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Low Self Esteem not caused by flu virus?

Isn’t it frustrating when you seem to take two steps forward only to take three back in pursuit of your goals?

The main cause of this is the inherent self-limiting beliefs you hold in your sub-conscious that were not born yesterday but have become deeply buried in there from your childhood. These self-limiting beliefs prevent you from getting what you want restricting your personal development.

In order to do something about them first of all you have to accept their existence, in order to do so you need to have the self confidence to know what they are.

I can almost guarantee that sometime during your childhood you heard such things as ‘Don’t’ ‘Stop’ ‘Quiet’ ‘Your too small’ ‘You cannot do that’ and more

Then there would be times when you actually tried something new and if you did not get immediate results you were met with almost derision from your peer group or even relatives.

A favourite put down when I was growing up was, ‘children should be seen and not heard’ have you had that said to you? This little phrase can fester inside you and have a great impact on how you see yourself in later life.

Did you ever tell someone that you were going to try something new only for them to say ‘You cannot do that because …….’ You know what follows.

These processes are the foundations of the self-limiting beliefs you are now confronted by every time you face an unusual set of circumstances shattering your self confidence and self improvement.

Do you ever find that when faced with a new set of circumstances your first reaction is a negative one, such as a reason or reasons why you can not do something.

So why do these self-limiting beliefs come to the surface, it could be because as you consciously think positive your subconscious send up a thought of one of those times when your confidence was knocked back and your low self esteem takes over.

In one respect this is unfortunate as your sub-conscious mind is far stronger than your conscious mind, and your sub-conscious mind is the store locker of all your self-limiting beliefs and personal development.

Think about it, your sub-conscious mind is the power house that enables you to do the things you do day-to-day on autopilot, such as all of the physical things you have done over and over so that they are now an unconscious competence, that is done without thinking refected in your self image.

The question you must ask yourself is that if it is your subconscious mind that is preventing you from making progress in your personal development is there anything you can do to effect its influence?

This sounds easy for all you have to do is to bring your conscious mind and subconscious mind into harmony through positive thinking

Because the subconscious mind carries the instructions for all those tasks we do on autopilot it seems to be a difficult task to harmonize your two minds.

Recall a time when you have wanted something yet you mentally you held back, this is that conflict between the conscious and subconscious minds that causes this. Therefore to bring your two minds into harmony is going to take a positive action on your part

What a lot of people fail to realise is that when you look for an answer through the Law of Attraction it does not just produce positive results. It is no magic bullet. The law of attraction will respond to your dominant thoughts and we have just discussed that more than likely your dominant thoughts today are based on all the negative input you have received since childhood, most of it telling you that you should accept your station in life and not try to break out of your comfort zone. \so you need to sit down and think about your dominant thoughts for as the saying goes – ‘Be careful of what you think for you will surely get it’ Negative as well as Positive.

having established that you must accept that the law of attraction will only produce results based on your dominant thoughts it is now up to you to develop a constant stream of positive thoughts for every situation.

There is a good news bad news answer as far as removing self-limiting beliefs. The good news is that to remove the beliefs the first stepping stone is all about goal setting the bad news is that the vast majority of the population do not know how to set a goal and that could include you even if you think you have set goals all of your working life

Let me ask you this, have you ever set a goal and not achieved it which can destroy your self confidence?

Can I be bold and say you too could do with being shown how goal setting, in such a way that you will always achieve them no matter what they are, will improve your personal development.

The law of attraction will work for you building your confidence and bringing abundance into your life and it starts with goal setting and positive thinking. You are very welcome to download a FREE copy of my book “Goal Setting in 24 Hours” It will build your self confidence and personal development. You will find it at Your Download FREE

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