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Xbox 360 Three Red Light Fix! Take Away The X Clamps To Get Rid Of Red Rings Of Death Error

Errors IN XBOX 360

We all know that the mistakes are those which will inform the user about the Problems with the software in case of computer. Similarly, the Xbox 360 shows diverse blunders to the gameplayers. But , the blunders aren’t often , occurs just when there is a problem.

In the event of Xbox 360 certain type of blunder called the e74 which is occurring quite often in most of the consoles around the globe. This blunder was reported by many Xbox users around the globe. Microsoft enquired about this mistake, which was revealed to be the hardware problem. This is because of the overheating of the elements and so leading them to fail.


The reason behind the overheating is due to ventilation failure in the console. The graphical processing unit ( GUI ) and the central processing unit ( CPU ) in the motherboard are placed in the middle below which there are 2 “X” clamps.

The cooling is done by the heat sink which absorbs the heat generated. Additionally, a fan is provided to cool down the processors. Microsoft has said that, heating is due to huge energy consumption by the cooling fans. The CD drive also blocks the sir flow to these processors by the side therefore adequate cooling isn’t provided to the GUI hence the mistake e74 is displayed in the screen.


The graphical blunder e74 is indicated by three red lights. This error is sometimes referred as RED RING OF DEATHS by gamers. Though the console can be serviced in service centers, but they’re very high-priced and you’ve got to wait for a month to eight weeks to get them back. There’s easy method to repair[**]. You can fix the console at your own, if you had a digital guide which incorporates video help texts showing step by step videos.

The video will mainly concentrate on removing the claps from the motherboard, so that enough space is formed and cooling the GUI is possible .

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Using Amazing Technology of White Cyclorama Studios

White cyc is a particular component used to develop a cyclorama that surrounds the platform. All the innovations in technology did very little to vary how the cyc is lit through the years. All the fresh technology has enhanced the need for suitable lighting and using the right kind of substance for the white cyc.

What technology has been doing is to take century old technologies and make its use essential for building digital backgrounds for virtual reality. This is also executed for special effects of the rising avalanche of films, and several video programs dependent on personal computer systems requiring perfect digital backgrounds that can simply be created in white cyclorama studios. White cyc studios technology dates back to 19th century German Theaters and has shifted round the movie community for a long time. White wall surface was used for early twentieth century Broadway plays lastly wound up in Hollywood use for making special effects.

The white cyclorama is an extremely useful instrument with regards to lighting the white surface stage platform. The white cyc provides the lighting style developer with an abundant number of lighting style opportunities for staging the desired special effects landscape. The white cyc with appropriate lighting style will attract the viewers focus to the subject that the director wants to accentuate. This is the major advantage of white surface backgrounds, and the reason why white wall galleries are used for TV advertisements, news programs, music videos, dance routines, and other kinds of film media. White is employed for the color of the cyc as it leaves the backdrop empty so a brand new backdrop with all the preferred effect can change it. The void background is excellent for digital fashion photography maximizing the model’s appearance and always keeping full concentration the model.

The number of white cyc studios technology surfaces can be colored green to combine green screen effects in the white cyclorama studios. This works because the cyc is void of background permitting the green screen background effect to be shown instead of the white cyclorama background. Using the cyc enhances the green screen special effect by giving it illusions of depth and unlimited space. Robert Rodriguez applied a method identical to this when he was filming Sin City when he makes use of his 1956 Chevy Panel pickup truck in the motion picture. Robert Rodriguez sets his truck on a podium and films it from different camera angles. The stars had been shot in front of a green screen background and were composite in the truck film to seem to be inside of the truck. In reality the celebrities never were within the truck for the duration of filming. With the growing number of special effects in movies and TV programs today cyc lighting is extremely important in producing special visual effects.

Movie companies have uncertainties about using white cyclorama facilities for special effects. The producer’s doubts are quickly dismissed with clear idea of what the cyclorama facilities are capable of doing once they begin to see the outcomes from the production studios. Another use for white cyc studios technology backgrounds is actually on talk shows when music groups drop by to play one of their new music pieces. The white surface gives the right area for developing a fast music environment.

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White Cyc Studio LA Visual Effects

Have you seen the show Star Trek on television? Have you seen a Star Wars movie? Maybe you have seen a Sci-Fi film or TV series concerned with outer space? Maybe you have wondered just how they created the moments traveling in outer space? Most of the graphic effects for these kinds of programs were shot in a White Cyc Studio LA using infinity cycs. The infinity cyc is curved at the underside where the wall and ground join with each other resulting in a graphic effect of unlimited space. A white cyclorama is required on stage to generate an illusion of sky.

Star Trek is a good example featuring the starship Enterprise traveling throughout vast outer space flanked by stars at a distance plus the cameras focusing in on the space ship. At the end it will show the starship Enterprise in space while the cameras would zoom off from the spacecraft when the program was concluded. These kinds of graphic effects were carried out by using a White Cyc Studio LA. The model of the starship Enterprise was suspended from the threshold in the middle of a white cyc stage.

What is a good white cyclorama facility? The white cyclorama must be well designed and clear of: visual anomalies, seams, dirt, visual corners, and sharp angles which bring about shadows. The white cyclorama needs to have: 1) Efficient space for focus shots and to avoid crowding, challenging camera angles, and invite for appropriate lighting preparations. 2) A huge roof to circumvent complicated camera angles, and lighting problems. 3) Several cyclorama surfaces to film against to prevent shooting limitations. 4) Efficient time for installation, shooting and take down if leasing a White Cyc Studio LA.

