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Life-Changing Questions: Question 2 – What Is Your Why in Life?

Your own Why is your greatest objective in life. It is the cause that you wake up every day. I have a extremely powerful Why that makes me laser-focused on the road of accomplishment and prosperity. I talk my Why aloud each day, not simply once, but several times. Speaking your own Why helps you to move it into existence. The power of the verbal term is unimaginable. Its power can be incomprehensible.

Dr. Creflo Dollar is one of my personal best spiritual mentors. I was lately reviewing one of his web-based Bible studies and discovered this statement about words: “The potential to change starts with your words. Your words have serious ability; and good or bad, you will have what you say. When you begin to take responsibility for your own words, you’ll change your own life. Judge your own speech and coach yourself to just speak what you think. By speaking faith-filled phrases, you position yourself to obtain the promises of God.”

As usual, Creflo over-delivered by providing this Bible reference to back up what he had said: Proverbs 18: 20-21 says “A man shall be filled with the fruit of his words whether good or evil. Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

I want you to have one minute to actually internalize what Dr. Dollar emphasized in this particular teaching. It is important that you know the words that you talk shape your life – good or bad. I challenge you to stop allowing negative words to curse your own life and start presenting blessings over yourself and your family everyday by saying your Why out loud for the world to hear.

I am aware a number of you reading this may being telling, “But JohnHow should I say my Why out loud if I do not know what it is?” Your own Why is what naturally moves you and produces your own every day choices and actions. If you do not know your Why yet, do not worry. Take some time to really examine this question and to think about WHY you’re here on this beautiful planet Earth. God has a purpose for everybody. Get quiet, turn within, and look for the answer. Grab a piece of paper and just beginning writing your own Why in life. It will flow effortlessly once you start. Above all, make sure your own Why is truly yours and not the Why of another person. Do not ask any person their own opinion about your Why. It has to be yours! You only have one life so do something and decide what you ultimately might like to do about it.

Growing up, labels were placed on all of us. Family, friends, schoolmates, and society in general had their own ideas of what we should be doing with our lives. However, they rarely took the time to shape their own lives. Instead, they lived vicariously through you. Have you been living their Why, the life they think you should be living? No one has the power or right to live your life except you! If you’ve been living someone else’s life, least of all your own, begin to take control of your life and find your Why by continuing on with this chapter and asking yourself the next question.

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