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Self-Esteem For Businessmen And Businesswomen


Self-esteem for Businessmen and Businesswomen

If you’re running your own business chances are high that you have a pretty high self-confidence (i.e. trust in your own ability to successfully accomplish things). However, self-confidence is not the same as self-esteem. Actually, very many business people have a surprisingly low self-esteem. This can result in problems with the business itself, such as problems in the management of staff, problems with getting enough sales, clients or customers, or time management difficulties.

However, low self-esteem can also come out as problems with family relationships. Business men or women with low self- esteem are often very lonely. They may have a large number of acquaintances but have very few real friends. They may have troubles in getting and keeping partners and in developing fulfilling relationships.

Stress is usually a big issue for business men and business women with low self-esteem. Low self-esteem makes them push themselves because of fear of not being good enough. They may not give themselves permission to leave work until they feel that they have accomplished a certain number of tasks on their “to do” list. Even when they physically leave their work they may not mentally leave. As we all know, excessive stress is unhealthy and can lead to a large range of physical (and mental) disorders. It is not unusual to see such stress-related disorders in business people with low self-esteem.

Even when their businesses are going brilliantly, those business men and business women who have low self-esteem may not honestly deep down feel that they are good enough. They may be acting to be someone they are not in order to make others think that they are interesting. They may be respected by many but loved by nobody. How can you be loved if you don’t show others who you are? Business men and women with low self-esteem have often been brought up as the oldest sibling or as an only child, constantly struggling to be “good” to gain others attention and to make the parents proud. Top grades in school, head of student clubs, the walls full of awards… These people have learnt to gain others respect by DOING, not be simply being. Therefore they find it difficult to believe that others might like them just for who they are regardless of what they do.

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