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Management Leadership Styles part I

www.leadershipmadesimple.com Part 1 of the first of a number of free short learning videos for management leadership development. Watch and sign up to get the rest of the management leadership series. From the co-author of Enlightened Leadership and Leadership Made Simple and founder of Enlightened Leadership Solutions, which has been making managers into leaders for 21 years.

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Anger Group- One Of The Most Effective Therapy

Anger is one of the most dreadful things and it can severely affect your personal as well as professional life. Many among us do not have control over our anger and we tend to get irritated and annoyed very easily. It is the cause of conflicts with our family and friends. Anger management is important to solve conflicts and achieve happiness.

It also results in physical and verbal abuses that take the form of violence, beating, bullying and harassment. Anger can prove to be really harmful. It can create various disturbances in your family and among your friends. Anger is a serious psychological problem and many of us fail to accept this truth. But it can be controlled if you decide to follow certain therapies and join groups such as Anger Group that have psychotherapists and experts who will help you to deal with this problem. The therapists will teach you techniques that will help you to a great extent and you will definitely feel positive. The techniques taught by them help in reducing stress and changing thought process. Exercises such as yoga and deep breathing help in bringing down your anxiety and stress level considerably. These exercises help people to deal with anger and lead a healthy and happy life. Among varied techniques, Anger Group suggests yoga because it is the best way to relax your body and mind and to rejuvenate your senses. If you decide to join these groups then you have taken your first step towards leading a stress free and happy life. It already reflects a change in your attitude and a move towards positive thinking.

People are reluctant towards joining groups such as Anger group. They do not realize the harmful effects that anger poses and also do not understand that it degrades their life. It is a difficult task to compel these people to join groups such as Anger Group. This is because they tend to become even more violent. It is important to explain them the benefits of joining these groups and the positive affects that it brings along. A large number of people have benefited from this process. This is because of the fact that various sessions are being conducted and they analyze your problem and work upon it. Anger is a form of mental illness but that does not imply that it is a disease or a psychological problem that cannot be cured. It is a form of human emotion. We all get angry over certain conditions in our life. It only tends to be a major and serious issue when it takes the path of non violence and abuse. In order to be joyous and happy and to maintain good and cordial relations with everyone, it is essential to practice relaxation exercises and be calm and always think positive. Anger Group will certainly help you a lot and you can experience the difference and change in attitude once you join this group. Your loved ones will certainly feel joyous and happy and it is the best thing that you would have done for their well being and happiness.

Alen Erwin is an author of spiral2grow, One of the best health care company. He is writing articles on Anger Group since long time.

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Coping With Anger In An Effective Manner

Anger can express itself in a variety of forms. Some people express anger in an overwhelming fashion; they shout, curse, and can cross the boundary to physical expressions. Others keep their anger pent up, but express it in forms of passive aggression, sulking, bad moods and eventually even bad health..

Anger management does not focus on completely getting rid of the emotion anger. That would be impossible. Instead working on anger management can help you to guide your reactions so that you have more control in the situation. Instead of making a situation work by cursing and yelling or not saying anything for a week, you can control your response to deal with the necessary situation. It is inevitable that something or someone will come along that will trigger anger. The response is up to the individual.

So how can one learn to manage and control their anger? There are many techniques that one can use and the success depends on the individual and their ability to stick with a method.

Relaxation techniques

Breathing, yoga and focused visualisation are three relaxation techniques that can be practiced in non-anger situations. Each skill set will provide the user with a chance to remove him/herself mentally from the angry situation and take a step back.


If mental removal from the environment proves difficult, physically leaving the environment can be an aid. Go for a walk, go to the next room or take some personal time for yourself each day to focus on you.


Another tool in coping with anger, hypnosis, works with focusing on restructuring thoughts on a subconscious level. Through suggestions based on dealing with anger in a healthy and constructive matter one can process new ways of dealing with anger in an efficient manner. After consulting a professional hypnotist, one can incorporate self-hypnosis into stressful and aggravating situations.

The three focus areas listed here are a way to begin dealing with anger and coping with frustrating situations. Relaxation techniques can be learned with the help of a professional or on your own. Environmental change can be easily achieved, but is not always available. Hypnosis should be practiced with a licensed professional in the early stages, but can be continued independently.

The idea behind anger management is not to eradicate the emotion of anger. It is to cope with the response so that one can deal with situations that arise.

Terry Doherty works all over the UK working extensively with individual and business clients helping clients to stop smoking, manage weight, manage stress, become more confident and helping change many other behavioural issues. Terry uses the latest techniques of hypnosis http://www.mind-works.co.uk

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Relaxation is an Effective Technique for Anger Management

Anger has been proved as a root cause for various problems like anxiety, heart attack, etc. But, as the saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Among various techniques to control and manage anger, one very effective technique is relaxation. It can be done in many ways and makes your mind and body relaxed to relieve you from anger. One may need to learn the correct technique to get complete results.


