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Breast Implants and Self-esteem Just Don’t Go Together

Low self-esteem can pull down your chances of succeeding in life. Viewing yourself as someone below social norms or standards can ultimately hurt your professional growth, your personal intimacy, and everything in between. And being a woman can make things more complicated for you because, in a man’s world, your physical appearance matters a lot.

This is the reason why many women are very concerned about the shape of their body. When you talk about a woman’s body, breast size takes center stage; and when you speak of breasts, many think that the bigger and firmer they are, the better. Truly, countless women are ashamed of having small breasts, which is why breast implants have become a normal cosmetic procedure. However, this may not be the best way to increase the size of your breasts. The following reasons will tell you why.

Physical Deformities

Having breast implants is indeed the surest way to increase your bust. There is nothing to it really, like when you want a bigger hamburger you add more patties, right? But consider that more than twenty thousand court proceedings in the last decade were about breast implants. Many women who had undergone this breast enlargement procedure ended up physically deformed and suing their doctors.

Invasive breast enlargement makes use of silicone implants to make your chest look bigger and fuller. But silicone has been known to cause infection and damages to the tissues that are near the area where it is inserted. That’s not all; the procedure itself is prone to bleeding and scarring. And stories about ruptures and dislocation of the silicone tissues really do happen, ending up in total disfigurement of the breast area.

Mental Disturbance

Many call it a joke, but there is an actual study that links breast augmentation to higher suicide rate among women. The reasons for this connection may be debatable; but for many experts, undergoing this procedure does not make the problem of having low self-esteem go away. More often than not, a woman’s expectation of having perfect breasts end up in frustration.

Women who seek breast augmentation as the last resort may be already suffering from poor self-confidence; hence,they are more prone to commit suicide when their goals are not met. One thing is for sure, if a boob job can be linked to such terrible mental disturbance, then one can say that there is nothing about a boob job but despair.

The Big C Risk

You can dump the idea that silicone tissues can cause infections in natural tissues. You can even ignore the fact that surgically inserting artificial tissues in your breast area can end up in the breaking or tearing of some of your tissues. But developing cancer because of breast enlargement is not a myth.

Cancer and implants may not be directly related; but the mere fact that results of important breast examinations, such as mammogram, can be seriously messed up by artificial tissues in your chest only means that you can increase your risk of having breast cancer. You see, the key to defeating this type of cancer is being able to detect it in its early stages. But how can you do that, if your breast exams reveal nothing but two big lumps of silicone?

Indeed, some women are desperate about having larger breasts and you may be one of them. If you feel that your self-esteem is tied to the size of your breasts, you need to know two things. First, there is nothing wrong with the idea of actively developing your breasts. And two, breast implants may not be the best way to improve your breast size.

There are other ways of making your breasts look firmer and bigger. Always choose methods that are safe and effective. For instance, you can use natural breast enlargement procedures; which means you do not go under the knife. Products like Clevastin can help you improve your breasts and your self-confidence. Visit http://clevastin.com/ for more details.

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