreciate, like “I have good hair”, “I have beautiful eye” used to keep this list in your packet whenever you feel low, just take out this list and read it for yourself.

Make a plan to go out with your colleague, a day in fresh air is sure to give an energy boost and it will make you feel good about yourself.

Do something good for others, helping someone like who has lost his/her way by giving him/her proper direction, it will make you feel good rest of the day.

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Enhancing Self Esteem – The Booster Plan!

As the experts say, self-esteem is a way in which the person perceives himself. The ones who strongly believe in their capabilities are often successful in all aspects of their lives and those who do not often experience several difficulties through their life.

Any individual on this earth is not born with self-esteem. The child’s parents & guardians bring up the child in a way that they have self esteem & believe in their self. Yet if they fail, the child psychologists can help you sort the matter.

You must have a pre-defined lesson plan in order to building self-esteem in a person. It takes a very scientific and time consuming approach in working out this plan for any individual. Though even the doctors do not say that this method is just perfect but for those who need help, it is no less than a true boon.

For this one must undergo a specified test. This test as designed by the learned psychologists has some segmentation. For each question, the patient or the individual must respond in the prescribed way. These ways are – ranking from highest to the lowest, selecting one answer from the given four choices, and filling the blanks and / or completing the given sentences.

The varied categories of the test as used by the psychologists in order to develop the lesson plan are as follows:

1. Procrastination

There are various types of people based on their different working habits. The go-getters always complete their work in time and there are ones who initiate the job but are not able to finish it. For the second category the doctors are able to device way & means through this test in order to boost their interest & enthusiasm for the work, s that they may be able to complete their tasks in time always.

2. What If

This caters to those who are afraid to take risks in their life. They keep thinking ‘what if’ and then go with the crowd, irrespective of the other aspects of the decision. They often fail to initiate any task and if they do, they follow it up with a fear of failure. The doctors through this test device the tricks to inject that confidence & self deciding power in the person to take risks and navigate the new routes in life.

3. Everyone makes mistakes.

There are people ho get stuck to their failures so much that their past does not allow anything positive to happen in their present & the future. They keep regretting their faults or the circumstances and make no efforts to move ahead. The psychologists are there to define ways & means to enable such individuals to just let go and get ready for the challenges of the life ahead.

4. Generalizing

At times people have this habit of generalizing certain facts or certain characteristics about a person. This is happens most oft with the trauma patients. The specialists can make the lesson plan in order to exorcise that ghost & help them forget the past.

5. Anger

Though a natural emotion, it can be very dangerous if it happens in excess. Often we find people looking for the anger management classes. The psychologists in the tests the factors that make a person angry, and work towards the required changes in their lesson plan.

6. Extroverts & Introverts

People have different nature and different patterns of behavior. Some are so extrovert that they have innumerable friends and others have so les friends that they start feeling lonely. The psychologists help you have long lasting relationships with all friends & family and with people of both same and the opposite sex.

7. Contentment in Life

The last segment of the test deals with questions that land up to the conclusion that if the person is happy with everything that life has offered to him / her or not. There are people who are quite contended and have no big aspirations, so they are very happy with their lives. Those who feel bitter as they have a lot aspirations unmet and many disliked circumstances in their lives, for them the specialists device the lesson plan to help them point out the positive & happy aspects around them.

It is not necessary that everybody scores well as they might gain success in one segment and fail in the other. Remember, improvement is always possible in the individual and that is also a must for their growth. And that is the ultimate target of these tests and finally the lesson plan!

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