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Goal Setting; Brings Out The Best In You

Goal setting- Brings out the best in you

Goal setting involves deciding what you want to do in life. You set time bound objectives for yourself. Most common goals are career and financial ones.

These goals can be more specific and hence are easier to define. They can be for the next month, next six months, next year or for life. When you are doing this make sure they are the things that you want in life and not somebody else’s dreams.  

Areas which may need goal setting

If you find there is an area in your life that you aren’t happy about you must start the goal setting process. If you don’t like your appearance, there can be something you do about it.

A lot of people have goals about their health. Most concentrate on careers and personal development. Goal setting can also include possessions that you want to have before you are certain years of age. It can include cars, houses, land, etc.

What to do with difficult long term goals?

When goals are very difficult to achieve and are spread over a few years, it is easy to lose track of it after sometime. So it is important to have short term goals within the long terms ones.

You can put it in writing and see your self confidence build every time you achieve something. All the goals should have a deadline this will make you work harder and stay focused. After brainstorming and deciding what goals you want to include, prioritize them. Focusing on a lot of goals at once will dilute your energy.

How does goal setting help?

Regularly checking your goals will help you concentrate on doing work that is relevant and not waste time on things that are not. Have a goal which is achievable but make don’t lower the bar too much.

Goals should be high enough to demand a good amount of work from you but low enough so that they don’t overwhelm you. Definite goals will keep you focused and energize you so that you will enjoy what you do as you know why you are doing it.

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Victor Ghebre is the creator and editor of settinggoals101.com, a comprehensive website that provides tools to help you set and successfully achieve your goals.

He spent 10 years in the I.T field before turning to his first love; personal development. After taking several courses and attending various workshops and seminars on the topic, Victor set out to share what he?d learnt with others. He successfully launched a number of off shoot goal Setting, clubs and then decided to take it to another level by creating settinggoals101.com. He is fulfilling a lifelong dream of teaching others how to achieve success and happiness by setting goals the right way.

When Victor isn?t working on the website he loves to go fishing. He?s a self proclaimed ?excellent? fisherman (although his friends would beg to differ!).

Reserve Service Brings Benefits to Workforce Development

Recent research by SaBRE has shown that the majority of employers agree that being a Reservist benefits the general development of employees: 80% of employers agree that Reservists are an asset to the UK workforce and 76% believe that activities such as service in the Reserve Forces provide employee development.Reserve service develops employees’ skills in key areas

Reserve training enables Reservists to develop key skills and qualities that can be transferred directly to the workplace. These fall into three main categories: core skills, practical skills and personal skills.Core skills such as team working, self-confidence and leadership development are highly prized by employers, and hardest for a business or organisation to train its workforce in.

Reservists also offer a wide range of practical skills, such as essential training in first aid and health and safety. Furthermore, weapons drill and parade drill encourage the development of precision, co-ordination and accuracy – useful skills for any employee using expensive machinery or technology in their civilian career.Training for Reservists also helps in the development of key personal attributes such as organisational loyalty, reliability, resourcefulness and integrity, all of which are desirable qualities in any workforce.In addition to these transferable skills, much of the training provided for Reservists leads to nationally recognised qualifications, such as NVQs, SCOTVEC, and City and Guilds. By integrating these qualifications into their own workforce development programmes, companies and organisations are able to save both time and money.Flexible working is fundamental to employee development

The world of work is changing, with flexible working practices and corporate responsibility becoming increasingly important in attracting, recruiting and retaining the best staff. One way in which companies can demonstrate a more holistic approach towards the development of their workforce is by employing Reservists and supporting them during their training. Flexibility in allowing time off will not only be appreciated by the employee, but rewarded through the enhanced transferable skills gained.By becoming an officially recognised Supportive Employer, with policies and procedures in place for managing Reservist employees, companies will send a clear, positive message to both existing and prospective employees.

Information on employing Reservists