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Can an Answering Service Save My Business Money in 2010? It Sure Can.

Think technology has absolved your business from needing an answering service? Think again — today’s answering services are more sophisticated than ever, and the best of them have evolved into perfect, simplified solutions that solve your telephone answering headaches easier than ever before. We’ve put together 5 reasons your business needs an answering service this year.

#5: It’s All About Simplicity.

As the technology advanced, it became clear that the real strength in using an answering service was in how simple it could make answering basic, low-level questions. Since then, thousands of companies have discovered how easy it is to let someone else simply handle that side of the business, so they can focus on what matters.

#4: This is Outsourcing Done Right.

The best answer services don’t pretend they can take over every aspect of your business’s phone service — it’s not realistic. What they do promise, however, is to outsource the kind of questions that every company faces daily, the basic, simple things that an FAQ or a newer employee could probably answer without problems. There’s nothing wrong in using a great answer service to respond to those.

#3: Computers Have Changed Everything.

Thanks to the rapid scaling down of hardware, it’s really not important to have a room (or an entire floor) of your corporate HQ dedicated completely to responding to telephone calls. Thanks to modern servers, it doesn’t even have to be in the same area as you.

#2: It’s Much Less of a Hassle Than It Was.

Also, thanks to technology, you can receive notifications about answering service-received calls with more speed and convenience than ever before. Whether via email, SMS, or several other methods, getting recordings or transcriptions of the phone information your business requires has never been simpler.

#1: You Know Exactly What You Spend.

Because everything is digital, there’s no issue about keeping track of your costs and savings. It’s extremely easy to know where your company is spending money on its answering service, and where things can be improved. You’ll get in-depth reporting that simply wasn’t possible, even 10 years ago.

Office Answering Service is a great solution not only for business sector, but for medical sector too. From a one physician office to multiple physicians, Medical Answering Service company agents will be there to speak to your clients 24/7, so you will never miss another critical call again.

Why Corporations Need Professional Translation Services

The business world today is one in which many of us find ourselves dealing with an enormous range of people from different backgrounds, and often speaking different languages. The benefits are obvious, but the task of communicating effectively is often no small one. Professional translation services are therefore enormously important to many business and individuals, and this is even more so if you’re conducting an exchange that is legal in nature or that is important to your business.

A professional translation company can not only provide excellent service, but should also offer you an attractive price range for the services that they offer. These days, many different types and level of translation processes are carried out by translation companies for businesses operating in a range of sectors. Naturally you’ll look for translation that suits your own particular business needs, and online translation companies have the advantage of having a wide range of experience on tap.

There are currently automated translation programs operating online that you can use for free, for simple translation needs such as short messages, emails etc, something that’s naturally both convenient and extremely useful. However, if your documentation is more complex, or perhaps of legal or corporate importance, it is of course more sensible to use the translation skills of an experienced linguist.

As well as providing you with access to the linguistic expertise of an experienced translator, online translation companies automate the process in various ways, reducing the hassle and therefore cost involved. To utilise the online services, you thereby submit your documentation via the Web, enter your details, and can expect the translations within a couple of days in the vast majority of cases.

It’s naturally imperative that a good translation company will employ excellent and ideally native speakers of the languages in which they specialise. Not only that, but it is also ideal if the translators are experienced in this type of work, particularly in cases such as legal documentation. If you’ve ever tried to unravel a complex legal document and are not a legal expert, you’ll appreciate the importance of using a translator who is familiar with the type of discourse your documents sit within. It goes without saying on the same note, that the cost of using a translation service that is not up to scratch can be huge.

The reliability and standard of the work is one thing, but of course you’ll also want to get yourself a good deal on cost for translation work. A great range of trade discounts are available on online translation services, so it definitely pays to have a look at these. In general terms, the more you need translating, the greater your discount will be, so the cost need not be prohibitive.

The Internet has revolutionised business, and has seen us communicating with more people than ever before. As a direct result of this, together with huge advances within technology in general, the professional translation market is more competitive than ever before, so you can get a service that is both cost effective and high in quality, allowing you to carry out your business endeavours with the security that comes from understanding.

Legal translation can be a very time consuming task. Corporate Translation Services is a translation company who will be able to save you precious time.

Obtaining an Ontario Certificate of Status

Ontario Certificates of Status are issued by the Ontario Ministry of Government Services for Ontario companies. Sometimes these are called Certificates of Good Standing or Certificates of Compliance and all companies registered in all jurisdictions in Canada and for that matter all companies registered in any country can obtain these certificates when needed. They are called Certificates of Status in Ontario.

Certificates of Status are issued when you need to provide some institution or person with confirmation that your Ontario company is in good standing and is up-to-date in its filings.

The Certificate of Status for an Ontario company will provide the name of the company, the Ontario corporation number issued by the Ministry of Government Services and its status whether it is or is not in good standing.

Ontario companies must file federal tax returns each year and if those returns are not filed for many years the federal government will eventually dissolve the company. If a company has been dissolved it will not be able to receive a clear Certificate of Status.

Ontario companies must file Ontario annual returns each year and if those returns are not filed for a number of years the company will be dissolved. You will not receive a favourable Certificate of Status if a company has been dissolved for non-filing of Ontario annual returns.

When you order an Ontario Certificate of Status it will be issued whether it is clear or not and you cannot get your money back if it is not clear. The Certificate will show the company is not in good standing. Before you will be able to obtain a clear Certificate of Status you will need to update your filings. Any document that is being certified by the Ontario government has a high cost to it. Therefore you will want to ensure that you know in advance whether your company is in good standing so you do not have to order the certificate more than once. If you have outstanding tax returns you can still get a favourable Certificate of Status as long as you have not been dissolved for this reason but you will not receive a favourable certificate if Ontario annual returns are outstanding

In my experience sometimes individuals are not clear on the document they need to obtain. An individual may wish to determine who the directors and officers are of a company. In this case an Ontario Corporate Profile is required rather than a Certificate of Status.

When do you need to obtain a Certificate of Status? Well, if the company is entering into an agreement with another company or individual that company or individual might want to know if the company is in good standing. Sometimes banks or law firms might wish to order a Certificate of Status on a company in cases where property is being sold or for many other reasons. Any company might be asked to provide confirmation to someone or some institution that it is in good standing and a Certificate of Status will be requested.

Resources for Canadian Business Owners provides information about Certificates of Compliance and other legal products including Ontario Company Searches.