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How to Work with a Document Translation Company

Choose a professional translation company over an independent translator for all your document translation needs in order to get quality results consistently. Professional companies have translators that specialize in different topics and industries such as medicine, health and fitness, marketing, law, engineering, and other branches of science. This means that you can get high quality translations whatever industry you are in. Below are some tips maximize the benefits that you get from document translation services.

1. Evaluate different cost estimates online. A lot of companies now offer instant online quotes or can send you an estimate within 24 hours. You can quickly find the best rate by getting your quotes this way. But before you sign-up with a company, read their terms of services first.

2. Check the available languages and sub-dialects. Most companies only offer general translations while some may provide translations into a certain dialect as well. Consider having your documents translated into a specific dialect if you have a narrow target market. General translations can easily be misinterpreted by those speaking a specific dialect.

3. Take advantage of customer support services. Many document translation companies offer customer support services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If you have any questions about the progress of your project, pricing issues or need to talk about revisions and document updates, you can speak with someone from the company any time of day. This can help you plan better and keep your project on track.

4. Ask for a cultural competency assessment. Translation service companies may offer cultural competency assessment or a profiling of your target market’s culture, language and other behaviors. Others will offer these service for free while some may ask a fee for this. Inquire if the company of your choice offers this since the knowledge that you gain from this report can be used to better conduct your business overseas.

5. Determine what the quality guarantee consists of. Many document translation service companies offer some type of quality guarantee that ensures the final document will be fully understandable by a native speaker. Make sure you understand how their guarantee works, and what accreditations or certifications their translators have. Qualified and experienced translators will delivery higher-quality work, so you can count on getting an accurate, well-written and edited document time and time again.

Working with a professional translation company is obviously a step above contracting a freelance translator. However, you can get more benefits from professional companies if you know what you are doing. Take the time to use these guidelines when reviewing different translation companies in order to get the most value out of your money.

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