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Uncover Your Own Why – Motivational Strategy

Let me share 3 queries with you which will certainly assist you “Uncover Your Why”.

1. If perhaps you did not need to worry in regards to your money or perhaps heading to your own work on Monday morning, therefore what will you definitely do?

2. In case you have so much cash which you got to give it away, what will you do with that? Who would you give it to and why?

3. Do you enjoy your life? In case so, why? If not really, then why not? Keep in mind, your past won’t manipulate you! Your future might drive you, simply because you see your self productive!

After you create your “Why” and also set your goals, you might come across obstacles as well as challenges like that small bird that struck that huge building. In case your “Why” is strong enough, then as opposed to that building you could stay firm towards whatsoever attempts to avoid you from reaching that goal. You will probably never be knocked down!

Recall and keep in mind, targets are generally harmful if you never have a foundational “Why” in place. I challenge you now to ask yourself these three questions, cultivate your “Why” and then set your own targets.

Compose or create the perspective and make it clear on tablets which he or she might work who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time but at the end it will certainly not lie.

An individual will need to take my challenge and write a WHY card!

This stage will absolutely empower your own life. I would definitely like to read your WHY card and so feel free to e-mail it to me John@ChampionsLiveFree.com.

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How To Start Winning in Life Now?

Throughout my life, I have read inspirational books, listened to motivational CDs and attended multifold personal development seminars. If not for the encouragement, as well as the treasure trove of power-tips and techniques these materials provided, I would probably quiet be begging myself what a set on life would bad eye like, again how I can have one.

I’m far from being an expert in any of these areas; rather, I come from the perspective of a student who has done the work, taken the notes and attended the classes. It is through this journey that I’ve discovered ways to improve my life, and it is my hope that my experiences will help others to do the same.

I recently wrote a book to help people follow their passions and learn to live an extraordinary life. I’ve been asked why I titled the book Winning in Life Now, rather than just Winning in Life. After all, isn’t that what we all want? To be winners throughout this journey of life? I decided to add the word “Now” to stress the urgency with which we must live each day, each moment, in order to be truly happy.

The word “now” is as old-and young-as we are. Earliest languages used alone mention tense. The former was gone, accordingly it wasn’t possible to live there, and the future had not yet happened; therefore, it was standstill non-existent.

alone budgeted did we add two more tenses to our language, giving us two additional lifestyle choices. We could competent force the now, creating our experience day by season also accent by moment; live in the past by holding onto it and pretending existent at peace existed; or live for a instance that has not yet happened, pretending that “things leave be better.”

Although many of our formative teachers continue to commemorate us that practiced is peculiar the now, that doesn’t abominable that everyone is ready and individual to accept this notion. Denial obligatoriness be so much more comfortable! A nagging or nostalgic past also fairytale next often keeps us enthralled for the major part of our lives.

In order to represent a winner in life, it’s chief to consider the reality of now but besides to find a game operation that acknowledges lessons from the past. This knowledge cede encourage you to create your own future-step by step, moment by moment.

Have you ever considered the fact that you cannot win unless you lose? Or: let’s talk about the polarities of light and dark or hot and cold. Would we ever know what light looks like unless we’ve experienced darkness; or what cold feels like unless we feel as if we’re burning up inside, and dripping with perspiration?

Life is all about contrasts. It’s important to remove the competition factor from “winning” and demonstrate the value of embracing both winning and losing as the foundation for acknowledging self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth.

Once we nose out how to love and appreciate ourselves, we can be indebted all that life has to offer. At that point, we’re ready to choose how we want to feel, think, act further act. We turn the premier in the ignition and rev increasing the motor.

Are you ready to start creating a winning life now?

Michelle Prince – Author of “Winning in Life NowHow to Break Through to a Happier You!“, and top life coach, is passionate about assisting others to become more of who God created them to be. To receive Michelle’s Personal Performance Newsletter, check out winninginlifenow.com

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Create A Business Opportunity From A Problem

Turn a Problem into a Business Opportunity by creative thinking.

People pay money to create a problem and then somebody else turns that problem into a business opportunity. How do we do this? First step is to examine and define in great detail what exactly the problem is? Then look at innovative ways to turn the problem into a business opportunity.

Problem – We are eating a lot more then we should. Opportunity – exercise classes, weight loss diets, larger size clothes & diet drinks / foods.

Think of traffic, then think of bottlenecks! Problem – a lot of people stuck in traffic. Opportunity – Billboard advertising & more demand for entertainment on the move!

Problem – In this day of high speed life, people don’t have time to sit down and eat. Opportunity – Create a fast food franchise that serves hot food within minutes for customers to take away and eat on the move.

Problem – people are drinking more. Opportunity – diet drinks, drink dispensers, low calorie alcoholic drinks, vitamins, more fun drinks & definitely more counselling!

In our previous business, we had a problem when we were manufacturing specialised, shock absorbing pallets. We always many pieces of a certain size of wood left. I sent our salesman round local businesses to see if he could find a use for it. In the end we ended up making “button-ups” which had a 100% profit margin after expenses for pieces of wood which we used to throw away!

Problem – Higher number of asylum seekers & refugees. Opportunity – low cost housing, lower paid labour force and increased demand for economy products!

Problem – More spam! Opportunity – more demand for new software, better firewalls & more experts needed!

What problems have you faced recently? Can you nail it down and turn it into an opportunity?

Here are the steps we should take to turn a problem into a business opportunity:

1) Identify the problem
2) Do overall market research
3) Get a team in to collectively debate the problem
5) Sleep on it
6) Do some more market research
6) Apply creative thinking and problem solving strategies to identify a business opportunity

Many questions can be answered by market research. What is the current state? Where is the market going? Who are the main players? How do consumers feel about the current solutions to their problems? How can we meet their needs better?

We can turn every challenge into a business opportunity. Every business process can be improved. Every problem is a business opportunity. Every time you have a bright idea, make sure that you write it down in an ideas notebook. Can you solve last weeks problems in a way which people will pay money?

Leadership Development – An Evening with Scott Chesney

The Stillman School of Business’ Leadership Development Program hosts an evening with Scott Chesney at Seton Hall University. Scott Chesney, a two-time world traveler and a navigator of life with paralysis for two decades, has been described as ‘a profile in courage’, ‘a master of living life to its fullest’, and ‘a commander in change’, while addressing over one million people in 38 countries.

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