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Decreasing Stress Using Aromatherapy

Stress is something you hear talked about very often. It is something that is used frequently in common conversation. What does this actually imply?

To be bothered by stress means that you are very tense and sooner or later this could lead to a more serious physical or mental ailment. Stress can also be called “nervous tension”. When we face a situation that puts more demands on us than what we can handle we are in what is commonly referred to as a stressful situation. This condition of stress is happening so much that the medical profession has now considered how serious it is when they have many discussions and meetings about this topic. Today, it is acknowledged to pose a real danger to health. Stress can kill and you must learn to control it before it controls you.

Aromatherapy influences the nervous system, which is our most delicate system and this is irritated more easily in the current world. We have no control over the nervous system such as the beating of the heart. Aromatherapy massage works on pressure points on either side of the spine which relaxes the recipient automatically and functions like a series of little power stations to produce energy. This is how you can achieve a relaxed state.

When used during facial and body massages, the essential oils work in two different ways. Firstly, they work by scent and secondly they are absorbed into the bloodstream from the skin. They are strong tools in the battle against stress. Essential oils are a great option since they soothe and restore balance. Such oils are petitgrain, marjoram, chamomile, vetivert, orange, bergamot, lavender, and neroli. You can use these as a single essential oil preparation with a vegetable oil such as jojoba or soya bean or seasame or St John’s wort or wheat germ, it can also be used in a combination of two or three essential oils with a vegetable oil.

A great way for you to reduce some of the stress in your life is to enjoy an aromatherapy bath with soothing essential oils at least three times a week. A foot-bath is useful when one isn’t consent with a bath, one could also dab themselves down with a damp towel with a drop of oil. In addition, it takes only one drop of vertivert, applied counterclockwise to the solar plexus, to relieve a significant amount of tension. You need to do this in the morning as well as the evening.

It is beneficial to set one evening every week for a light meal followed by an aromatic bath and an early bed, either reading or listening to music. This will boost your energy levels. Oil diffusers placed in the bedroom can be beneficial when you are trying to relax. You can try calming oils like bergamot, chamomile, lavender or neroli to manage stress. Try one of these herbal teas like lime blossom or lemon verbena or melissa or skullcap or marjoram before bed time, they can be useful.

Proper nutrition is beneficial for coping with stress. Stay away from red meat, white flour, processed foods and sugary foods plus restrict the amount of fat you eat. As far possible, consume healthy natural food comprising of fiber and nutrients. Meditation has benefits for some people. You can benefit from just a quarter of an hour each day earmarked as your time to distress.

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Recognizing The Stress Symptoms

When managing stress, it is true that prevention is better than cure. What are the common causes of stress? A change in work pattern/lifestyle, rush hours, and heavy workloads, high expectations upon oneself, financial problems, and having to readjust to new life happen to many of us everyday.

There are various categories of stress symptoms. Common stress symptoms include migraine, fatigue, insomnia, high-blood pressure, loss of appetite, muscle cramps, hair loss, and irregularities of menstrual cycles in women.

There are also emotional symptoms of stress. When you are easily upset or angry, have extreme mood swings, are hostile, withdraw from other people and are always anxious and depressed, you should try to relax and manage your stress before things get out of hand.

Other common stress symptoms include forgetfulness, poor judgment, having a disorganized life, negative self-conception, feeling unmotivated, having negative views about many things, and lacking interest.

Stress symptoms can be identified in school children too. You will know that the child is stressed when he/she exhibits behavior and clues such as declining school grades, no effort to join others in a group but rather withdraw from other, no interest to participate in school activities, absenteeism from classes, escapism, vandalizing school properties, concentrating poorly in class, breaking school rules, smoking, and disrespecting friends and teachers.

Can you identify which are the ones that you often experience? Stress management varies with different stress symptoms. Counseling usually works with almost all kinds of stress symptoms. Sometime, medication is also required when necessary, either by seeing a doctor, or using herbal remedies depending on the level of stress. But first and foremost, the things that really matter is that we develop positive thinking in oneself, live one day at a time, exercise regularly, release the tension away, get plenty of rest, and enjoy what we do.

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Stress Relief Technique For Angry Children

Angry children have the same amount of rage as adults, but children have less self-control. Angry children may start spitting, throwing objects, vandalizing things, harming pets, or running away from home. Anger management issues in children are cause by parental neglect, family conflict or dysfunction.

Angry children are denoted by a sulky behavior, notorious attributes, angry comments, withdrawal from family members and playgroup, and of course, a bad temper. This type of child behavior would need early diagnosis, anger management training, or special intervention to help children cope and become adjusted to a normal level of emotion.

How should we deal with angry children? Here are some suggestions that can guide us, hopefully providing stress relief solutions:

1. Consult an anger management specialist to get advice regarding whether a child might benefit from attending counseling or group therapy. Parents must work closely with their child’s teachers and provide assistance by recognizing and avoiding triggers that could lead to their child’s rage. This would require diplomacy and discretion from both the parents and teachers.

