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The Logistical Problems of a New World Order

Lately, the news has come in flooding waves for me. The election, bailouts, and endlessly horrible employment news have washed over me, and left a sort of numb feeling in place of my usual optimism. Capitalism seems to have died a death at the hands of worldwide greed, and I am left shaking my head at a growing list of casualties. That’s just the domestic scene. When I take a look at the sprawling, worldwide chaos, the picture becomes even darker.

India is considering a strike against Pakistan. Israel is weighing strikes against both Iran and Syria. The United States faces an impending disaster in Afghanistan, pondering the age old old question “Should I stay or should I go?”. Then, there is the Cold War posturing that Russia has rediscovered of late. They have reinserted themselves into the international conversation once again, in a very aggressive manner.

We are seeing substantial devaluation across currencies worldwide, and some of it is intentional. For instance, the Chinese have devalued the yuan to keep their exports competitive, even as consumption drops in the Western world.The Russian ruble has been dying a slow, agonizing death for months now. Its prospects against the dollar have fallen by 30%, and show no signs of hitting a solid bottom. Iceland is on the verge of anarchy, due to the insolvency of the krona, and the resulting anger at the government’s perceived culpability.

Instability is the only constant worldwide, with the occasional sprinkling of outright implosion. In all this, the cry from the international -and domestic- communities is a global solution. It makes sense, to a certain degree. Ockham’s razor would naturally deem that a problem of global scope should be paired with a solution of the same depth. While I generally have no qualms with the theory. that “All things being equal, the simplest solution is the best”, I believe Mssr.Ockham would think twice before applying his philosophy to international crises.

I can hear some of you who fervently wish for world peace asking “Why? I mean, isn’t it time we put aside our differences, our Nationalism, and our borders? Isn’t now the best time to embrace our fellow man, and weather this crisis as a member of the human race.” That is an admirable sentiment. Let us examine the logistical issues inherent in the adoption of global governance (née government).

Let’s start with the chosen form of Government: You’ve got your Monarchies, Theocracies, Democracies, Benevolent Dictatorships, Technocracies, and all forms of Socialist variants in-between. Now, you want people with diametrically opposed ideals to come to a consensus on how the world should be run. This could be done, but all parties would have to agree to binding resolutions that may or may not contradict the Constitutions adopted by the inhabitants of their respective countries. If this is done, then you wipe out another hurdle that presents itself: National Sovereignty.

That one is a doozy, because it wipes out the individualism of nations. Sure, you may keep your cute, cultural idiosyncracies. You’ll still wear lederhosen, a Sikh’s turban,or the tartan kilt passed down to you by your grandfather. What will disappear are the laws you have been accustomed to following your whole life. For someone in the United States,it would be the obliteration of State’s rights. Want to legalize medical marijuana in your state? It has to be approved by the governing body for the entire world, and the legal code of the entire world must be amended, just so your Granny with glaucoma can get access. Want to appeal an unjust judgment? You get to go through various levels of an internationally appointed judiciary. All of your local decisions are subject to the whims of an international body. Even if their motives are completely pure (unlikely at best), the system still leaves ample room for corruption and vast inefficiency.

What about handling issues of equality? There’s a sticky situation. While they could handle the issue of dominant nations by giving them preferential seats in the new government, it would still provoke the criticism of the rest of the governing body. Nobody really cares for the UN model of government, as they merely pass guidelines, not binding legislation. They draft resolutions with all the legal enforcibility of “the gentleman’s handshake”. The smaller nations want equal voice with the US, China, and Russia. This would have to be remedied, in order for the smaller nations to agree to surrender their sovereignty. Larger nations would have to eat some national pride, and swallow the bitter pill of decreased international relevance. In short, there had better be some kind of “Supreme Leader” in charge to smooth the ruffled feathers. How are they going to come to agreement on appointing the Emperor of the Planet? These people can’t even agree on which form of government is best. This, is only minor squabbling compared to…

Religion. In a government made up of diverse population, and differing views on what is “the only true way to God”, how do you keep one religion from being imposed on all the others. Most Christians look on Constantine’s misguided reign as a horrible time for their religion. A forced conversion to a state(or world) religion would be many times worse than the rule of any Roman emperor in times past. Far worse than that would be the travesty of forced parity between all religions. This is a freedom of speech issue. The Muslim would not be able to declare “Allahu Akhbar(god is greater)”, because it is contrary to parity. The Christian could not declare “Jesus is the Son of God”, because it contradicts the statements of Islam and Judaism. The follower of Judaism could not declare “Hear, oh Israel, the Lord is One”, because it devalues the claims of Hinduism. This is the primary obstacle for a global government, and one that will remain a vexing issue, should they choose either of the options previously discussed.

