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brainmeasures : Six sigma certified become manager shortly

Professionals and upper management personal (particularly in the auto industry) might have heard this term either in staff meetings or at company annual report meeting. Six sigma was initially implemented by Motorola to achieve quality by reducing the number of defects in the output. This reduced defects in output which considerably improved the bottom line of the company. There have been instances where the entire business process and manufacturing line were changed. Auto industries worldwide apply this concept to minimise their inventory and manufacturing wastages thus giving them a bottom line profit. Six sigma principles help you to reduce costs and improve the quality of the product.

Six sigma concepts are not only concerned with employees or with manufacturing sector these principles can be applied by individuals in their course of life. These principles help in improving productivity and cut costs in a manner which does not compromise quality. Many companies worldwide have applied this concept and made their employees learn about implementing these principles into their work life.

With the growing popularity of six sigma certifications many companies have started these certifications online as well as manual. Six sigma certification companies may have a tie up with companies such as www.brainmeasures.com thus offering their courses in bulk for a reduced cost. These certification companies may provide you material and tutorials depending on your package. Companies generally require their staff in the areas of marketing, sales, production control, human resources, finance, information technology, sourcing and design to have six sigma certification. Six sigma implementation departments are virtually present in every industry and these six sigma certifications will help you even when you move away to a different field of work. There is nothing to lose if you have a six sigma certification and it also appears good on your resume.

Six sigma principles were initially started by Motorola. Six sigma is a business management strategy which focuses in improving the quality of process output by removing the defects which caused the product to mal function. This principle may entirely change the course of manufacturing and business process. Before implementing this six sigma strategy strict financial achievements are set out which needs to be met after implementing the six sigma principles. It uses quality management methods, statistical methods, and specialized people expert in implementing this six sigma model. These principles need to show the desires output after implementing this output.

There has been some criticism for this strategy but the benefits weigh out the defects of this model. Some of the defects of this strategy are lack of originality, role of consultants in shaping up the developments, potential negative effects on staff and business process, arbitrary standards and criticism of the 1.5 sigma shift. There are software`s and statistical tool developed for this industry which show case the different process, roles, timeline, etc for achieving the overall goals.

Green belt six sigma certified people spend their time on statistical tasks and they make sure that six sigma is implemented across various functions and departments. Green belt six sigma certified people perform their daily routine functions but they have and additional burden to implement these six sigma policies across the length and breadth of the company. They work under black belt six sigma certified people. Experience and quality of implementation is highly regarded amongst the six sigma certified people.


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brainmeasures: become kaizen certified and get promoted

Kaizen is a Japanese word and philosophy which speaks about continuous improvement throughout the life. This principle is also applied in workplace. In the workplace this word reflects about the need for continuous improvement throughout the organization right from the CEO to the assembly line worker. This principle became the action force after world war ll. This principle was developed to encourage people doing repetitive tasks and routine work to perform experiments on their work using the scientific method. This principle makes everyone in the rung of ladder to work for the company. Kaizen principles make everyone involved with the company which gives the employees a sense of togetherness with the company.

In some world class companies such as Toyota Kaizen principle is applied extensively. In these companies small group of workers improve their work environment and productivity by employing small changes. These small changes done by each group of workers improve the productivity of the company in general and it also increases the research. These small changes made by the workers of Toyota have given the leader great edge in competition and innovation. This process also eliminated the need for greater overhaul in the process field. These small groups of workers are headed by a supervisor who spears head the entire development part of the work.

This powerful idea has been applied by many multinational companies worldwide. Companies worldwide have made it a necessary for prospective employees to possess knowledge and real time application experience of kaizen in everyday work life. Getting kaizen certification should be the basic and preliminary step for management graduates. Kaizen certification also helps in understanding lean management principles much more easily. Kaizen certification helps in improving innovation from lower rung employees to the higher top level management. There are various tools, techniques and software`s which need to be understood and learnt to understand and apply kaizen management in everyday life.

There are many companies which give kaizen courseware certifications but candidate should select a recognized and reputed kaizen certificate provider. Kaizen certification should give the candidate an edge over others in his management cadre. Also employees give promotions to those employees who stay abreast with the latest developments in their field of work. Many recruitment agencies and employers are opting candidates who have additional certification from reputed certification providers. Many multinational companies are using Kaizen principles in their everyday work life and they would like to have their prospective employee understand kaizen principles.


In many of the management books you will come across kaizen and kaizen principles. Management courses may teach you kaizen principles but a certification will explain your prospective employer about your qualifications and depth of knowledge about the subject. Right from CEO to junior management everyone needs to learn about kaizen principles and their relevancy in the organization. Top level management needs to understand the kaizen principles much more than others because they decide the future course of the organization and it becomes much more important for them. There are various different kinds of sources to learn kaizen principles out of which it is better to opt course material offered by certification providers.

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an iso 9001-2000 certified online certification company which peovides online testing services to individuals and corporate.