2. Provide daily quality time to share thoughts, experiences and express moods in a quiet place, without intrusion. Help the child to realize how important it is to be able to control anger, and let him/her know about the consequences he/she will face in his/her future as an adult if he/she doesn’t learn to control their emotions. Don’t wait until the temper explodes. Work together to prevent anger in the child and to find ways to relief his/her stress.

3. Search the Internet for useful information about anger management in children. Also, always refer to the school teachers or principal for information on the progress of the child’s behavior in school. Above all, remember to hug the child and let him/her know that you love him/her, listen to what the child has to say, and learn what his/her concerns are.

Stress relief management for children is something that you need to help your child with, as he/she cannot be expected to be able to cope with such a problem on his/her own at such a young age. As parents, try to understand your child, and instill positive behaviors and thinking in them.

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Stress Relief in 5 Simple Steps

Living in the corporate world means living at a fast pace. From Monday until Friday you have to face the same stressful events. By the weekends, you have to meet commitments to you family, yourself and friends from outside you workplace. During public holidays you try to find ways to effectively and usefully occupy the day. Petrol prices are up. Your car needs maintenance. It’s no longer safe to go out late at night in the parks. You have to be careful even when you are outside of the house because someone might snatch your possessions. When you’re on holiday you’re constantly worrying about your home. The list of worries can go on.

Stress is now an undeniable part of life, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing that can be done to give yourself a slight relief from it. Below are 5 simple steps of stress relief that you can learn and apply in your life:

1. Acknowledge Your Stress Realizing that you cannot avoid stress altogether, how about accepting the fact that you are stressed out? What are the causes of your stress? You may be able to overcome some of the stress factors, but some may be beyond your control, so just accept them gracefully with an open mind and let them go. Don’t force yourself to solve problems that are beyond your capabilities.

2. Go and Get a Massage You don’t have to spend a fortune on a good massage. Getting a good massage doesn’t mean that you have to hire a professional masseuse. Sometimes all you need for a good massage are a person you trust and a relaxing place to be.

3. Laugh It Off Watch comedies. Read comics. Share jokes with friends and family. Meet old school friends and reminisce about good old days. Forget disputes. Laugh it off. Laughing helps relieve stress because your body will release feel-good hormones.

4. Get Plenty Of Sleep Is the standard 8-hours-of-sleep enough for you? Not really, as different people have different needs. You might have to sleep for up to 12 hours, depending onyou’re your energy is lost. You might get a short nap in the afternoon and sleep late on the weekends. Sleep rejuvenates your mind and body, so you really need to get enough of it.

5. Pamper Yourself After a hard day’s work, or after you have met certain goals, you might want to reward yourself as a motivation to your next success. Get the vacation you’ve always wanted, buy that expensive dress, eat at your favourite restaurant, watch a series of your favorite movies. Just do anything that brings you joy.

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7 Tips for Stress Relief at Work

Sometimes, it is not necessary for any stress input to trigger stress in us. We often make ourselves stressed without even realizing it – doing things in haste, rushing to get things done, leaving things until the last minute. Here are seven tips for stress relief that you can practice at work or ant home.

1. Live one day at a time. Do one task after another instead of taking off with all of them at a time. Taking on too much often does more harm than good. Finishing one task at a time is more manageable and will also motivate you to keep working.

2. Be grateful and thankful for small blessings. How many people in this world are given the responsibilities like yours? You don’t have to face war, famine, hunger, illness, bad economy and unemployment, unlike 250 million people on Earth. Therefore, smile and face the challenges ahead.

3. Take slow, deep breath at beginning of each day. Repeat this several times. Think about the goal that you want to achieve for the day. Are you up to the challenge? Believe in yourself! The most important key for stress relief is your inner strength, physically and mentally.

4. Sit down for your meal and focus on it. Chew it well. Chew longer if you’re having steak. Stress relief happens as you focus on your meal and relax. Rushing during eating can make you choke or feel ill. Enjoy your meal. Be human.

5. Forgive those who sins against you. Learn to let go. Bury the hatchet. Life is too short to bear grudges. It takes 44 muscles in your face to frown, but it only takes 4 to smile. So lift an arm and pat the back of somebody to settle old scores and shrug it off.

6. Enjoy your journey to work. Drive there early to avoid rush hour traffic, turn on the music, and sing out loud. Whatever your method, it should be something that will lift up your spirits.

7. Enjoy your journey home. If you’re stuck in traffic, don’t sulk. Smile to the drivers next to you – it might make them (and you) feel better. You might even think of what you’d like to have for dinner. Chew on chewing gum. Listen to music. Ensure your safety by avoiding calls on the hand phone during driving. After all, arriving home safe can be a relief too.

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