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A gold mine is an avenue of gold, where gold is being search and taken from. When you attach your mind to your goal you will arrive at your expected end. The reason that many have cost their harvest is because they ignore their goal. When you followed your goal you soon be in your harvest. Goal is an important tool in the school of success. When you arranged your focus in other to follow it to your expectation, you create an instrument of achievement. Set up your goals and see to their success one after the other. Remember, success is not a destination but a journey. So HAROLD SCHULLER prove correct when he says’” A goal mind is a gold mine”. Goal is an important asset in the school of success, is that tool of improvement that work you out for greatness in life. Most despised goal setting and as a result failed to achieve an inch. Goal setting make you see what you need to do, what is undone and how to do it.

Goal Setting is an extremely powerful technique for accomplishment, but for Goal Setting to really be effective requires more than just writing down what we want to achieve. This article will present important steps that will help to define and achieve goals with more success. Once we have a well-formed Goal Statement we need some direction to follow to achieve this Goal. The creation of Goal Steps gives us a list of the important things that need to be done to achieve the Goal, an action plan, and also allows us to track our progress towards the goal. Motivation and commitment are what make us strive to achievement. They give us the push, desire, and resolve to complete all of the other steps in the Goal process. This motivation can be obtained by developing a statement that creates a high level of emotion and energy that guarantees achievement. Commitment is what sets us on direct course to reach our goals and creates costly negative consequences for failure.


My name is Tunde Taiwo.Born in 23 of june, 1977 in a beautiful town of ibadan.But a native of a town called Ogbomosho.A writer and information marketer by proffesion.I read accountancy as a course in a college,having it mind to get my masters in the near futur

Avoid The First Mistake In Goal Setting. Banish The “Soft” Goal

“Soft” goals are the first and worst mistake of goal setting. “Soft” is often used as opposed to hard, cold, measurable facts. Often a coaching client may feel that what he is setting to achieve can not be expressed in numbers. It can not be tied up to specific bounding time-frames. It can not be defined in a clear understood-by-all terms. Therefore, he may try and define a “soft” goal. 

The problem is that there really isn’t such a thing as a soft-goal. What people call a soft-goal is usually an excuse to them not knowing what their results really are, or not knowing how to quantify the results, or not willing to really commit to get those results. And if you don’t really know what you set out to achieve, chances are that you will not achieve it. This is why “Soft” goals are next to useless! 

If your client defined a “Soft” goal, he indicated a wish for this result, but he didn’t really set a goal. In all probability, your client is not deliberately trying to avoid accountability. He probably doesn’t know how to do it correctly.  Surprisingly, executive coaching clients are often just as bad at setting goals as any other coaching clients. The good part is that they can be taught how to do it, and so improve their results. 

When your client comes up with a goal, spend some time with her on refining her goal to fit the following:

· The goal should be defined as an output, a result, and not as a process or an action.

· The goal should be measurable. Try not to give way on this, but if there is no way to do it, at least assure that the goal may be assessed in a consistent manner, and that the rules for making this assessment are defined clearly.

· The goal should be time bound. You client needs to commit to a specific date. 

If the result your client came with can not be measured, try to identify an alternative result that is directly linked to the first, and will give the same indication in a measurable way. Look for measurable characteristics or attributes of the original results. Those are often good candidates to replace it.

If you wish to know more about setting effective goals for your executive coaching clients, download my free e-book on “How to Set Effective Goals – coaching your client to success”  at http://www.ecoachingsuccess.com/effgoalsquz.html

Shmaya is a certified Master Executive Coach (MCI/EMCI). Shmaya teaches coaching courses and develops coach-training materials, courses layouts and coaching tools. http://www.ecoachingsuccess.com

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Goal Setting Magic How to Make Goals that Really Work

With a new year is approaching, we naturally look backward at what we have accomplished and forward to what we hope to accomplish. This is the perfect time to set goals.

If you want to set goals that truly work and empower you to get results, here is a system that really works. Use it and you will achieve great things that will surprise and amaze you.

If goal setting has not worked for you in the past, meaning you fell short, it’s probably because you set your goals in general terms. General goals move you in a general direction. It rarely produces big specific achievements. You need to make your goals specific. This will help you achieve what you want more quickly. Clarity is power. And things become much clearer when you write them down. A Harvard study has shown that graduates who have written specific goals are significantly more successful than graduates who do not.

I’ve been setting goals since I was 17 years old. At first, they were general goals and I didn’t write them down. But I did have a vital ingredient for success. I wanted to achieve them passionately.

You see, I did not have a warm supportive family when I was growing up, although my mother did instill in me a high value for education. She divorced when I was two years old and married my stepfather. He was an alcoholic and beat her. He was a strong man with forearms as big as hams. When I was a teenager and tried to protect my mother, he ground my face in the dirt. So you see I had high motivation to leave home as soon as I could. We also were very poor because of the Great Depression. So I had high motivation to make money.

Later I started writing down my goals and making them specific. It enabled me to get a job with Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Before then all I did was common labor. I loaded a truck by hand with 4 tons of cement blocks. Then I drove to a job site and unloaded it. I did this four times a day, which means I handled 16 tons, just like the coal miner song. I had absolutely no white collar experience. I wanted the life insurance job so bad I could taste it. My passion must have impressed the head of the agency and he hired me.

I was the youngest salesman they had ever hired up to that time. Barely 21 years old, I outsold every one of my 16 colleagues in my agency. I made so much money I forgot to deposit my checks until I was reminded to do so by a call from a harried Metropolitan clerk who was trying to balance her books.

