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Keep The Pounds Off With Consistant Exercise

Losing weight is a trying task for most people. However , with a correct exercise routine combined with a sensible diet, weight loss can actually be quite easily achieved. Step 1 to losing pounds is to ensure you are exercising constantly.


Routine exercise is extremely important, not only for losing pounds but for your overall health. The professionals counsel doing at least allowing for twenty minutes of cardiovascular exercise three times per week. This is a good axiom to follow if you are trying to get into a new exercise pattern or if you want to maintain your current weight. Otherwise more exercise might be required if weight management is your goal.

Cardio exercise is the most suggested type of exercise for folk who want to lose weight. Running, swimming, and use of an elliptical machine are preferred cardiovascular exercises because they burn quite a bit of calories. The trick to finding what type of cardiovascular exercise works best for you is to try different activities. You may notice that you enjoy swimming more than you want to run or that using the elliptical is lower impact than using a treadmill.

When you have decided what sort of cardio to do, then it’s a smart idea to get into a pattern or a routine. It is important to understand up front that things come up day to day and you may not be able to make it to the gym on a planned day. This means that you need to be flexible with your exercise plan. Many people make the error of letting an entire week go by because they weren’t in a position to get to the gymnasium on a planned day. If you make a boo boo or miss a day don’t let that spoil your complete plan. Understand mistakes will be made but that is no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater.


Everyone should be doing some type of regular strength training exercise to fight the loss of muscle and bone mass that comes with age. It is very easy to do regular strength training exercises at the gymnasium, or at home with resistance balls, bands, small hand weights, and even using your own body weight can be good for strength training.

There are numerous benefits to strength training including but not limited to, reduced blood pressure, decreased risk of osteoporosis, builds your muscle strength, improved balance and stability, improved capability to do everyday activities, and reduced lower back discomfort.

It is recommended to start by coaching 2 days a week and then build up to a few days per week to give your body more of a challenge. You will want to start with two to three exercises for your lower body and two to three exercises for your upper body as well as one to two exercises for your core. You’ll need to do one set of each exercise about 12-15 reps and build up to doing 2 – 3 sets of 12-15 reps per exercise resting for thirty seconds to one minute in between each rep.

It is important to stretch properly before starting your strength coaching. Also, to help you complete all your sets it is critical to recollect to breathe while you workout, never hold your breath and always focus on proper method as it is necessary to prevent injury.

Regardless of how old or young you could be there is a lot to gain from regular strength training exercises.


To totally reap the benefits of an exercise program it’s really important to mix your cardio exercise and your strength training. The best way to do it is to work out six days each week alternating between strength training exercises as well as cardio exercises.

For example Monday, Wednesday and Friday could be cardio exercise days while Tues., Thursday and Saturday could be strength-training days with a day to rest on Sunday.

If you cannot work out a six-day workout pattern try for a 4 or five day work out pattern with alternating days for cardiovascular and strength training. At the bare minimum you want to do 2 days of cardio for 30 minutes or more and 2 days of strength training for 20 minutes or more.

It could be in your benefit to get an individual trainer to help you with your strength coaching exercises. An individual trainer can show you the simplest way to correctly use the appliances in the gym and can help to keep you inspired and on track with everything.

There is nothing like having a personal trainer entertaining you on and keeping you motivated as you begin to exercise and reach your goals of living a healthy life.

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