Financially, the problem of switching to a universal currency like the Euro is easily on its way to being solved. I only mention it as an afterthought. Physical currency would not even have to be minted. Well, maybe for developing nations. For the developed world, one would turn into a society like the Japanese have: A relatively cashless society, where you can pay with your cell phone, or credit card. Most of the groundwork, trading, and information systems are already in place to facilitate such an exchange. Your old currency would simply be given an exchange rate. There would be a one-time trade in, and the destruction of all other currencies would commence shortly thereafter. Problem solved.

While global government is inevitable, the challenges that face it are almost insurmountable. This ensures that it will be poorly implemented, poorly received, and roundly declared a triumph of humanity. The solutions, however, are unable to be solved by Mr. Ockham. You know, “All things being equal, the simplest solution is best”, and all that. The problem lies in the fact that neither of his premises can be applied here: In the world of international politics, nothing is simple. The other problem is more adequately explained by a paraphrase of George Orwell. He had this to say “All animals (nations) are equal, but some animals (nations) are more equal than others.”

Kurt Hartman is Head of Employee Training for Mobile Fleet Service, Inc. They sell tires to the mining, construction and heavy equipment industries. As a complimentary service, they offer tire specifications to the OTR Tire industry.

Psychic Answers – How to Solve Your REAL Problems Through A Psychic Reading

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about getting psychic answers online. Now, I know you’ve got problems, right? We all do. And often, a psychic reading is NOT the appropriate way to solve your problems. What they DO do quite often though, is identify areas of your life that need attention. And often, these are areas we are woefully overlooking, and taking for granted. (when in fact, they are the “source” of much of our struggles)

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Ever heard of Edgar Caycee? He was known as the slumbering healer…..because he would often diagnose people with serious diseases while in a sleeping, or trance state. He also had NO medical training or background, yet even today, his medical problem solving skills STUN doctors and medical professionals many years after his death. A good psychic reading can be equally as powerful for you. While many readers and clairvoyants don’t have Caycee’s mysterious medical diagnostic skill set, many DO have the ability to quickly and easily diagnose emotional or ENERGETIC blockages that are holding you back from your true potential.

The key to problem solving with a psychic reading?

Easy. First, you need to find a psychic, clairvoyant or intuitive you truly trust. Nothing is more important than this…and while we have our recommended readers, the key is to find those that you feel most comfortable with. Then, just open up. Allow your energy to be easy….and not stilted, jilted or pushed down. (often easier than said…especially if you’ve been having troubles) Be open and optimistic, and allow the “universe” to intercede on your behalf.

The simple truth is this……

From my perspective, EVERYTHING in life is small part of the overall universal fabric. You, me, and everyone in between are all connected to something much bigger, and greater than our individual parts. Your life has meaning…and a primary purpose. Finding out what that purpose is…and pursuing it with PASSION, is the key to becoming happier, healthier and wealthier than you ever dreamed possible. (and I believe is your birthright and destiny to boot) A gifted psychic reader or healer can open up the power of your purpose in a instant, giving you BACK the power and potential to achieve amazing things in a hurry. (even if you are sad, struggling and asleep right now!)

(and there is NOTHING that will give you the freedom of thought, mind and spirit than learning there is FAR more to your life than meets the eye!)

Internet Marketing Success Depends On Your Ability To Solve Problems

What Contributes To Internet Marketing Success?

The successful internet marketers have quite a few key qualities that everybody is already aware of. This industry is tough, I’m not going to sugar coat this, and the people who are really committed to having success are going to reach their goals. There are too many people out there who are only interested in promoting hype-y flavor of the week type businesses and when they don’t have instant success they quit.

The ones who treat this like a true business and realize that they’re in this for the long haul rather than a quick buck, those people are the ones that are earning six and seven figures. To be apart of that group you have to dedicate yourself to your business and be willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. It sounds a little strange but problem solving is one of the biggest elements you need to have in order to really have internet marketing success, let me explain.

How Will Problem Solving Make You A Better Internet Marketer.

For most newbies and even some veterans of the internet marketing industry there are going to be some major hurdles to jump over. For most people, the fear of talking on the phone is a BIG one, when a first-time internet marketer tries to get on the phone 9 times out of 10 that phone is going to weigh about 150 lbs. For others it’s about being shy and not knowing how to have “posture” when they’re talking on the phone. For some it may be as simple as learning how to auto start a video on their website or blog.

The difference between the people who have success in network marketing and the ones who continue to let these hurdles prevent them from growing is huge. You have to be willing to face your problems head on and figure out a way to get through them so you can continue to grow. If you don’t know how to autoplay a video, stop looking for someone to tell you how to do and just go figure it out.

Solving these problems will give you a bigger headache if you don’t do anything about them. Most internet marketers stop when problems arise, especially when it comes to web 2.0, when they can’t generate leads, rather than trying something different they just quit.