Controlled breathing is a very effective way of getting calmed down. The method has a logical reason behind it; anger makes us breathe faster, but if we just do the opposite of it, i.e. if we just start breathing slowly by taking deep breaths, the problem is solved even before it started. The important point to be noted is that you should take deep breaths, involving your diaphragm, not shallow breaths using just your chest. Next important thing to be followed is that the processes of inhaling and exhaling should be very slow.

Whispering soothing words like “calm down” while exhaling even enhances the effectiveness of the technique. So, whenever you feel like getting angry on something, make a habit of taking in and out slow deep breaths to control yourself.


This relaxation technique helps relaxing from anger and fills the person with positive feelings and calmness. This technique can be applied by someone else or by the person affected himself. It involves painting an imaginary picture of something you enjoy. It can be a scene of your favorite destination, having you there enjoying and smiling. Completely involve yourself in the scene and see yourself doing all the fun activities that you love to do. See your near and dear ones there. This will make you forget the tension and anger. In no time you will feel relaxed and smiling. This is the key to effectiveness of this technique. Our body and even our facial muscles become stiff on getting angry. Smiling, not only relaxes mind, but it relaxes our facial muscles as well.

Other Relaxation Techniques

Other than breathing and imagery techniques, there are various other ways too, to control anger and anxiety. For example, saying relaxing words to oneself in a low soothing voice, acupuncture, meditation, etc. These techniques just distract you for some time; from the situation that is making you angry, and gives you time to control your emotions and anger.

Before getting angry over some issue, try and clarify the matter with the person concerned. This may even solve the problem without your getting angry over it. Meditation is also very helpful in controlling anger. Concentrate and practice deep breathing, along with saying positive and relaxing words. Once you have controlled your anger, you have assured a happy life for yourself.


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Scott Meyers is a staff writer for Its Entirely Natural, a resource for helping you achieve a naturally healthy body, mind, and spirit. You may contact our writers through the web site. Follow this link for more information on Anger Management .

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After Effective Goal Setting, You Are Left With A Map That CLEARLY Points You To The Pot Of Gold!..

I cannot stress the importance of goal setting enough. When you set goals, good clear and precise ones, you are, in a sense, drawing a road map that leads you to the hidden treasure! And of course, because of this, you become excited because you’ll CLEARLY be able to see EXACTLY how to get to it!…

So, now all you have to do is follow the road map.

“But goal setting is so hard”, I hear you say…

Yeah it can be SOMETIMES, but the more and more you do it, the easier it becomes. But more importantly, it’ll eventually become a habit! And, instead of looking at goal setting as a tedious task, you’ll start to enjoy doing it! Besides, the mere fact that it isn’t ‘easy’, should encourage you because life is ‘designed’ in a way that the easier things DON’T yield the greatest results!

The fact is, MOST people DON’T bother setting goals, and so it makes perfect sense that most people are NOT where they want to be in life. So, take my foolish advice…

It’s often good practice to use the majority as a CONTRARY indicator of what to do in a given situation. For example, the majority don’t take time to set goals, so you would do the opposite!

So basically, we need to set goals to achieve success, but…

Are you clear on what it actually is you want to be successful at?


Here’s the thing, though I’m pro goal setting, I’m anti setting certain types of goals ahead of others. In other words, it’s incredibly important to prioritise your goal setting. Do you get what I mean? NO…

I guess I better explain then…

It makes absolutely NO sense goal setting to achieve buying a car stereo, when you don’t even have a car yet! I say this in reference to getting first things first, and this is never more so true, when it comes to planning out your DREAM life! I always urge people, before they set out to follow any type of self improvement strategies, to ensure that their foundational values are rock-solid because this effects everything you do!…

In short, make strengthening your foundations your FIRST priority, it might not sound fun, but it is incredibly worthwhile. I guarantee, you’ll thank yourself for doing it, just don’t forget who told you to do it! 😉

Let’s move on…

Any good plan, should have the following…

A Goal, this goal should, were possible, be broken down into smaller goals (Small, manageable, monthly, repayments). Each goal should be clear, easily understandable and MUST be precise, e.g. I want to earn 100k from property development by 1st January 2020. The steps towards achieving these goals should be clear, doable, structured and logical.

I want you to bear this in mind…

There is no goal you can set that is more important then living a meaningful, passionate, abundant life, PERIOD! You just need to work out what your life needs to entail so you can achieve this!

Before embarking upon goal setting, make it a priority to check out Ishmail Downes’ extraordinary FREE audio product “Live Your DREAM Life!”. In it, he talks about setting goals for every department of your life, but this is goal setting with a difference. Find out more!..