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Constructing A Caravan Porch Awning For Yourself

One of the great products you can use to live outdoors regardless of the weather is an awning. If you’re looking to protect yourself from the weather and create a peaceful environment for your road trip, then a caravan porch awning is the way to go.

Complexity: Simple

The Plan

Items You’ll Be Using:

1. Canvas tarp built to specifications

2. A roll of measuring tape

3. Rope (preferably nylon)

4. Tent’s stakes

5. Adjustable tent poles

6. Scotchguard with weatherproofing capabilities

The Creation Stage

Use the tape measure and figure out the length of your caravan. How wide do you want that awning to end up being? Canvas tarps are available in numerous sizes, but most caravan awnings are about nine feet deep. Try to measure out the size that’s perfect for your needs.

Purchasing Canvas Tarp

Give a few phone calls to authorized canvas tarp dealers and talk to someone who is experienced in the use and various sizes of canvas tarps. Mention the dimensions of your awning and then place an order for what you need.

Buy Remaining Supplies

Any outdoors store will do — simply purchase tent stakes and poles as well as that nylon rope. The best thing to do here is to get one hundred feet of the nylon rope and six tent poles. By using pre-made cuts, you can make the building process very simple. Assemble all your items together once your canvas tarp arrives, and get ready to put your caravan porch awning together. Give it a trial run at home before bringing it on the road.

Park In An Appropriate Area

Move your caravan into a big enough area to accommodate the size awning you’re going to build. Your best bet is to park over an area of soft earth. If you end up stopped over tar, you can use tent stakes and large metal nails to drive through the roadway. If you’re dealing with concrete, hammer a stake into a crack to avoid surface damage.

Putting It All Together

Place your canvas tarp on the ground and arrange it so as to correspond with each side toward the proper corner of your caravan. Attach the tip of one tent pole into the grommet of the canvas tarp corner you have closest to the caravan. Make sure you lift the corner of your awning until it becomes vertical. Stake this pole into the ground, taking care to hold it in place until it’s securely in the earth.

Installing Your Awning Line

This step is fairly simple, but extremely important. Designate fifteen feet of your rope for this task, knotting one end and making a loop of it so it will stay on the correct side of the canvas. Use this loop and carefully toss it over the high point of the vertical pole. This should allow you to fasten the other side with the stake, which will then be driven deep into the canvas tarp by the loop. Make sure the loose end rope is secured by a stake.

Finishing Your Remaining Materials

This step simply involves using your last five tent poles to connect to the corresponding grommets. When all is said and done, you should have three awning poles for the front and rear.

Protecting Your Awning

Last but not least, spray your canvas tarp with your Scotchguard. Make sure you give your caravan porch awning three hours to dry, and then apply a second coat. When it is finally all dry, your awning should be perfectly waterproofed for years. When you’ve finished using it, take the awning apart and store somewhere cool and dry.

Protect yourself and your family from Mother Nature’s eccentricities while away on outdoor trips with caravan porch awnings. Purchase a caravan porch awning today and feel the difference it will make so you can enjoy your holiday without being disturbed by it. Be sure to pick yours up from websites that are genuine for the most reliable quality items.