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Satyam- Leadership Development

Satyam’s new leader development program takes a long-term investment approach rather than trying to churn out as many participants as possible. To this end, the program takes a year and uses a holistic approach by combining coaching, a leadership development consultant that works one on one with the leader for the year, classroom experiences, online experiences, assessments throughout the year and a variety of mentors. One of the big initiatives currently underway at Satyam is to send every leader back to school. Though they are some of the best technology experts in the world, they are not experts in global business, so Satyam has partnered with U21 Global in Singapore and Harvard Publishing to put together a 6 month, virtually delivered mini-MBA program called the Certificate of Global Business Leadership. Every existing leader is required to go through the program unless they have completed an MBA in the last five years. Additionally, they have what they call the BEST leadership pipeline, which stands for “Building Excellence the Satyam way Together.” The pipeline they put together includes a succession plan of three leaders for each position, an emerging leaders program, an existing leaders program and other lifecycle programs throughout the life cycle. They are currently in their 6th orbit or generation, which is “leadership and innovation.” They recognize that the only thing that will keep them growing, as compared to competitors who have stagnated, is the ability

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