Several film studios don’t have their very own white cyclorama facility, so when they need to use a White Cyc Studio LA they go out lot and book one of many studios in LA. There are a number of facilities around LA. Let’s take a look at what a couple of studios include. White Cyc facilities in LA should feature: 1) Whisper quiet ac. 2) Three-thousand square feet of space to work with. 3) Ground level entry. 4) Sixteen and a half ft to lighting grid. 5) A couple of White Cyc Studio LA surfaces seventy-feet in size. 6) Complete lighting and grip. 7) Free V/O booth and make-up room. 8) Any needed production equipment.

Some other fantastic facilities that you can lease out includes: 1) Eighty linear ft of shootable white cyclorama. 2) 20 ton of grip, lighting, stedicam, jibs, dollies. 3) Three White Cyc Studio LA walls. 4) Motion control setup. 5) 4 editing bays. 6) 3D animation/compositing. 7) Pre to post production crews. 8) Film, video, and post production tools. 9) Film, HD, and SD camera packages HD cameras. 10) Mini 35 adapter from P and S Technik thirty-five mm Zeiss PL, F-one point three speed lens 18, 25, and thirty-five, 50, eighty-five. 11) 25 foot Stanton Jimmy Jib with Remote Head and Dollies. 12) Cinema Products Provid Steadicam for 16 mm film, HD, DV-Cam and DV cameras.

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Vital to Film – White Cyclorama Studios LA

The white cyclorama studios LA has become an indispensable device when it comes to video producing, and without this, quality and film creativity would have been tossed from the windows a long time back. White cycs have been first created from a design created for German theatres. It was later improved with time, making it a lot more easy for the users. The enhancements that the white cyclorama studios LA makes towards the quality of movies and photography in our day and age are crucial. If you are an aspiring film maker looking for somewhere to shoot, you should think about finding yourself a great quality white cyclorama studios LA. Nevertheless, Los Angeles is really a big city and there is a possibility that you will encounter a number of white cyc studios that might have poor quality cycs.

Normally, a great facility should have a large enough space to house all of the crew and cast, as well as sufficient space for just about any maneuvers you have to perform for stunts as well as other shots. A high ceiling cannot be over highlighted when looking for a white cyclorama studios LA. Having a high ceiling, you can shoot coming from any position you want. A low ceiling alternatively may trouble you as it will restrict you to the kind of shots you are able to get.

White cyclorama studios LA may give you much space depending on the quantity that you might want. They are usually quite pricey but they will not disappoint you in terms of service. However, regardless how good their services are, if they don’t possess a high ceiling, they are not worth your time and money, particularly if you are going to need lots of special effects with shooting a film.

With time, the technologies used to light up white cyclorama studios LA have evolved. The state of the art technology of our time has placed emphasis on the desire to get good lighting. The amount of lighting effects used needs to be enough to not make the stars squint in the face of the light but neither should it make them sweat. Also remember that you’ll create shadows with a lot of light. The lighting must be just enough to be able to provide the result you wish.

Occasionally, you will need to use lighting experts to make shooting using white cycs less difficult for you. Experts usually are on hand in the studio to help you when you need them. You’ll be glad you hired these people because you will have better quality video footage to show for it. A good white cyclorama studios LA will also have editing services for your production. Appropriate lighting and a good white cyclorama backdrop can combine to make the subject of your pictures pop out. It’ll pull the main focus off the other things and into the center of the picture and your photography.

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The Beginning of White Cyc

White cyc is really a stage background used to produce the illusion of limitless space or atmosphere. It is fantastic for video and still pictures making it possible for special effects to get used with the picture. The primary advantage of a white filming stage is the ability of making the background literally disappear generating an array of alternatives for lighting effects, and enables the photographer’s subject being shot to be center stage.

Present day technologies make it feasible for a line of white cyclorama products to be engineered to meet the increasing need for white cyc backgrounds in a variety of conditions and applications. This causes it to be feasible for a photographer to own his own white stage in his personal studio with out the need for leasing a studio which has a white stage. The creative ideas of easy assembly and smaller white stage backdrops came from the founder of Pro Cyc named Fritz. Fritz had his dream white studio made in Portland Oregon. The expenditure of money and time were great, and engineering workers strained for weeks constructing the studio made of plywood and drywall. During construction Fritz kept saying, “There should be an easier way to construct a white cyclorama studio.

Fritz was given his chance to try out his concept while constructing his next white stage facility in Portland after his first white cyc background suffered water damage while filming a special effect. Fritz’s second white cyc facility continues to be used in Portland Oregon today and is becoming rented out to clients like: Freightliner, Nike, Adidas, and Steinway among a lot of others, using the multipurpose studio. The studio has been repainted about 400 times since opening, but the surfaces continue to stay smooth as the first day these were set up.

The revolutionary patented molds made by Fritz makes his firm Pro Cyc one of the world’s major manufacturers of modular white cyc background systems. Pro Cyc’s research and development is constantly developing new ideas and goods to satisfy the ever-changing requirements and demands of today’s media and high-tech industries.

Pro Cyc operates directly with their customers making certain they’re acquiring the best solution for their particular demands. Pro Cyc’s engineering can customize white cyc models to fulfill the specialized and demanding needs of their clients. In 2007 pro Cyc joined the personal studio market with a new product line lowering cyc technology right down to the size of a desktop computer, which shattered the barrier of catalog photography.

There are a lot of other websites offering a variety of forms of advice on how to use White Cyc but most of them are not very specific or precise. Before following these, make sure to check my own articles and reviews on White Cyc and White Cyc Rentals, You can reach me at phillipguye@hotmail.com