Become a better problem solver and you’ll see your business begin to grow and grow.

How To Become A Better Problem Solver.

The answer to that question is simple, take action. If you’re afraid of getting on that phone and calling a lead, remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Keep that in the front of your mind because you and I both know the more you do something the easier it’s going to become. Once you start calling leads or having leads call you it’s going to make things much easier and you’ll be able to continue to grow your business.

Same thing with technology, a lot of people come into this industry without knowing how to really use youtube or submit an article to ezine but there are plenty of youtube videos on how to do everything. If you really are serious about your business then you’ll happily go that extra mile to figure out how to do something that is holding you back from success.

Start taking massive action towards solving your problems and you will really begin to see not only your business grow but you’ll begin to grow as a person.

Vesone Dean is an internet marketing trainer who helps people to become better problem solvers in their business. For more training from Vesone visit his website at http://www.web20marketingtraining.com

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Turning Problems and Challenges Into Opportunities and Successes!

An idea is just an idea unless it provides a solution. A creative solution is a bit like an idea with a purpose. It’s the stardust that turns problems and challenges into opportunities and successes.

Creative Solutions are ideas that serve a purpose and add value to create an opportunity.

Ideas are the currency of the new economy, But you can’t cash them unless their worth something to somebody. To make them worth something ideas have to generate a positive result.

A chemical engineer at the 3M Company invented a substance while working on another research project. It was an amazing idea – glue that would adhere, then be easily removed and then successfully be re-applied.

An incredible invention, it sat in the files for 30 years until someone found a use for it. It’s now called the Post-it note!

 Who had the big idea – and who had the creative solution?

 A Creative Solution must have value, clearly solve the stated problem and be the answer to a problem in order to benefit you or your business. It proposes a different outcome as a result of creating an opportunity out of a problem or challenge.

Lateral thinking and problem solving

“When you come to a roadblock, take a detour.” Mary Kay Ash

Lateral thinking can be a useful process when creating solutions to help in overcoming and solving problems.

“Sometimes the situation is only a problem because it is looked at in a certain way. Looked at in another way, the right course of action may be so obvious that the problem no longer exists”. Edward  de Bono

De Bono (the “father” of lateral thinking) also points out that the term implies that there is a problem to respond to and that it can be resolved. That eliminates situations where there is no problem or a problem exists that cannot be resolved.

It is logical to think about making a good situation, that has no problems, into a better situation. Sometimes a problem cannot be solved by removing its cause.

“We may need to solve some problems not by removing the cause but by designing the way forward even if the cause remains in place”. Said de Bono

Martin Povey owns buildingyourbusiness.ca and is a business and marketing coach who helps entrepreneurs and small businesses that need focus direction and creative solutions to build their business and achieve their goals. He can be contacted at: martin@buildingyourbusiness.ca or 403-529-9259 or visit http://www.buildingyourbusiness.ca/

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For easy solutions to your problems find a life coach

Life coaching is a process that can bring about positive changes in the lives of many persons through effective counseling. For that, the life coach needs to build a poignant and emotional relationship with his clients. A number of people have chosen life coaching as their career path but not everyone can become an effective life coach. It is difficult to find a life coach who would suit our particular requirements. The best way to find the right coach for you is to interview them. An expert on life offer a no-charge, no-obligation exploratory problem solving session, so make certain that you use this to your greatest advantage.

The best method for Finding A Life Coach, one who would be at a same synergy level as yours is to interview them before subscribing to their services. Many life coaches offer their services free of cost and some of them allow you to take a free trial or exploratory session for your benefit. The free trials will help you in analyzing his skills and whether you are experiencing the desired changes in your life. Interviewing him will help you to understand if that particular coach is the right one for you.

Life coaching is in fact an excellent way to improve the quality and value of your life. You can easily attain personal growth if you manage to Find A Life Coach for yourself. Partnering a proper life coach will help you in solving many of your problems which otherwise looks complex and overpowering. Take time out to conduct some research work before you chance upon the right coach. You can also use the internet for finding a life coach. If a particular coach impresses you, then you can surely give them a call and fix an appointment with him.

We deal with different problems in our life regularly. The more we solve them the more they crop up. Sometimes it becomes difficult to solve our own problems and we seek help from experts who knows how to handle these issues and solve them effectively. Expert On Life can draw plan of actions and strategies on how to cope with these problems and solve them.

S. Tia Brown has been a professionally trained writer for 10 years. She has written both in print and online for publications such as Entertainment Weekly, Essence, Teen People, Black Enterprises, so on and so forth. Brown is a journalist and Life Skills Coach and a familiar face on VH1, MSNBC, CNN and TV One. To know more, please visit :- http://www.tiabrown.com/

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