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Australia Health Retreat Center – Holistic Body Therapies – Stress Management Therapy – Health Resorts and Fitness Centres ? Personal Development

Health Resort and Fitness Centres:

Camp Eden is very different from any other health retreat or resort and why their guests experience amazing discoveries in mind, body and soul is The Eden Program. The Eden Program is the foundation of everything they do. Your lifestyle change for the better is the purpose and The Eden Program is built to help you achieve it.

Camp Eden Health Resort was created to restore your natural energy, re-discover balance and harmony, enhance your inner beauty and achieve a sense of well being.

It allows you the seclusion from the outside world; the freedom to roam, reflect; contemplate and be in the spirit with what is around you. A chance to reconnect with yourself, surrender your old perceptions and see yourself with fresh eyes.

Health Retreat Activities & Acupuncture Health:

Camp Eden Health Resort specialized in weight management packages; stress management therapy; detoxify; personal development retreats, spa beauty therapy, Spa Aromatherapy Massages, Natural Healing Therapy, Labyrinth health resort Center, Acupuncture Health, Holistic Health Retreat and Weight Loss Retreats.

When you stay at Camp Eden Health Resort all the planning is done for you – your personal consultation will customize your program allowing you to personally plan your preferred levels of participation and relaxation during each day of your stay.

Our daily program offers holistic, educational and self development choices.  The program is designed to start your day with energy and vitality gradually, progressing through the day, having fun and learning more about you along the way.  Having experienced NeuroArobics and had fun with SocialSpa-ing™ the evening is for winding down and preparing to take on another new day.

“ACU” means needle. “PUNCTURE” denotes the action of pricking our body with the needle. By this medical device we can increase immunity and prevent diseases. At the same time, we can also cure the existing diseases.

Acupuncture has been used for centuries as an effective treatment for a wide range of ailments; from headaches and back injuries to depression, lack of energy and recovery from major trauma, stress or sporting injury.

Health Resort Major Key Services:

Health Resort – Health Retreats – Spa Beauty treatments – Healthy lifestyle
Weight management packages – Stress Management Therapy- Detoxification treatment, Personal Development Retreats – Holistic Body Therapies –  Massage & Spa Beauty Treatments – NeuroArobics – Natural beauty spa centre – Sauna steam bath – Health resort and fitness center – Labyrinth health Center – Acupuncture health – Personal Development retreats.

5 star Luxury Accommodation – Rejuvenation Holiday Packages – Holistic health retreat – Health Retreat Center – Relaxing holiday destination – spa Aromatherapy Currumbin Valley – Meditation programs – Weight Loss Retreats- Personal Development resort – Natural healing therapy – Tranquil surroundings -Eucalypt Flooded Gum – Veiny Lace Flower – Yoga Practices – Environment Services – Sauna Steam Bath, Funa Services – Sub tropical Rainforest & Labyrinth health resort.

Health Resort & Day Spa locations:

Camp Eden: Australia’s leading holistic health resort, Camp Eden offers the ‘Real Spirit’ program, along with Health Resort & Fitness; acupuncture Health and spa Beauty Treatments.

We can be reached by air, rail and road. You can plan accordingly and visit us:


camp eden

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These is What Center for Creative Leadership Speciaizes in

Center for creative leadership specializes in developing leadership qualities. They offer leadership education that will help in tackling leadership challenges and problems that is very essential for individuals or organizations. Creative leadership helps people to develop new skills throughout the world.

Creative leadership is said to be the capacity to act and think without any limitations. A leader may face different types of problems and hurdles in a complex market place. He may need to face the problems from government agencies, society, customers and so on. He must therefore have excellent skill and capability to tackle all the problems.

Center for creative leadership is helping the people to become a creative leader. It strongly believes that leaders are made and not born. It also hopes that any person can become a leader provided he\she has the adaptability to accept changes. CCL provides training to people in developing interpersonal skill, self awareness etc. The main objective of CCL is to practice and develop leadership for the benefit of the society throughout the world.

CCL offers services to leaders in more than 2000 organizations that include non profit, private, public and educational institutions. It has earned a good reputation among various organizations and it ranked   sixth for open enrollment programs. Customized services of CCL are as given below

The Center for Creative leadership offers certain customized services. They are as follows;

CCL grants various educative and innovative programs that help the leaders to meet current challenges as well as future directions. It also offers individual leadership development programs that will help in establishing integrated leadership practices in an organization.

It trains leaders to use different perspective to meet various business challenges, strategies, people and culture which are very essential to withstand in global market. CCL also focuses on meeting specific challenges in your organization.

CCL provides in house training to leaders. The techniques and tools will be unique to meet your organizational needs. It also offers collective learning programs which will benefit more in getting shared experiences of people in an organization. This approach is particularly effective in implementing any change in the organization. Again this method will provide long term benefit.

The center for creative leadership provides greater flexibility in developing leadership qualities in an organization. The programs will be mainly tailored to meet your needs and not according to the CCL routines.

CCL has 40 years of experience in this field. It has been working with managers and executives all over the world. Therefore it has broad knowledge in developing creative leadership qualities that will help in meeting business challenges and strategies.

CCL has a unique design process. The D6 process is as follows;

* Discover your business challenge: CCL helps in identifying your business challenges. It tailors unique programs to meet your business needs.
* Diagnose your leadership need: CCL helps in analyzing the areas in your organization that requires creative leadership.
* Design your customized initiative: then it will design the techniques and tools that will be required to meet your organizational challenges.
* Develop the training and materials: CCL then will develop the method of training to leaders in the organization and the materials required for this purpose.
* Deliver your solution: Then the plans will be delivered to the organization.
* Discern the impact: CCl then starts to evaluate the process which will surely benefit your organization.

Muna wa Wanjiru Has Been Researching and Reporting on Leadership for Years. For More Information on Center For Creative Leadership, Visit His Site at Center For Creative Leadership