I wanted still more and I got a Masters degree from the University of Michigan, graduating with honors and Phi Beta Kappa, the honor society which fosters and recognizes academic excellence.

No one in my family — mother, father, uncles and aunts — ever graduated from high school.

The goal setting process I now use is simple, easy and fun; yet produces profound results. I’ve been teaching it for over nine years and I see my clients get great results.

I think most people set their goals in general terms, like I used to do, because they’re afraid to make their goals detailed and to set deadlines. They fear not reaching their goals and feeling badly. They avoid painful feelings like disappointment, frustration, feeling insignificant and being full of self-doubt.

When I am making goals, I trigger myself into the mood of a child wishing on a star, innocently full of faith and belief. I think about all the things that I really, really want. I put aside my critical self and don’t worry a bit about how I’m going to do it. Because if I did, it would feel impossible and I would shut down.

I think about what I really, really want. I see it, feel it, hear it. I might even smell and taste it. Just like I wanted that job with the insurance company so I could get out of the house, be my own person, find a good woman to love. I’ve learned that when your desires are strong enough, your unconscious mind will find ways to make it happen. Even the universe will help you out in unexpected ways.

To make your desires strong, you need to have strong reasons why you want to achieve these things. First think of your reasons, don’t worry how you accomplish these things. These answers will come to you. You just have to have big strong reasons why achieving your goals is a must.

Best wishes for a rich and rewarding business and life,

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Goal Setting; Brings Out The Best In You

Goal setting- Brings out the best in you

Goal setting involves deciding what you want to do in life. You set time bound objectives for yourself. Most common goals are career and financial ones.

These goals can be more specific and hence are easier to define. They can be for the next month, next six months, next year or for life. When you are doing this make sure they are the things that you want in life and not somebody else’s dreams.  

Areas which may need goal setting

If you find there is an area in your life that you aren’t happy about you must start the goal setting process. If you don’t like your appearance, there can be something you do about it.

A lot of people have goals about their health. Most concentrate on careers and personal development. Goal setting can also include possessions that you want to have before you are certain years of age. It can include cars, houses, land, etc.

What to do with difficult long term goals?

When goals are very difficult to achieve and are spread over a few years, it is easy to lose track of it after sometime. So it is important to have short term goals within the long terms ones.

You can put it in writing and see your self confidence build every time you achieve something. All the goals should have a deadline this will make you work harder and stay focused. After brainstorming and deciding what goals you want to include, prioritize them. Focusing on a lot of goals at once will dilute your energy.

How does goal setting help?

Regularly checking your goals will help you concentrate on doing work that is relevant and not waste time on things that are not. Have a goal which is achievable but make don’t lower the bar too much.

Goals should be high enough to demand a good amount of work from you but low enough so that they don’t overwhelm you. Definite goals will keep you focused and energize you so that you will enjoy what you do as you know why you are doing it.

Instant download of
free goal setting forms here.

Victor Ghebre is the creator and editor of settinggoals101.com, a comprehensive website that provides tools to help you set and successfully achieve your goals.

He spent 10 years in the I.T field before turning to his first love; personal development. After taking several courses and attending various workshops and seminars on the topic, Victor set out to share what he?d learnt with others. He successfully launched a number of off shoot goal Setting, clubs and then decided to take it to another level by creating settinggoals101.com. He is fulfilling a lifelong dream of teaching others how to achieve success and happiness by setting goals the right way.

When Victor isn?t working on the website he loves to go fishing. He?s a self proclaimed ?excellent? fisherman (although his friends would beg to differ!).

Goal Setting Success

Most people set far more goals than they actually get. This can be discouraging and cause you to give up on goal setting. However if you learn to set your goals correctly then you will actually get them. Here’s a simple five point system to help you do exactly that.

#1. Know The Benefit That You Are Wanting To Achieve

The most common mistake that people make in goal setting is that they don’t determine the benefit that they really want from the goal. Let’s say for example you set a goal to earn $200,000 per year. That doesn’t really mean anything to the subconscious mind. You have to tell the subconscious what that $200,000 per year is going to do for you. That is your real goal.

How do your want that money to improve your life? What would that new lifestyle be like on a day to day basis?

#2. Know Exactly What Will Give You That Benefit

Once you have worked out what you really want as a benefit then make that your goal and describe it as specifically as you can. If you have a goal in the form of a very specific benefit or set of benefits then your subconscious mind will absorb it and start working on it for you.

Notice that this may not be the actual goal that you used to start the process. In our example above we used a goal of earning $200,000 per year as a starting point for the goal setting process. Once you rephrase original goal as the specific lifestyle that you hope the money will provide you and used that lifestyle as the new goal then your subconscious mind will work to achieve that lifestyle, whether it can be funded with $200,000 a year or whether it needs $300,000 per year.

#3. Breakdown Your Goal Into Bite Size Chunks

It is important that you can fully believe, at the emotional level, that you can achieve that goal. If it is too big to totally believe in then your subconscious will reject it as being too far out of the normal for you.

The way around this is to break it down into a series of smaller goals that are believable.

#4. Take Goal Directed Action Everyday

Most of us have the habit of not always working no holds barred towards the goals we set. This gives the subconscious the message that we are not serious about that goal and it will take it off the list. The way to ensure that your subconscious in fully aware that you really want this goal is to take goal directed action each and every day without fail.

#5. Monitor your Results and Course Correct Where Needed

Not all your goal directed actions are going to produce the results that you want. It is important to monitor your results and decide which actions are taking you toward your goals and which are not. Then modify your actions as required to make them more effective.

Concluding Remarks

This five point system works really well as long as you follow it. Make a decision to put this system into action today on your current goals and watch the improvement that follows.

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